Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend & Some

Halloween weekend my cousin Kevin decided to get married in Miami. This would be JH's and myself's first trip as a couple. We left together on Friday evening and were to return Sunday evening.

We were able to fly, rent a car and get a hotel rather cheap. The car we got for a standard was really nice and was considered the next class up. It was really nice. We found out we were staying, in party town, Miami Beach.

The wedding was Saturday, in middle of the day! No time to really enjoy Miami Beach that night. The wedding was a mini family reunion. There were 4 cousins missing. All my dad's sisters were there. JH got to meet the whole side of my dad's in one day. My dad went around introducing him as my fiance, lol. My family seemed to take to him well too. No big surprises.

It was really nice seeing my dad and his sister's together. I made sure to take couple pictures. I had a good time regardless.

Sunday we had enough time to tour around Miami Beach before we had to leave. We wanted to hit the beach but we had an early check out. So we just took off our shoes, rolled up our pants and walked along the water's edge. It was pretty romantic. We then walked around the little town. I got to see Miami Ink tattoo parlor. It was the busiest parlor on Washington Ave and there was probably 20 parlors there, lol. See what TLC can do for your business. Before we left Miami, JH wanted to try out Five Guys. So we both had our fill. We then headed to airport.

We returned home feeling good. It was a nice mini- vacation.