Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dating is Rough. Where are the Good Men?

As we get older, dating seems to get harder. I guess it's because we hone in what we what from a partner and less people fit the mold. Who is to say that we will find the "ideal" partner? We never know who we will fall for. It may be just the person we say we don't want.

I have dated the mathematician, the salesman, the administrative man, and the athlete. From my experiences with these men I honed my desires to want a man who is self confident, who holds down a career, has financial sense, and who will love me for me and not what I can offer.
I have been on the date where I had to drive myself home in my date's SUV. I also have had the date where there's not much in common so the conversation for the whole date was down to one liners. Argh. Is this what's left?

My list is short so my variety should be wider. That's what I thought. Finding men today is quite easy if you are not looking for much. Finding quality men is extremely hard.
I want to go on a date with a man where there is chemistry. Conversations are abundant and the activities of the evening are fun. Is that too much to ask for?

I find the guys who puts up a good front when we first talk. But when I get to the date, the conversation is just not right. There's a lot of "knowwhaimsayin" or "knawmean" in every other sentence. I don't want to deal with that mentality. I am grown and I want a grown man. I will not acknowledge a man in his 30s wearing his pants hanging off of his ass. Let the youth sport that silly fashion. I want a guy who represents class and education and not the hood.
So where do you find quality men?...

~ One friend says to find a man at work. Unfortunately I work around a lot of old men (50s to 70s). I have no interest dating that old. It's such a huge age gap where our interests don't match up. Also the other issue with meeting a man at work, is that if you break up, you still have to see him daily.

~ Another friend said to try going to bars. I don't drink. I'd rather go to a club. At least there I can dance. Do I really want to find a man in a club? I dated a great guy I met at a club twice. However, he was a fluke. All the other man were looking for hook-ups. I don't do hook-ups. Sex is best when there is a connection between partners.
I decided to try to online. Let me tell you, I found a majority of the men to be creeps.The rare ones ended up as friends or was good for a short while but then fizzled. No connection. I am still trying this method. So I can't rule this out as of yet.

Any suggestions? A woman needs to know, how do you find quality men?