Thursday, April 25, 2013

So Much Drama

Things are happening so fast lately, I've found it hard to blog. Work has picked up to point, when I get home all I want to do is veg out. One night I left work at 10:30 pm trying to catch up. This is my first non-system related extreme overtime. I'm also down a man. So what's been going on in my brain and the world.

Boston marathon was bombed
OK this act of terror has been talk of the town. I think since being part of 9/11 I'm pretty unmoved about it. I already see evil & violence. Our world has become so violent since. It's like 9/11 broke the seal on evil. We've had the Oklahoma bomber, the crazy nut who shot Gifford, to name a few. When will all this violence end? It probably won't until we are all dead. Right now, I just want to enjoy what life I have with my family than be forever heartbroken because of the evil in the world. I may sound callous but it's what I need to remain productive and normal. I just feel bad that groups of people are blamed because of a few. Americans & people need to realize that a few people do not represent a race or religion. Just because a few Muslim radicals did evil things does not make all Muslim's evil. Learn to see the difference. Now people of Chechnya is going to feel the hate. This is just wrong. This is what nurtures the evil. I also learned that our news sources are a bunch of idiots. CNN WTF? Fox, seriously? Zooey Deschanel was the 19 year old bomber? People get your acts together.

Fight breaks out in subway car.
A fight between 2 girls broke out in the subway car I was in. It was the quietest fight I've ever heard. Wonder if the girls were trying to be classy? If so, it flew out the window when they decided to fight in a crowded subway car. It was nice to see 2 grown father figure type men break up the fight and the girls listened to them. I just don't like girls fighting each other. We have so much against us in life for us to attack each other.

Racial Slur Fetish?

Controversial letter goes viral as readers discuss ‘race play,’ a sexual fetish involving racial slurs

I'm involved in an interracial marriage. I never heard of this fetish nor has my husband. There is so much crazy fetishes out there, I'm sure I would be floored by the craziness. However, there's a paragraph in the article that was a comment to the original post.

There is only one reason marriages between black women and white men last longer than other marriages,” one reader opined. “Black women become submissive to white men. They view his whiteness as the ultimate validation and their half white offspring as superior to black children.

Seriously, whoever left this comment has to be an idiot. If you have met me or any other woman in an interracial marriage, you'd know there is no submission. It is very hard to be in one (even though my marriage is not very hard). You have so many outside influences that try to tear you apart. For example, when we go out to eat, the people at the register refuse to acknowledge the we are together. I'm seriously offended by the comment than by the fetish. The commenter probably can't hold a relationship together, therefore had to make up some bullshit to make herself feel better. What it really is, that she is prejudiced. She's never been in a relationship with a mutual respect without some sort of game playing. A good chunk of men like to play games. I can go ranting on and on, but I'm going to stop here.

My friends just had a baby or having one:
So I have a few friends in the family way. Two just recently gave birth and one due in August. I am very happy for them. However, it's more pressure from mom. I do want to have a baby with my husband, but I'm scared that I may never have one. I am not jealous of my friends at all. It just makes me reflect on my life to see if I have what it takes to raise a child. I think I did a good job assisting with my brother, niece and nephew. I do have a nurturing disposition. Am I ready for one.

At one point I thought I was pregnant because my period came late. For those 2 days, I was hit with 2 emotions: fear and happiness. I was scared if I was able to carry a baby, health reasons. I was happy to be bringing a little one that was a mixture of me and my hubby into this world. I wasn't pregnant and I had a profound feeling of disappointment. I didn't really know I wanted one so badly. I just fear that when I do, they will not meet their grandparents. Plus, my age is creeping. The years to menopause are getting closer. Sometimes I think I don't I deserve a baby. I may be dealing with the karma of my past. I don't know at this point. I will just have to live happily thru my friends and their kids.

Book update:
I have printed out and saved my poems. I have started to write anecdotes to a few of them; 4 out of 40 poems. I am behind schedule a bit. I planned to publish on July 25th. I will try to uphold that deadline. Reading thru owns bring back such memories. It is a bit weird to see how I have matured. I am sure looking forward to reading more. Excitement is still here.

Later Gators.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Searching for Dracula

Ginger and her boyfriend Anthony had planned a week vacation in Transylvania. She has been wishing to go since she was a kid. She figured they'll tour the countryside where Dracula supposedly came to being.

Two days into the trip, the locals in the countryside were distant and downright rude. She wonders if somehow she or Anthony offended them in some way. Little she did she know that the town has been experiencing a rash of burgurlaries in the past month which has everyone on edge. Anthony suggested they hit up the local pub. They can regroup and plan a new course of action.

As Ginger walks in to the pub, all eyes were on her. There may have been 20 people in the pub including the staff. Ginger and Anthony head to a table in the farthest quarter and sit down. Anthony opens and spreads their map on the tabe. Ginger points to an area on the map.
"Do you think we can hit up this town tomorrow?" she asks.
"I don't see why not. It's only 4 hours from here. We can get there in no time." Anthony answers.
"I can't wait. It'll be the biggest score yet!!!"Ginger says all giddily with excitement.
"We need to find a place to sleep tonight first." Anthony says trying temper Ginger's excitement. He turns around to signal a wait staff. A grumpy old man comes up to take their order.
"Sir, by any chance do you know where we can lay our heads for the night?" Anthony asks politely.
"I only serve the liquor, if you want any other information you can ask the bartender. He will probably tell you what you need to know." The man answers.
"Thanks, I guess" Anthony says as he gets up to go talk to the bartender.
"Is there anything I can get you!" Grumpy asks Ginger.
"Oh no thanks." Ginger answers.
"Well, if you need anything, the names Vladimir" grumpy offers.
"Thank you, but I'm good" she replies.
"So what brings you into town?" Vladimir asks.
"Looking to make a huge score." Ginger answers smiling, with a dreamy look on her face.
"Score huh?" Vladimir asks.
"Yep. We just finished plotting our agenda for tomorrow. I can't wait." Ginger says. "By any chance do you know where we can find some large bags that can fit a human?"
"I don't know where you can find such a bag. If you don't want anything else, I'll be on my way now." Vladimir gruffly answers. He walks away and signals the sheriff who happened to be sitting at a table close to the bar.

Anthony comes back to the table just as the sheriff exits the pub.
"Did you order anything?" He asks.
"Nope. Did you find a place to stay? I'm a bit tired." Ginger asks.
"Yep. He said there's a little inn 20 minutes north of here. If you are ready to go." He answers as he picks up his stuff off the floor.
"Let's go babe." She says as she stands up and gathers her purse.

The 2 walk thru the bar holding hands like a couple on their honeymoon. Once they made it thru the door, they notice 3 squad cars in front and a man yelling "Freeze, put your hands up where I can see them". Anthony & Ginger drop their bags and put their hands up. They are confused as to what's going on. An officer walks up to Anthony, pulls his arms behind him and cuffs him. Another officer does the same to Ginger. Both officers leads them to the back of each squad car. The sheriff picks up the couple's belongings and follows the other 2 cars to the police station.

Once they arrived at the police station, the officers sat them down together in an interrogation room. Apparently, they only had one.

"Hey babe, do you know what's going on here?" Ginger asks Anthony.
"Nope. All I did was ask for a place to stay. Didn't know know asking questions in this country was illegal. Did you say anything out of the norm?" Anthony asks in return.

"Not really, told the waiter guy that I was excited about our trip tomorrow." Ginger answers as 2 officers enter the room.

"Do you know why you are here?" Officer #1 asks.

"I'm guessing this town doesn't like strangers I guess." Anthony shrugs as he answers.

"Oh, so you're a comedian?" Officer #2 heckles. Anthony shrugs his shoulder.

"Where were you 2 evenings ago?" Officer #1 asks.

"One a plane." Anthony answers straightfaced.

"Really? You weren't over the Mishka's house making a score?" Officer #2 asks.

"What are you talking about? We don't know who Mishka is. We were on a plane coming from the US." Ginger answered.

"From the US huh? You can't score there, so you come to our nice little town." Officer #2 chides.

"What are you talking about?" Anthony asks.

"Let's back up here, we are going no where fast." Officer #1 says trying instill some peace in the room sensing it's getting hostile fast. "So what brings you to our town?"

"We are traveling to what we believe was Dracula's birthplace." Anthony responds. Officer #2 snickers.

"Yeah, it'll be the biggest score ever!!! To actually sit where he sat! To walk where he walked!" Ginger exclaims with such excitement that the officers were stunned.

"So you are looking to steal from Dracula's estate?" Officer #2 asks refusing to recognize the innocence in Ginger's exclamation.

"Absolutely not!!! I want to see the place with my own eyes. I'm a huge Dracula fan. How can you not be, living so close?" Ginger asks feeling insulted.

"You must understand Dracula does not have the same irreverence to us as it is to you. He was a tyrant. He murdered thousands of our people. Your Hollywood has romanticized him so far from his true self." Officer #1 answers the question.

"Are we free to leave?" Anthony asks.

"Yes. Just stop calling your adventure a score. We've had a rash of robberies in town. A score here is meant as robbery. We understand it may have multiple meanings in the US. This misunderstanding has brought you here, fish out of water, wondering what you can possibly done wrong." Officer #1 responds.

"I'm sorry. Thank you very much for understanding." Ginger says.

"Thank you" Anthony says.

"We are just letting them go?" Officer #2 asks disgruntled.

"Yes. We have no reason to keep them." Officer #1 says putting #2 in check.

"You are free to go. Like I said please make sure you mind your language on your journey." Officer #1 says getting up and opening the door.

"Thank you so much." Anthony and Ginger say in unison as they walk out the door.

***** This story was created using Brainstormer App on iOS. See my review here. It gives you 3 concepts you must use together. My 3 were Transylvania, Police Station & Fish Out of Water.