Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ditto: Bill Cosby's 83 & Tired

With respect to Bill Cosby, I have removed the content of this post. 

View reference here:

Even though some thoughts in the post I agreed with.

I did however, state that I didn't think it was him in the beginning of the post. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So Beyonce, allegedly, lip synced to the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday. If it's true, she just lost a shitload of credibility.

Why lip sync the anthem? You should know it by now. We all had to learn that and the pledge of allegiance in grade school. Oh, wait! You didn't go to grade school? Were you too busy trying to become a star? Still inexcusable. You've heard the song way too many times throughout your life. Especially you sitting at ball games all the time. Beyonce, shame on you!!!

Lip syncing are okay to me for 3 occasions: 1. Syndicated television shows, concerts and filming movies. It is NEVER okay to lip sync special performances, especially one as big and monumentous as the presidential inauguration. What were you thinking? Do you think you are so high above the President that you couldn't muster to work what God gave you? You were born with a great voice, use it.

Okay okay, maybe you were coming off of a cold/flu. Why not turn down singing and have someone replace you? You have too much pride? You just did more damage lip syncing than if you pulled out of the performance. You couldn't find a replacement? There were plenty singers there. Anyone from the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir could've stepped in. Hell, the event was star studded. So, you really don't have any excuses left.

You have very poor judgement. Hopefully this performance doesn't cost you the Super Bowl gig. They may keep you. Just cross your fingers that you didn't muck up what you worked so hard to achieve.

Good luck.

Picture from Someecards.