Sunday, November 8, 2015

Introducing ...........

Hi. CC allowed me to introduce myself. She's awesome, but you guys know that already. I've never really introduced myself before so please bare with me. Let me get to my intro. Drum roll please..... (Tapping on the desktop). My name is Amelie. Most call me Mel or Meli. I'm from a quaint little town called Pinevale in Upstate New York. It's a little town that houses a lot of sleep away camps in the summer. It's home and I love it. 

Hmm a little about myself. What can I say? I find it hard to talk about myself. I'm more of an answer a question type. I don't usually divulge anything unless asked; it's a force of habit. Maybe this was a bad idea. Let me get CC here... BRB......

(Meli stands in front of the tv in the living-room where CC is watching.)

CC: (sighs) Hey Meli, what do you need? 

Meli: (with arms crossed her chest) I need you to interview me.

CC: (exasperated) Why? I just gave you free reign of my blog. Knock yourself out. 

Meli: (head hanging) I don't know what to say. If you interview me, I'd be able to express myself better. 

CC: Fine. (Shaking head) But you'll owe me. 

Meli: Whatever you want. 

CC: (looking at the screen) You guys are my witness, she promised me. (Turning back to Meli) I want a date with Lane. 

Meli: (groans) You know I can't guarantee that. He's so fickle. 

CC: You promised and I have witnesses. 

Meli: (groans) Alright alright I will do my best. Can we get on with this?

CC: (clears throat) So what brings you here today?

Meli: You told me to come introduce myself. Why else would I be here? Duh...

CC: Don't get smart with me. I can go back in the living room and finish up my episode of Once Upon a Time.

Meli: Sorry. You know I get to be a bit of a smart ass when I'm nervous.

CC: (mumbling) Trust me it's not only then.

Meli: (frowning) I heard you. (pointing to her ears) I will remember that. Let's continue and I'll be on my best behavior. 

CC:  (clears throat) What was it like growing up?

Meli: (somber) It was rough growing up. My mom did her best.  When I was a kid, the council made my mom send me to some lab because I exhibited some power that was beyond my age. There they kept me strapped to a bed; constantly took my blood. There was this boy who eventually took pity on me and opened the restraints I was in.  That was the most difficult time for me. Once I escaped and told my mom what was happening, she moved us away. That's when we found Pinevale and settled down. I hate that part of my childhood. Only brings back pain and distrust. From there, I grew up as normally as possible for a witch. My mom kept all council related dealings away from me. I wanted nothing to do with them. They were evil to me. I learned on my own (with help of mom and Cecil) how to manage my powers. They are my backbone. They are my family.

CC: What ever happened to your father? 

Meli: (annoyed) What father? Mine was a deadbeat. He left my mom when I was still in the womb. If I had the gumption, I'd find him and torture him.

CC: That's kind of harsh.

Meli: (shrugs) Never said I was a saint. 

CC: So do you have a boyfriend?

Meli: (laughing) I have what I have. That's all folks need to know. 

CC: (laughing) How's your mom doing?

Meli: (with a happy glow on her face) She's very well. She's retired and traveling the world. Right now she's on a cruise. I'm so jealous. I haven't had a vaca in so long.

CC: You are no longer working so what's keeping you busy?

Meli: (tensing up) What I have is a constant training regime that I can't seem to shake. My slave drivers have learned my tricks. BRB, I'm hungry.

20 minutes later.

CC: Better?

Meli: (with a toothy smile) Much. Thanks. Now where were we? What keeps me busy? Besides the slave drivers keeping me constantly training, I have taken up gaming. 

CC: What games do you play?

Meli: A little bit of this and that, but I love MMORPGs.

CC: What are MMORPGs?

Meli: Come on CC. I know you know what they are. You play one too. 

CC: (sighs) Not for me, remember? The interview... There are people reading this. 

Meli: My bad. I forgot. MMORPGS stand for Massively multiplayer online role playing game. You get to play a game with people all over the world. I love it. 

CC: Which game do you play? And what's your character like?

Meli: (giggling like a kid) Final fantasy 14. My character is the cutest Mi'quote ever. It's a cat girl.  She has silverishy blue hair and eyes. I so love my character. I think I'll dress up as her for Halloween. Tee hee. 

CC: Aren't you too old for halloween? And I would think you'd have some aversion to the day.

Meli: You are never too old for halloween. I mean come on. It's a day for fun. I used to loath the day when I was younger, I admit.  I couldn't understand how they dress up witches to look like horrible evil looking green monsters. We do not look anything like that. If I ever found out who started this, I'd snuff him. Well not really. I'd have him singing a new tune. If I only could go back in time. Hmmmm.... (Trails off in thought)

CC: (waving her hands in front of Mel's face) Earth to Mel. Where did you just drift off too?

Meli: (snaps out of it) Oh... nowhere. I had a passing thought. I'm bored. I think I should interview you for the rest of this post. 

CC: Why is that?

Meli: So the world can know your greatness. 

CC: (blushing) Heh heh. You just trying to butter me up to get out of your promise.

Meli: Not at all. 

CC: Ok, go ahead. 

Meli: So why aren't you scared of me? 

CC: Why should I be? You are like my inner self. My best friend for years.

Meli: (squealing) Aw you are so sweet. 

CC: You getting mushy on me? 

Meli: Never that. You just got a rare moment. So, so since you live in Brooklyn, how did you find out about Pinevale?

CC: I was one of those kids that enjoyed the hell out of summer camp in Pinevale. 

Meli: Ahh one of those. Most of the time, I see more sniveling kids always crying that they miss their moms or dads. Ugh, they are so annoying.

CC: Not me. I relished being away from home. 

Meli: So what prompted you to start writing? You didn't actually go to school for it. You're an accountant, right?

CC: Yeah, I am. But I've always had such a rich imagination. I have very elaborative dreams that I remember. I do write down the good ones to come back to later. I've even posted some of them on my blog. The ones I post I don't want to flush out into full novels at all. But being an accountant doesn't really enable your imagination. It's an exact science with a bit of probability. 

Meli: So what made you write about me?

CC: Really? You ask me that? You've been haunting me for years. I couldn't get away from you. You came in my dreams, my daydreams whenever I had a peaceful moment. You're a damn stalker.

Meli: You say that like it's a bad thing. I may make you famous. 

CC : You have such a big personality you should be, but I know I have to be realistic. There are millions of authors. Just to break thru millions to get notice is hard. 

Meli: I have faith in you. I know you will do well. (feeling like someone's tugging a hair) I'm getting a signal from my slave drivers that they need me home, so I'm going to wrap up.

Cc: Really? I can go back to watching Once Upon a time.

Meli: (sighing) Watching that fairy tail bullshit. Your a grown woman. Geez.

CC: (sticking my tongue out) You don't know what you are missing. Don't knock it until you try it. (Mel rolls her eyes). 

Well thank you guys for listening... Err.... Reading this post. It was nice meeting you. I hope to talk with you in the near future. I'm sorry I have to run so soon, but I'm being summoned. Next time will be better. Trust me. I also hope you'll like CC's book about me. It's very action packed. Take care and stay safe. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is for the Healers

For all my peeps who play a MMO. Especially a healer, this picture is for you.

I can't help laugh everytime I see this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading is So Much Fun

Lately I've been in a reading frenzy. My Goodreads account can attest to that. I still have a ton of books to add to my read folders. I used to be the woman on the train nose into a book. Now I have my nose in front of an iPad mini.

When Amazon came out with the Kindle, I was not enthused. Who would really want to read on a device? Carrying a book was so much better. You couldn't convince me otherwise. I'm known to be stubborn. Then at a point I stopped wearing these oversized pocketbooks (purses to some). They were heavy and starting to hurt my shoulder. I would carry everything including the kitchen sink in there; purse (to some, wallet), book, iPad, iPhone, umbrella, lotion, etc (you get the picture). So I moved to Amazon Kindle App. Why use iBooks? I can transfer my purchases to any device that has it available. Yay, for practicality. It is my husband who convinced me to use iBooks. So now I am entangled in Apples ecosystem. They have me hooked for life.

Anyway, I like to read a variety of genres, but my Goodreads will show that I read a lot Manga. Manga is essentially Japanese comics. I particularly like the Shojo (focused for women readers), slice of life and some Shonen (focused for men). It really all depends on the story. I am not limited to just manga either. They are in more of an abundance between releases from favorite authors.

I love Catherine Coulters FBI series and Brit in FBI series. Please don't get her confused with Ann Coulter. I don't know if they are related, but Ann is a racist jackass (sorry for the language). I'm all for conservatives and what have you. Just don't be a racist jackass and you'd get a better reaction from me. I got off course a bit. The last book I read just came out in September and I finished it within a week. It was called End Game. It was soooo good. I was in serious withdrawal. I have to wait until next year for the next book, very sad face here. Catherine, if you read this, please write faster. I need my Nicholas fix.

Reading is a great hobby. You get brought into a whole new world where the impossible can happen. I love to use my imagination as I read. I have such rich views on what the author is telling in his/her story. I get very disappointed when a book ends too. I go thru some stages of grief. Then I imagine a continuation in my head. Or I imagine how the characters would fit into reality.

I hope I give my readers the same feel when they read one of my books. It would be awesome to have the following some others have but it is a dream. New authors rarely get that great a following unless they tap just the right set of people. I will do my best to try. I would love to be a full time writer and reader. I'd be in hog heaven. But I'd miss my husband, family and friends.

Anyway, this is my nonsensical post for the day. Stay tuned. I will introduce you to Meli. She is dying to meet you.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

C.C. Hartley's in the House

The name I'm using as an author is C.C. Hartley. It is a shortened version of my name. It is way too long to put on a book cover, I must say. The name also has a wonderful sound to it.

At first, I didn't really like it. I was never going to use my real name. Then I thought differently. Why hide behind a pen name that makes me anonymous? I should be proud to be seen as an author. Now, if I venture into the erotic (XXX) novels, well.... maybe then I'd use a pen name. I don't want people in my corporate life to treat me differently. Wouldn't want to lose clients.

So what's behind a pen name? Don't we all use it daily in our lives? We make up user names for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Why are we afraid of using our real names? Some of us do, because we want to troll others, harass others or want to say lewd or derogatory statements online without being identified. Then there are those of us us, who are normal upright people, who use them for good and are based on things that hold meaning. My user name (I keep the same name where ever I go) is my favorite animal. I love Tigers. White ones more-so because they are more rare. I think tigers are my soul animal. Unfortunately, my Chinese zodiac puts me under "Rabbit". I am so not a rabbit.

This post was about introducing you to my almost complete novel and it turned out as a discussion of pen names. Boy, I am so easily distracted. I could've just deleted above paragraphs and start again but why should I? It's me. Love me or hate me, but I'm always going to be me. So let me continue with my post.

My novel is about to be finished. I just have make it pretty (put in more descriptives), have it edited and then find an artist to illustrate my cover. This particular story is a start of a series. This character has been in my head for nearly 20 years. She needed to be born. It's a paranormal fiction. I would place it in fiction, but since it has paranormal creatures it's going to be placed under horror.

The only thing that is giving me a block is a title for the novel. I've never been good with naming and such. I struggle for titles for blog posts. I want the title to grab people. I don't necessarily want it to be obvious that it's a series either. Maybe I should hold a contest to make a title, lol.

What is the book about? I would love to answer this question, but I'm trying to learn the knack of not relaying too much info and keep you interested in reading the whole book. What I can say is that it has vampires and witches (variety of types). It does have a little romance in it, but it's not the main focus. In a future post I will post introductions to the protagonist and antagonist. I am looking forward to seeing how people react to my introductions.

What sets my novel apart from others? Other authors have created their own myths behind vampires. My mythology is more biological mixed with magic. Other vampires are either lusty or evil. My vampires are sexy yes, but they are not inherently evil. They are more humanized. Just like humans, what they go thru in life is what makes their personality what it is. They just don't switch personalities when they are turned (over even if they weren't). My vampires don't glitter, glow or shine. There is only one distinct feature that sets them apart from humans. I will let you learn about that when you read my story.

I was hoping to have this novel published at the end of this month but this is not realistic. Maybe end of November. I also need to work on my website too. So much to do and so little time.

Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Times Are A Changin'.....

It's been a while since I last posted. There have been a lot going on; some good, some bad and some in between. Today is not to inundate you with all that's on my mind, it's to tell you about some changes. I will inundate you later. There is a lot to be said.

I have been contemplating what to do with my life now that I have the liberty to do so. So I decided to pursue my independence in a sort if manner. It's not like I'm a slave or an indentured servant or any sort like that. It's more like pursuing what makes me happy. What makes me happy and satisfies my imagination is reading and writing. So I am going to step forward in the next direction. I know I can't afford to go cold turkey. I am working on becoming a freelancer in my current field. That should help bring in some money to pay my bills and still be flexible enough to pursue my current goal.

I started on my goal 2 weeks ago. Since I have a published book prior, I have turned my Goodread's account into an author account. Yay!!!! I was so excited. So now besides people reading my blog posts here, they'll be able to read it on Goodreads. This is going to be my platform to advertise to book lovers and to meet other fellow authors. I am so excited about this. I need to thank my collaborators in my Paranormal and Horror Lovers group on Goodreads to let me contribute to their anthology. Without that I couldn't create an author page until I actually finished my book. That would be too late if I want to generate buzz. But let's leave this topic alone for right now. I will revisit it soon.

What does this mean for this blog? Not very much. I am still going to be the same opinionated woman. I will stay true to myself. However, I may stop posting things that will cause horrible backlash. I don't want to be a Rayven Simone and back peddle on my beliefs because I upset a group of people's feelings. If anyone knows me, they know I don't like to apologize. So I will make sure not to do something that would cause me to. I follow the old saying, "if you don't have something positive to say, don't say it at all". I whole hearted believe that. I do get into moods where I vent and say stuff I believe at the moment but later change my opinion. I'm human and a woman so I'm allowed. I will try to refrain from bad behavior here unless I need the controversy.

I will continue to blog on games, life, book reviews and all that I encompass on this blog. Topics I will refrain from (which I believe I have managed to do so far) discussing religion and politics. I particularly hate politics more-so than religion. These are 2 topics that bring out the worse in human behavior.

I will strive to be as positive as possible. This world is filled with so much negativity that I want to contribute to some positivity. To shine some light where there is an abundance of dark.

This is only the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I hope to bring you along on this journey. I do hope you enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deadpool | Red Band Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

I have to see this movie!!! I just have to.  If anyone knows me, I love me some Deadpool. He's the shit!!!!!! OMG. I'm so fuckin' psyched right now!!!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Video Girl Ai, Vol. 13: Fade Out

Video Girl Ai, Vol. 13: Fade Out Video Girl Ai, Vol. 13: Fade Out by Masakazu Katsura
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This review is for Volumes 1 thru 13.

This series is good. Only thing is that the protagonist is so cowardly & indecisive that it's very irritating. I don't find what the girls feel for such a cowardly guy. However, isn't it the very purpose of the video girl to toughen him up a bit. I love all the complications and twists the story has brought. I shed some tears and cracked up. If any book can do this, then it's okay.

You will love Ai. She shows how women are super when it comes to making sure the ones we love are taken care of before we take care of ourselves. She truly was fleshed out well.

I gave the series 3 stars because author could've given more substance to protagonist. The story needed some more 'ommpf'. Overall a good story.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's All About Dat Ass

So I've been born with an ample sized ass. So has my sister, my mother, most of my family. No matter what side of my family, the asses are ample. It's all in my genes. This is also my ultimate insecurity in life.

In elementary school, I remember walking in the lunch room and some girls snickered at me. One was bold enough to ask me if I stuffed tissue in my panties to make my booty big. That was the first time anyone really brought attention to it. I felt very insecure then. I remember telling my sister about it. She said not to worry about the other girls, they are just jealous. She made me feel better for the time period.

Now bring me to JHS. This by far was the worst period in my whole life. If I was suicidal then, I'd probably not be hear today. I had to take crowded buses to school which gave to anonymous people grabbing my ass. This was a constant issue I had. Also some guys who hung around me would try to accost me so they could get a feel. I also couldn't wear the same jeans all my friends wore because they couldn't fit my ass. At this point I despised my ass. I hated it with such a passion that I told my mom if I could save enough money, could I get a butt reduction. All my ass ever did was bring me was unwanted attention and pain. I wanted it gone.

In HS, I tried my best to try and hide it. I wore extremely baggy pants a lot. I didn't want people to pay attention to it. I refused to change my clothes for gym. I didn't want girls to see my ass in order to tease me. I would put sweatpants over my jeans. I got in trouble a lot with that. I was at one point failing gym because I wouldn't change. As the years progressed in HS, my ass was no longer an issue with the masses. I felt comfortable with my group of friends to be able to change for gym and wear less baggy pants. By senior year of HS I was at an easy truce with my ass.

College and my 20s served to be a back and forth with my ass. I couldn't wear what I desired to wear because my ass was too big. At this point surgery was not on my mind at all as it was in JHS. Dating was hard. It was difficult to know if the guy was dating me for me or to get close to my ass. So much talk over my ass. I kept wishing it would just disappear.

My 30s is much better. I tried not to pay it much attention. In your 30s you start not giving a fuck. I found what fits me best that minimized the look of my ass. Dating was still a pain in the ass. There are just so many frogs out there. Thank God I found my husband who does not make it a point to point out my ass.

Now these past 5 years, with the hypersexualization of women in the media, big asses are so in style. Women are going under the knife to get bigger booties. They are illegally getting silicone injections in their ass to increase the size. Women are literally dying for a big ass. Women with big asses are glorified all over the media: Kim Kardashian (she ain't even close to mine), Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj to name a few. So they guys are looking for women with the big ass now more fervently now than before. This makes me uncomfortable. Just when I feel okay with my ass, someone has to bring it back to attention. I hate having to walk past the hoodrats at block corners without having them watching my ass. This is why I am usually mean mugging. I don't like being catcalled and will not acknowledge anyone who tries to. I don't want to give any of these jackasses any idea that they can even come up to my level to try and talk to me. I don't want my ass attracting the wrong attention now that it is a major spotlight in media. One would think this would make me feel better. It just increases me insecurity.

I have tried so hard to get rid of this insecurity, but it won't budge (like my ass). There are days where I can ignore it and there are days that I am so self conscious about it that it takes me forever to choose an outfit. I don't know if it'll ever go away. It is so ingrained in me. Time will tell. But for those kids who may read this, don't let your peers make you insecure. I succumbed to it and it's a life long battle. Be happy with all that you are given.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Assholes Get's The Finger

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with my husband. As with standard practice and love, he walks me close to my job and kisses me goodbye. So yesterday when he did that, there happen to be a bunch of Black guys (around ages 20-40) who was chatting at the corner. I saw them when we walked up, but I didn't care about them whatsoever. When the kiss happened the jaws dropped. My husband, who's oblivious to everyone around him went on his way after the kiss leaving me with the guys. This is the conversation as they followed me to my destination across the avenue.

Guy 1: Yo! You gonna let him kiss on you? 
Me: Yep
Guy 2: So you gonna let a brother kiss on you?
Me: If he was my husband, then yes.
Guy 3: But you let that White dude kiss on you.
Me: Exactly
Guy 1: Ooooh so dude is your husband?
Me: (flashing my left hand) Yeah. 
Guy 3: Yo that's wrong. You married a White dude?
Guy 2: Why didn't you give brothers a chance.
Me: Who said I didn't?
Guy 3: How many kids you got? Cuz White men only marry Black Women to save them. 
Me: Excuse me? I don't have any kids. I'm not the woman to lay down with a guy to have kids unmarried. I have more respect for myself than that. 
Guy 1: You could've married a brother.
Me: (laughing) You know you brothers don't marry Black women. Y'all just want to sleep with them, impregnate them and move onto the next chick.
Guy 2: Is it our fault that the girl just didn't come up to par. 
Me: Yet you get them pregnant.
Guy 2: So what. I take care of mines. (Thumping his chest)
Me: Are y'all done, cause I have to get back to work. 
Guy 3: So why you marry a White guy? 
Me: Easy because I love him and he does what a husband is supposed to do. Love me and provide for me. 
Guy 1: A brother could do that to. 
Me: I'm going to say this to you guys once and I'm going to work. I dated Blacks, Whites, and Latinos. Some were good folks that didn't work out, some were frogs. But in the end it is who I fell in love with proposed to me. It is how you treat people. Race does not come in when it comes to matters of your heart. If you have issues with Black women dating outside our race. Step up your game and become men. Get an education. Get a career. Stop trying to hustle. Respect women, because coming at me they way you did, shows lack of respect. You think you own us as if we're property. We are not your property. So I'm going back to work now. (I turn to leave)
Guy 2: Bitch
I just give him the middle finger and walk in my building. 

This is one of rare occurences I get because of my relationship. I really don't care what people think of my relationship. I'm a happiliy married woman. People are not part of it. They are not in my house living with me. And even if they were, they still don't have any rights to say anything about my relationship. This is the 21st century. Interracial relationships should be the norm and not something to gawk at. I'm glad I don't have this issue a lot. It would be tiring. I would start losing more hope in mankind. 

So ignorant people, if you see me walking with, kissing, hugging my husband, stay away from me if you know what's best for you. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Brave Frontier Global

I've been addicted to Brave Frontier lately. I play it on my iPad. It's a pretty fun game. I actually have this game account backed up on Facebook so I don't lose it in the event of device failure. I have a separate Facebook account just for gaming. I don't do anything with it but that. You can find it here if you want to be my friend in a game that I'm playing. Currently only 3 games are linked (Family Guy Quest For Stuff, Simpsons Tapped Out & Brave Frontier). So, on to the review...

Brave Frontier by Alim/Gumi

Brave Frontier is what you would call a passive MMO. You require friends and battle other players, never in real time. In order to play this game you MUST have data on your device or access to Wifi. A good chunk of your game is stored on Gumi's servers.

Learning the game play is pretty easy. After the screen above you will see the following screens.

Any interesting news and events are told here.

Your daily goals. It's what you need to build up Brave Points daily.

This is your main page. Where you see Quest, you can swipe to the right or left to get other areas such Vortex, Arena, Imperial Capital Randall and Raid (coming some time in the future). Quest is the story line. Vortex are special dungeons that can test your strength and/or farm items. Arena is where the MMO part comes into play. It's your team battling others around the world (excluding Japan because they have their own version). Imperial Capital is some random areas. You can get you could get your gaming record there (but you can get it from the menu area too). I can't tell you about Raid because it's not available yet.

When you click on Unit below, you get the picture above. You use Fuse unit to do just that. Units get levels and attributes by fusing units together, not by experience (bummer). Evolve unit allows your Unit to become a more evolved unit. Units can get rarer and more powerful as they evolve. Max rarity is 7 stars. You get a lot of worthless units as you go thru game. You can either fuse them to existing units or sell them. There are different types of units, but getting into it here will make this a novel and not review. You can research at the Wiki here.

The Town is where you craft items and spheres you will use during gameplay.

Since this is a Freemium (free to play with in-app purchases) there is a shop for you to purchase gems. Gems can do what each button says in picture above and allow you to do what they call Rare Summon. Gumi/Alim are pretty generous with gems. So you definitely play the game without spending your cash.

Rare summon is where you can get rare units that you will not get thru regular game play. It costs 5 gems to do 1 summon.

When you battle in Quest or Vortex you get an allie. With each alie, you are give Honor points. These points add up. With these points you can Honor Summon. Typically you get fodder, but when they do Super Honor Summon, you can get level increasing hard to get units. It costs 200 honor points to summon 1 unit. Honor points stack really quickly. So I usually save them for Super Honor summon.

Social is where you have your Friend's list. You can also receive and send gifts between you and your friends.

This game is really easy to play. You don't need to be a rocket scientist at all. It's challenging and entertaining. It keeps me entertained and distracted.

There is a couple of issues.
1. Since your game is stored on their servers you get a lot of connection errors. You will see a lot of this:

2. Since game on their server, you tend to have issues like gems disapearing (you can restart fame and they come back, very few times they won't in which you contact Gumi suport), reloading issues, their server crashing because too many people are on game and odd sorts if stuff. It gets frustrating at times. For all the issues that are server-side Gumi gives you presents in game for the grievances (gems and hard to get stuff).

The server issues can be annoying but I'm patient. It doesn't distract me from playing. I'm sure Gumi never expected so many players to join. I wonder what they expected after they put out a television commercial. They have a lot of work to do to get their servers in tip top shape.

During all they technical stuff, they still put out new content and events. I have only done one event. But they are trying to keep their players entertained. Which is a lot more than a lot of Apps do to keep their players (freemium versions).

So I give this game 4 stars

iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year!!!

2015 is a year for change and status quo for this blog.

Let's start with the changes I've made today and going forward. In the past couple years I maintained a separate blog for gaming and app reviews called Tigerkirara's Page For Gaming & App Review (page is now gone). I slowed down on posting on both blogs. So I decided to combine it into this blog. Why? With my minimal time it's hard to maintain both as well as my third blog for the MMO I'm playing.

So if you look at my topic list, you'll see 'Gaming' and 'Apps' listed. That way you can view those posts directly. I already have book reviews, I may as well just add these to my growing list of topics.

What I'm keeping status quo is that my blog has multiple topics. I don't like being pigeon-held to one type of topic. My blognis not an expert blog. It's a general blog. It's my feelings at tumes, my thoughts, my interests, my life. I am not one dimensional so my blog should reflect me. This blog is not for my business. I'm not trying to make money out of it.

Maybe some of my posts interests you, makes you laugh is good enough for me. I don't really gossip on here about celebrites either. There's way too many blogs out there for that. So my little world here is nice a cozy.

However, if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to leavd them in comments. Hopefully you will enjoy yourself here.

So stick around, 2015 is going to be a big year for all of us. Let's start our adventures together.