Thursday, March 26, 2015

Assholes Get's The Finger

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with my husband. As with standard practice and love, he walks me close to my job and kisses me goodbye. So yesterday when he did that, there happen to be a bunch of Black guys (around ages 20-40) who was chatting at the corner. I saw them when we walked up, but I didn't care about them whatsoever. When the kiss happened the jaws dropped. My husband, who's oblivious to everyone around him went on his way after the kiss leaving me with the guys. This is the conversation as they followed me to my destination across the avenue.

Guy 1: Yo! You gonna let him kiss on you? 
Me: Yep
Guy 2: So you gonna let a brother kiss on you?
Me: If he was my husband, then yes.
Guy 3: But you let that White dude kiss on you.
Me: Exactly
Guy 1: Ooooh so dude is your husband?
Me: (flashing my left hand) Yeah. 
Guy 3: Yo that's wrong. You married a White dude?
Guy 2: Why didn't you give brothers a chance.
Me: Who said I didn't?
Guy 3: How many kids you got? Cuz White men only marry Black Women to save them. 
Me: Excuse me? I don't have any kids. I'm not the woman to lay down with a guy to have kids unmarried. I have more respect for myself than that. 
Guy 1: You could've married a brother.
Me: (laughing) You know you brothers don't marry Black women. Y'all just want to sleep with them, impregnate them and move onto the next chick.
Guy 2: Is it our fault that the girl just didn't come up to par. 
Me: Yet you get them pregnant.
Guy 2: So what. I take care of mines. (Thumping his chest)
Me: Are y'all done, cause I have to get back to work. 
Guy 3: So why you marry a White guy? 
Me: Easy because I love him and he does what a husband is supposed to do. Love me and provide for me. 
Guy 1: A brother could do that to. 
Me: I'm going to say this to you guys once and I'm going to work. I dated Blacks, Whites, and Latinos. Some were good folks that didn't work out, some were frogs. But in the end it is who I fell in love with proposed to me. It is how you treat people. Race does not come in when it comes to matters of your heart. If you have issues with Black women dating outside our race. Step up your game and become men. Get an education. Get a career. Stop trying to hustle. Respect women, because coming at me they way you did, shows lack of respect. You think you own us as if we're property. We are not your property. So I'm going back to work now. (I turn to leave)
Guy 2: Bitch
I just give him the middle finger and walk in my building. 

This is one of rare occurences I get because of my relationship. I really don't care what people think of my relationship. I'm a happiliy married woman. People are not part of it. They are not in my house living with me. And even if they were, they still don't have any rights to say anything about my relationship. This is the 21st century. Interracial relationships should be the norm and not something to gawk at. I'm glad I don't have this issue a lot. It would be tiring. I would start losing more hope in mankind. 

So ignorant people, if you see me walking with, kissing, hugging my husband, stay away from me if you know what's best for you.