Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brainstormer v1.4.1

I downloaded this app called "Brainstormer" for iOS devices. It's an app that is equivalent to a writing prompt.

You have 3 pin wheels you spin for 3 different words for the prompt. You can also press the button that has a picture of dice. That will randomly select for you. I think that's much better feature.

I spun each wheel and gotten the prompt of: "Competition, Naval & War Room".

I pressed the dice and came up with the prompt of "Concession, Arabic & Golf Course".

Each of these I believe I can write a mini story on. However, I'm already in middle of too many things. This app though should help me alleviate some writer's block in the future.

Is this app worth it?

It depends. If you like to write, I believe it can help inspire new ideas for you to write on. Stimulation feeds the creative mind. This app works without an data connection so you can use it when you are traveling with spotty to no internet connection.

If you find that you need more prompts, you can purchase expansion packs from the settings. The in-app purchase price for each pack is $0.99. However, I believe you have plenty to last a lifetime with what it already comes with.

If you are not a writer, then this app would serve you no purpose.

This app us universal to both iPhone, iPad and iPod. It can be found in the iTunes App Store for $1.99  as of today's posting.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Following Thru?

I said I wasn't doing resolutions for the new year but accomplish goals. Well I've been thinking a lot recently about something I'd like to change about myself. I noticed that I need to work on follow thru. My follow thru has gotten worse since my husband moved in. I'm not blaming him for this or making an excuse. I just find that I'd rather spend my time curled up next to him.

What really sparked my thoughts is the fact that I've been meaning to call someone. Been talking about calling this someone but have yet to call them. I can't blame anyone but myself. I just need to up and do it. It's just a God-damn phone call. Did I ever tell you that I don't like the phone? I'm better using instant messenger or text messages (when I'm not at work). That's just how I role.

This one call I need to make made me see what else I've fallen short on. A lot of it does deal with phone calls, I must admit. I make all these friendships and want to develop them, but when it boils down to me making the phone call, I fall short. I'm so much better in person. I only call 2 people, my parents. They will hunt me down if I don't.

One example of follow thru, Sandy came to town in end of Oct, beginning of November. With her visit, my garage was made into a crumbled display of art. So I have call insurance company to take care of it. It took me a week and a half to call. Then they called back after 2 weeks. Then I didn't call back for another. Then finally the inspector got on phone and finally settled on date for the visit. Once he came and gone, the insurance sent a measly check. I was supposed to call and discuss. Took me 2 weeks from check receipt to call. Then they called me and it took me couple days to resolve. Let's just say this process would've been a lot better if I was on the ball.

I need to call my other insurance agent. Been saying this for 2 weeks and have yet to call him. Today was a great day to do so. My office mate was gone and I had privacy. Why didn't I call? I got caught up with my real job. I need to focus and follow thru with what I need to do.

This year I will take control and get what I need done, done in a timely manner. This following thru  thing makes me sound like a procrastinator. I've never procrastinate. I always try to get shit done fast. This only works when it doesn't involve the *ugh* phone. I need to overcome this phone aversion. It's hard when you're an accountant and your phone is always going off with some sort of demands. I know, maybe I should change my career...... Nah, that'd be absurd. I like what I do. Once again, I digressed from my point. This year I will set one of my goals to work on my follow thru.

Those who've been affected by my follow thru, please accept my apology. For the future, call me if you haven't heard from me in a while. Help me, to help you, help me follow thru. That would be the greatest solution.