Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life with JH - 3 Weeks Worth

I have missed writing fir 3 weeks. JH and I have a rhythm. It is now almost a completely normal thing.

We went to the New York Comic Con on Saturday Oct 9th. He enjoyed hinself. We didn't bother on Sunday because the line up was not so interesting. We missed Friday, but we had to. It was my brother's birthday.

So on my brother's birthday we took him to Slate and played pool and we had sushi for dinner. He had a good time I believe.

Within these 3 weeks JH and I saw the movie The Social Network. It was a pretty good movie even though I wanted to see Let Me In.

We try to do a lot of little things together. It may not be some big fancy outtings but the little things are so much more sentimental.

I am debating on continuing this series or not. I don't feel I have enough material to keep it going on a weekly basis. I may just do a post when something interesting or special happens. I can barely keep up with myself.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Best Friend -> Lover

I never thought that I would find a great guy in this late at life. I'm not old but I'm past my prime (bka the 20s). So my friend, JH, has turned into my boyfriend. He now lives with me. It is funny how things turn out. I could not picture us together. He is such a nice guy. I just never thought of him in any other way.

I was looking for a best friend. He was satisfying that need for me. We went on vacation together and somehow cupid changed things. My father and I picked him up at the airport. I saw him sitting there waiting for me. I still saw nothing more than friendship.

That first night, nothing much really changed. The next day we went to the Vegas strip and we walked around. He was first to hold on to me. He did it so sweetly. That night he stayed in my bed. What started off innocent ended up a bit naughty. He stayed in my bed the rest of the time in vegas, unbeknownst to my dad.

In New Mexico, we shared his bedroom. It was nice. I enjoyed my time there. Our closeness was apparent by then. I still didn't know where all this was leading. When I had to leave, I didn't want to leave him behind. I have never really felt like that so quickly. He felt the same too.

The biggest thing that I love is that he's affectionate. I am a big lover of that. We get along great. He's not bossy or controling. He does what he needs to do. He's quite frankly a man. He may be a bit down and out right now but he is not lazy.

I don't know how this happened; him living with me. It's totally out of my character. I had to tell my parents and friends. This was an utter shock to some and some were happy for me. My parents took it pretty well. I was shocked that my mother took the news very well compared to what I imagined. She's not 100% on board but she is respecting my decision.

Since he's moved in, I've felt a bit satisfied in a lot of areas. I actually find myself eager to get home after work. I get lots of love when I walk thru the door. I get a different type of companionship than that with my brother. He actually satisfies me sexually. I guess the emotion mixed with it makes it so much better. It's like I can't get enough him.

I found a great guy. He's intelligent. He is educated. He comes from a full home. His parents are still together. He knows how to take care of a house and be with a woman. He's very well rounded.

The plan is to eventually marry. Not looking to do that so soon. Maybe after he proposes. But we have agreed that if by any chance I get pregnant before then, we will be married before the child is born. I do not plan on raising a child by myself. He feels the same. Hopefully in the future, he will fulfill both of our dreams together. I'm looking forward to that.

The funny thing about all of this? I never thought about getting married. Never really cared one way or another about it. JH comes into my life and I'm thinking about it. So much unlike myself. If you knew me a year earlier, you would never picture this for me. I am happy though.

His parents are great. I communicate with his mother on Facebook or email. I like her. She told me when she saw us in the airport walking towards them, that he was glowing and he hasn't glowed like that in a really long time. When he told them that he was going to move in with me, they said they pretty much knew he would.

My dad said that we got along like an old couple. People around Vegas thought we were married. My dad was happy that I found a guy that makes me happy. He also loves him too. However, he'd kill JH if he did something to me. So there you have it, his love is conditional. Every now and then my dad calls and asks how are my 2 sons. That makes me smile.

I'm glad those around me are embracing JH. My brother took to him too. Well he always takes to all of my friends. However, they both became workout partners. I hope JH feels like he's included in my life. He tries to make me feel included in his.

Only problem I am having is concentrating on other things in my life that I need to. He distracts me sometimes. He's very good at that. Eventually the newness will wear off and I'll get back to my typical normal routine. I'm glad I am able to have my best friend as my boyfriend too. It makes for a lovely relationship.