Monday, October 13, 2008

Dream - The Family Business

On the campus of CSU, Darren was compared to a multitude of legendary NFL runningbacks. However, he never seemed to be able to leave the street alone. He came from the ghetto like a lot of urban youth. He keeps finding himself on the wrong side of the law. That is where I come in. I am a 3rd year law student at the graduate school at CSU. I have been trying cases since I was a 1st year student and I have won them all. I was asked by my family to make sure that Darren stays out of prison and continue playing football. I don't know how much longer that CSU execs are going to put up with his stupidity. But you know how it is. He's the star football player. He's bringing popularity and money to the school so he gets away with a lot.

Thursday night his luck ran out and my job got a lot more complicated. After a very popular grudge match game with UCB, Darren was in the locker room by himself. The someone weilding a knife attacked him. The cut both of his achilles. They knew they were going to ruin his life by doing this. Why am I involved in this case and not the district attorney? Well I am acting like a private detective for my family and also supplying the DA with evidence. I am also representing Darren in the case to sue the alleged perpetrators. He just lost a livelyhood that was going to bring him millions.

As I am going to classes and investigating and was being watched. By whom I don't care. As long as they don't interfere with me. No one knows who I really am. Most who know me, know that I am from NY and I don't tolerate a lot of bullshit. That's just me. A true New Yorker by heart. I live moderately. I have an apartment of campus my family pays for. So I really have too many expenses.

One night I was driving my blue Acura (my favorite car) and I ended up on campus to stop at the ATM at the student union. When I parked my car and got out, there was this old car that reminded me of te old school gremilin car just idling in the lane not 3 cars lengths from my car. There were 2 guys in there. I made a mental note of the license plate. As I started my way towards the union, the guy in the passenger seat gets out with something in his hand that looks like a pointed tuning fork. He starts following me. I give him one of my stern looks. The don't fuck with me look. He then starts to talk to me. What the hell?

"Are you too rude to say hello when you look at someone?" he states as he got closer to me. I recognize his face.
"I looked at you right. So be happy that I acknowledged you." I respond, still walking.
"Well don't you think you need to verbally acknowledge people." he asks.
"Why should I? If I looked at you." I respond, tired of the conversation.
"Well I don't hold that to be true." he says.
"Look I'm a NYer. We don't have time to stand around having a conversation with every Tom, Dick or Harry. We have shit to do. And now you are holding up my time." I state, as a matter of fact.
"You know I can hurt you and your car with this" he states, holding up the tuning fork looking thing.
"I said yeah but if you do you would be wiped off of the face of the earth." I respond nonchalantly.
"Yeah right. Who do you know that powerful? I work for the most powerful man in Cali" he boasts.
"Congratulations. When you are done wasting my time, look up the name, Cardoso" I respond and walked off.
"Who's Cardoso?" he yells at me.
"My family. Ask your boy when you get back to your car." I tell him the wave my hand to dismiss him.

He runs back to his friend and noticed that he already keyed my car. He then asked his friend who Cardoso is. The guy looked at him like he lost his mind. He said that Cardoso family is the most powerful in the whole US. Some say that they have influence outside US too. Then he asks why. The guy said that I said my family was Cardoso. He said that I may not be. I may be using the name to scare us off. We'll stick aound to see what happens.

I head back to my car from the atm. My car is totally keyed up. I curse out loud. I then get on the cell. I call my father. Some random thug answers. I tell him to put my father on. I tell him what happened. I gave him the license plate number on the guys' car. He said he'll take care of it. He also tells me to take the car to a certain garage. I said I wasn't going to pay for the repair. I want the money from the guys. He said said he'll wire the money from their accjount out when they get the guys names. I said cool. I hop in my car and leave.

The guys overhear my conversation.
"She's knows your license plate number" the guy in passenger seat exclaims.
"Shit! What should we do?" guy in driver's seat asks.
"Should we tell the boss?" passenger guys returns another question.
"I don't know. This Cardoso guy is bigger than the boss. He might kill us for getting into this trouble if we tell him." driver guy responds.
"Let's get out of here." passenger guy suggests.

Just as they get off of campus they notice a car following them. It had tinted windows. They move to one side of the car and roll down the window. The guys notice a guy that looked like The Cardoso girl. The guy raises a bazooka and fires into the car.

I woke up just then. But this was a very interesting dream.