Sunday, January 1, 2006

A Baby? Me? LOL

I have been asked recently been asked numerous times if I want children. Why is it what people are focusing on right now? Im glad they are not focusing on why Im not married. Woo lol. Maybe its the baby boom thats happening in Hollywood.

Now as you seen my blast It takes 2 to create a baby. Why should 1 raise it? I have seen so many people struggle to raise kids on their own without help from the other half. I dont think it is right for 1 to raise it by itself. I understand about the KM (Keep Me) babies. Theres one way to solve that: CONDOMS. If you are not sure about the birth control, wrap it up. If you help create it, you should take responsibility for it. Now for the ladies, who dump the babies on the men and disappear, if you dont want children, BIRTH CONTROL or CONDOMS. There are no accidents. Every time you have sex you run that risk. Condoms and Birth Control are not 100ffective. Be smart and responsible.

Now I ask myself, honestly, am I ready for a child? Financially and maternally, yes. However, I do not wish to bring a child into this world alone. I would like to be married or in a very long committed relationship. I want the father to be an active participant in raising this child. Now, do I want a child right now? I dont really have the patience for it right now. I have so much I want to do. Yes, I am being selfish, but why cant I? I have no commitments other than work. I think about me and not we, cause there isnt a we