Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Backfire

Backfire by Catherine Coulter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book in my Kindle the day it was released. I wanted to start reading it immediately but I had commitments I needed to tend to. Everytime I opened my iPad to work, I kept hearing the Kindle App call my name. With my willpower the way it is, I succumbed in 2 days.

I have been a fan of Catherine Coulter Thriller books; the FBI series mostly. I have read them all awaiting each release with excitement. Been reading them since the first book. Love them!!! I've even blogged about them (http://whitetigre2001.blogspot.com/20...).

This book did take me for a loop. I was just as perplexed as the agents in the book. The story was weaves so well. There are still something's that were a bit predictable; hook ups. However, some of her usual predictive stuff was missing. She changed it up. There were parts that I was afraid to read because I've been emotionally vested with characters and I was scared as to what was going to happen. My emotions were pulled every which way. This is a must read. I'm a bit biased. I totally love Savich and I wish Sherlock was my bestie.

Catherine creates characters to die for. I wish I can weave a character as lovable and evil as hers. I have total admiration of her talent.

Hope this discussion helps. I didn't want to do a real review. I'd spoil the story if I did. But this book is so worth the read.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok. I'm Ornery.

I was having my brother read half of my story for the anthology I'm part of to see if it was worthy of reading. This is the conversation that ensued.

Me: Did you read my story.
Bro: No not yet.
Me: Can you look at it soon? I have a deadline.
Bro: Ok, I'll read it now

10 mins pass

Bro: It's banging!!
Me: Really? Did you like the mother?
Bro: Yeah, but I don't really know her yet.
Me: Yeah, it's leading to that. Did you like my "ornery" protagonist?
Bro: Yeah, she's ornery like you.
Me: Wait, what? You think I'm ornery?
Bro: Yeah

So this is how I learned I'm ornery. My husband disagrees, but I'm sure my employees think so.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life on Fast Forward

Last time I posted I was on my honeymoon. I really shouldn't have but I couldn't resist. My life has been on fast forward since then. Here's some of what's been happening.

Before I left I was invited to join a group putting out an anthology book. I am to write a short story to be included in the anthology. Yay!! My first published work other than a copy I did 6 years ago. The anthology is in the Paranormal Romance genre. The anthology's theme is different creatures from different cultures. I'm excited about this project.

It's been 2.5 weeks that I've been married. I don't feel much different than before. Except my love quotient has risen. I can't believe how much I love him and his mischievous ways. I'm still trying to learn my new signature. It's not coming as fast I wish. I've changed some stuff to my new name. I didn't legally change my name, just hyphenating it. I can't believe I will have to mark Mrs on forms to come in the future. Wow. This is more than I imagined. I'm totally psyched about my future with this awesome man.

Home life is going to be jet packed busy in the coming weeks. I have many projects I would love to complete before the end of the summer. So the Mr and I will be doing a lot of grunt work. I should include my brother in this. It's only right that we do. Mr has started already. He has won a battle with our backyard and some scurmishes in our front yard. No one in my house are green thumbs. Yard work is not remotely liked in this house. We'd be better off living in a condo.

I am also planning a website build for my business' site and a remodel of this blog. I think I can do better in directing my blog to specific topics. This blog is a multi-purpose blog. I have my writings on here; book reviews, dreams, musings and a whole bunch if things. It's time to make it easier to get around. I'll be looking for themes I could use that's not part of Blogger's main templates.

Well I'm here sitting in the dentist's chair, so I might as well sign off for now. There will definitely be more to come.

Ta Ta.