Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rise of Atlantis (Premium)

I've picked up playing Rise of Atlantis (Premium)  [ROA] on my iPad. It is a sequel to Call of Atlantis [COA] that I've been playing on my iPhone. I enjoyed COA so I definitely would enjoy ROA. ROA is the same gameplay as COA. So I really don't have to explain it again.

There are small differences in appearance and how things work.

1. Relics - There are more pieces of relic to find. The final piece you are collecting is bigger. COA you finish a piece after each game. You tally all the relics at the end of each land to complete a room with the missing relics.  In ROA, you get pieces of  at each game in the land you are in. The last game in the land completes the relic and it stores the power in an alter similar to COA.

2. Aesthetics - The graphics are a bit better than COA. That moved things around and gave them better animation since there is more space on the iPad screen.

All in all it's same game with with a slightly changed story. You visit the same lands as in COA.

What I didn't like and what it seems to be a new trend on games on the iPad, it boasts to be the full version of the game. I have played the game consistently and gotten thru 60% of the game then it tells me that in order to continue I must buy an upgrade. Upgrade to what? I supposed to have the Premium version. If when purchasing the app, I read that this was not a full version, I would've looked for the real full version and purchased it. I'm quite disappointed. I can't continue the game and I refuse to upgrade on principle. It's truly a lovely game. I enjoyed it greatly. Too bad that "premium version" only means 60% of a game. Just bad business. If it was done during an update, it's still wrong. You should leave those who paid for premium version with the premium version and all new purchases have the upgrade.

You can find Rise of Atlantis in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 3

Next chapter of wedding planning: the meeting of the moms. This weekend my mother (MC) met my mother in law to be (PH). I've been nervous about this for a while. Especially knowing that my father has met them already. I was hoping and praying she doesn't find out on this trip. I have my mother at home until the 1st of December. Way too long to be harassed. This weekend was all about finding my wedding gown.

PH has never been gown shopping. She wore her mother's gown and her daughter eloped. She really wanted to have the experience. I like her a lot so it was a great idea for her to come. It killed 2 birds with 2 stones; she gets to come to NY for an experience and my mother gets to meet her. So we got her a ticket to spend the weekend of my gown visits.

PH arrived on Thursday afternoon while I was at work. So she had some time to get to know my mother. I did get home a little cranky. My job is enough to drive anyone to drink. I just get cranky. I did take off on Friday to take PH sightseeing. We made it a family affair. My fiance (JH) was able to get the whole day off. So we drove to Manhattan. We took PH to Rockefeller Center, down Fifth Ave, to Apple Store, then to FAO Schwartz. We caught the bus to 42nd St. We went to Time Square, ate at Bubba Gumps, played games at Dave & Busters then caught Puss N Boots movie at the Loews. After movie we made our way back to the car and back home.

Saturday morning we (JH and myself) took PH some more sightseeing before my first gown appointment. My first appointment was at a boutique in Brooklyn called Lotus Brides. Before we went, me and the mothers had a pow wow about what dress type I like, including pictures that I had. We found ourselves at Lotus on time. I had a great girl who helped me. I was very nervous. Saw and tried on some dresses. I liked one dress a lot but couldn't fit into it. This was a good start.

Sunday was a full day of gown hunting. We had 2 appointments: Kleinfeld's and David's. I was hoping to find "the dress" at Kleinfeld's an or David's. I came close at Kleinfeld's though. I had a picture of a dress from David's that I was excited about. However, when I finally got to try it, I didn't like it at all. But that's the breaks. I did enjoy the experience at Kleinfeld's better. They were more attentive and helped you into the gowns. The store is much prettier in person than on Say Yes To The Dress. Only downfall was that we couldn't take pictures. So no point of reference when you leave. By time we got to David's we found the service wasn't as great. Your rep doesn't help you into the dresses. So whomever you came with had to help you. All they did was help get you the dress. With the lack of help and food, I was getting very ornery. We were able to take pictures though. We did see some bridesmaid dresses there at least.

Overall I didn't settle on a dress yet. Just one close maybe. PH had to leave next day. It was a great visit. My mom likes her and she likes mother. There were times where I thought they were going to battle over me, but they were able to come out of it peacefully. I'm glad all worked out well. One possible drama has been thwarted. Now onto the next drama: guest list.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello I’m Savannah

For most of my life, being impervious to colds and accidents was just just my little lady luck staying by my side.  A year ago I found out that my little lady luck was Satan!!! Well actually not Satan but what I would like to call the higher branches of US government.

A few years before I was born my mother was desparate for cash so she signed up for an experiment conducted by the Pentagon. They told her they were trying to find a way to isolate genes that makes our white blood cells attack foreign bodies while some foreign bodies go free. They were looking to make super white blood cells that kills all foreign bodies but will ignore living and metal transplants. She participated for a year. Nothing really came out of her that they needed so they let her go. They paid her enough that she could afford to buy a house and survive for a while.

She eventually ended up working for the government as an aide for a senator in the House. There she met my father.  He was a charming man according to my mother. I never met the man. He left my mom when she announced she was pregnant. She raised me as best as she could. She had friends and some family helping us out in times of need, but we were happy. My mom said that I was such a problem free baby. I never got sick or injured.

A year ago, I found out that the gov’t has been trying to get ahold of me. They think I’m the key to germ warfare that has been plaguing our country for the past year. The Pentagon wants to dissemble me. The NSA wants to keep me prisoner to drain my blood when needed. I don’t care to be in either of these predicaments so I’ve been on the lam for a year. If they just let me live my life and let me contribute to the cause, I wouldn’t have an issue. They think they own me and therefore can do whatever they want to me. They thought wrong. I am not an object! I won’t let a man treat me like a possession, why would I let our government? Well it’s not my gov’t any longer. I’m going to defect. But will I be safe anywhere else?

An agent, Dillon, whom the FBI and CIA sent to apprehend me last year has been my angel. He has a conscience. He knew what was going on was not right, so he switched sides. He has been helping me get out of dodge. I’m rather fond of him. He’s been a great guy. Not to mention very easy to look at. He’s also AWOL (absent without leave). We’re like Bourne in Bourne Supremacy. We just aren’t trained assassins. Well maybe he is. We move around a lot but we also keep up with the gov’t's actions so we know how to proceed.

During our adventure we learned a few things about my condition. Well it’s not really a condition. I’m impervious to most gun shots. I doubt I’d survive a bullet to my head or my heart. Well I never tested that out and don’t plan on it. I have been shot. In matter of hours my body rejected the bullet. Seriously! It actually spit it out like Wolverine and repaired the damage. Both Dillon and I freaked out over it. Am I an mutant? No. Just a gov’t experiment once removed. I am curious what else I may be impervious to.

“Van, what are you scribbling down over there? I need you to be alert!” Dillon scolds me. That’s what he calls me. It’s his shortening of my name, Savannah.

“Oh nothing. Just thought I should write my memoirs.” I say as I close up the book.

“Your memoirs huh? Am I in it?” He chuckles.

“Depends if you continue to help me survive this.” I respond. Dillon is such a wise ass. I’m surprised he didn’t have any sort of comeback. He must be tired.

“Maybe we should find a place to rest.” I suggest.

“Nah, I’m good. We have to make it to Socorro by nightfall. We are behind an hour. We just can’t chance it.” Dillon responds.

“Sorry about the hold up in El Paso. I really didn’t expect to be so long.” I apologize to him.

“It wasn’t your fault. It was that incompetent women behind the desk. Made me think that she knew who you were and was stalling for time. That’s why I really want to make sure we are at our safe point by nightfall.” Dillon says, “We can’t take any chances.”

“Thank you again for helping me out. I jeopardized your life as well. If this is ever over, I owe you big time. I don’t even know how I can repay you for this.” I say somberly.

“You don’t owe me anything. What’s going on is not right. I was raised to do what’s right. Turning you in was not part of the equation. So don’t worry about it.” Dillon consoles me.

“I got to. I can’t have have such a huge debt.” I say with a bit of stubbornness.

“Fine, you can repay me by surviving.” Dillon looks at me with a smirk.

“Look, Socorro 10 miles!!” I exclaim. He smiles and pats my leg.

Does he know he shouldn’t do that? I have been harboring a crush on him since I saw him take down another agent. He looked so manly and precise at that moment. I was so enthralled with him that I wasn’t paying attention and I got shot in the arm. The person knew not to kill me, so they shot me where there were no arteries. He was good. Dillon was better. Without even a long range rifle, he manage to shoot the agent. By time this incident was over, I was bloody and Dillon was glistening with sweat. He looked so hot that I didn’t even react when he swooped me up and carried me into our getaway car.

Once we were safe, he looked at my arm just as my body was rejecting the bullet. It freaked both of us out. He didn’t talk to me for a couple of hours after that. That was a very lonely couple of hours. That’s when I figured out that he couldn’t like a freak like me.

“Earth to Van. We are here.” Dillon says managing to bring me out of my head.

“Already?” I mumble in disappointment.

“What? You still want to be sitting in the car?” Dillon asks a bit too sarcastic.

“Whatever” I mumble.

He shakes his head and gathers our stuff together. I follow him to a house that’s isolated. He opens the door for me. I enter thinking the place would be dirty, but it was spotless. I turned to him and he gave me a big smile.

“I had a pal come clean the place.” he says as he walks past me to a bedroom where he dropped my bags. “I’ll be in the next room.”
Then he leaves me.

I flop down on the bed. The room was nicely decorated. The walls were off white or cream colored. I got up and walked to the dresser to find a note addressed to me. Well not my name but “to the woman traveling with Dillon”. Curious, I open it and closed my door. The paper inside read as follows.

“Beware of how close you get to Dillon. He will betray you. He will protect you. Not out of the kindness of his heart but for monetary reasons. He may have a reason to keep you safe. For him to protect you I assume your life is in danger, but I do know when the heat dies down, you will still be in trouble. Make an exit plan as soon as you can. Please by careful.”

It was signed, “A Concerned Party”.  I read the letter again. Glad that Dillon didn’t take time to inspect the room. My adrenaline is soaring now. I don’t know what to make of this letter or what to do. I’m scared. Dillon knocks at my door as I stand staring at the letter.

“Hold on a sec.” I say as I fold and tuck the letter into my purse. I walk to the door and open it to see Dillon in sweats.

“You hungry?” he asks.

“Not really. I’m a bit thirsty though. Do we have any Orange soda left?” I ask as I leave the room and head towards the kitchen with Dillon in tow.

“I think you drank the last of it in the car.” he responds.

“Well let’s see what’s in the fridge.” I say as I open it up.

“Looks like we got some Orange Soda” I say taking it out of the fridge. I also took out a tuna sandwich for Dillon and gave it to him.

“Thanks. I told my pal what you liked.” Dillon says as he bites into the sandwich.

“So who’s this pal of yours? Do I get to meet him or her?” I ask.

“No, the less people know about you the safer you are.” Dillon says once he swallowed his bite.

“Okay, whatever you say” I respond and take a gulp of soda. I’m too thirsty to be ladylike.

“You sure do drink a lot of Orange soda. If the government actually watched the consumption of it, they’d be able to track you down easily.” Dillon quips.

“Hardy Har Har. You’ve got jokes.” I respond giving him an exasperated look.

“What?” he asks trying to sound sincere.

“Nothing.” I say and walked off towards my room for the night.

I was about to shut my door when Dillon puts his foot in the way.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since we arrived. Have I done anything to upset you?” He asks.

“Nope nothing at all. Do you mind letting the door go?” I ask him nonplussed.

“Seriously Van, what’s with the cold shoulder?” he asks as he moves his foot out of the way.

“It’s nothing. I’m just tired. I am a bit cranky. I need some sleep.” I respond. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay,” Dillon says, unsure. I can tell he doesn’t trust my answer but he’s not going to argue. He turns and heads for his room.

I close the door and head to my suitcase for pajamas. I take a nice hot shower. I felt all warm and toasty when I get out. I slip on my pjs and flop into bed. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I hit the bed. I had no worries about today or my predicament. Just blissfully comfortable. I will worry tomorrow. Tonight I sleep.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Solitaire Free

One of my first games on my iPod that moved to my iPhone was Solitaire Free. I figured all phones should have a solitaire game. I didn't want a game that only had one type of solitaire game: Klondike. I wanted a game that had numerous. However, I didn't want to have to pay for it. I found Solitaire Free.
Solitaire Free contains a variety of games, but not all that I wanted. It didn't contain Pyramid solitaire. The game consists of the following games.
Baker's Game & Baker's Game Easy:
I thought this was like Freecell. I still don't really know how to play this game. All logical steps to me don't work. The instructions are not so clear either.
This game looked interesting. Never heard of it before this game. I read the instructions 5 or more times. I tried the game. I finally understood the game and got hooked. It is one of the hardest games to play. You never ever win a game in 3 tries. I even played this game offline and played with a real deck of cards. This game still fascinates me.
Klondike 1 & Klondike 3:
This is the standard solitaire game we all know and love. Difference in games is that you can draw 1 card versus 3 in the other. Drawing 3 is more challenging than 1.
Spiderette is a more petite version of Spider that we used to play on Windows PCs. It's not a great solitaire. It does catch your attention when you first learn the game. Then your attention fades. It's not a game I'd look to play when I'm bored. I'd rather choose Klondike or Pyramid.
This is just a backwards Klondike. It's a fun game. I really don't have much to say about this game because I already discussed Klindike. It is worth playing though.
Overall this app is a good free, solid game. I'd like if they had more games. The slots in the menu they have for the additional variety of the 2 games, Klondike and Bakers, they could've put 2 other games. They could make the 2 additional variety a menu change in the respective game. Guess that may be too much programming for a free game. However, there are a lot of free games with better programming. I will not knock this game. It good for its purpose.

Solitaire Free can be found in the iTunes App store for free.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 2

Wedding plans are moving along. I don't know if it's moving along gracefully. We picked our date: June 16, 2012. We had picked a venue previously, Bellagio, but has since changed. Wedding dress will take place in November when my mom is here.


So we had originally chose Bellagio as the venue for a wedding. We both love that hotel. We chose a package to our liking and pockets. It would cost us $9,000.00 for the package.

This package does not have a reception so we would have had to look elsewhere. Since the package included a dismal amount of pictures, I was trying to work with the Bellagio's photographer, since I was not allowed my own photographer. That was ridiculous. Other places would say yes but for an additional fee. So I was trying to get a wedding book of 200 pics, and 3 parental book of 100 pics, and about 50 wallet sizes. This is a pretty typical set to get. My personal photographer has his package for $2,000.00. This is not a personal discount either. That's what he does [enter hyperlink to his site]. I also asked him for a disc of the 200. Apparently he must've thought I was Kim Kardashian or something, because this man wanted to charge me $5,000.00 for the pictures alone. I didn't miss beat asking him if he could lower his prices. After all the pictures do not mean anything to him besides money.

Amidst the strife with Bellagio, I was told about a place called Lake side Weddings. I checked them out and their packages. This place has 4 things going for them:

1. It's gorgeous
2. It's outside near water (I have a thing about water.)
3. The packages include both the wedding and reception and it is significantly cheaper than the Bellagio.
4. I can use my own photographer.

This place is great. I had my father go check it out. And it's true to its website.

 I am excited by this place. So long Bellagio. Hello Lakeside Weddings. Only thing is that this place is not on the strip. We'll probably stay at the Bellagio on our wedding night. And leave the next morning for our honeymoon.

Wedding Dress:

So I had mentioned before that I had an appointment at Kleinfeld's on the 20th of Nov. Well I made another right after at David's Bridal. My mom wants to venture around before our appointment. Fun fun fun. One must know that this is the part that I am dreading. I am not a frilly woman. The whole thought of dress shopping gives me the willies. I do want to make great memories and look nice.

Guest list:

This is still a fight with my mother. We have finally settled with an agreement. She was to back off and I will send my aunt an invitation for her plus 1. I have booked a 50 person package, but she doesn't know that. I'd like to keep it that way. I have up to a month before the event to change my venue. I'll probably end up with just a package of 20 people instead. This would make life easier. I really not going to worry until January/February.

My photographer is my brother-in-law. He will be doing the pictures for his room & airfare for him and my sister. Of course I'm booking the least expensive room and flight. I'm not made out of money.

We bought our rings this weekend. They should arrive Nov 12th. I will have to remember to declare them on my homeowner's policy when they arrive.

I plan on taking a break from planning until January. I really don't have much to do until then. I will have to do invitations, favors and registry.

We will have to book our honeymoon too. That's a toss up between Bora Bora or Hawaii. We're leaning closer to Bora Bora. We have the patience now for a long flights. I wish there was a way to say we want cash gifts on our invitations. We really don't need anymore stuff for the house. I'd rather them help pay for the honeymoon.

I'm excited to marry my fiancé. There are times that I feel like this is too good to be true. Sometimes I feel that I am dreaming all this up. I am just so happy I found a guy I'm so comfy around. Who loves all my weird quirks and moodiness. Who best of all loves me so much that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. As the song says, "somewhere in life, I must've done something good."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ringer - No More

The show is very interesting, but moves a bit too slow for me. I want to know what's happening but I no longer have the patience. Too many mysteries.

I feel the writers may lose track of what mystery is what. The last episode I watched, Bridget joins Siobhan's husband, her best friend and her husband to their Long Island home. During the weekend, the BFF's husband, the same one Siobhan's been having an affair with, confronts her about her pregnancy and how it may be his.

His wife overhears, so now BFF knows. At the groups dinner, the BFF runs off and Bridget follows. BFF confronts her. Only way to get Siobhan out of trouble was to admit she was Bridget. I don't know what happened at the next episode. From the preview, BFF does not buy Bridget's story and is going to ruin her life (whomever's). Now it has turned to catty bullshit that turns me off, besides the way too many mysteries. I have run my course with the show to keep me hooked. I have deleted them off of my DVR.

Ringer was a good attempt of a show. It'll probably hold someone else's attention. I am all for Sarah Michelle Gellar getting a paycheck. I am a fan of hers. I've been waiting for a comeback. I just don't think this was a great show for a comeback. She needs a hit. Something that sparkles and has everyone talking. Ringer it's not.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

NY Comic Conventions

I have been going comic book/anime conventions for he past 10 years. What gote interested is basis of another post. However, I have seen these conventions grow in these 10 years. My basis is NYC. I can't comment on any other state.

The very first anime convention was called "The Big Apple Anime Fest". It was only on for one year. It was held at he Marriott hotel in middle of Time Square. It had a good crowd but wasn't insane. You were able to see what you were interested in. They never returned. It was a one year deal.

There were many little comic book conventions throughout the years. They were usually held in the space next to the Hotel Pennsylvania, across from Madison Square Garden. Those were crowded, but they were manageable.

Then came the Anime Fest. This started of manageable but grew as the years went by. The last Anime Fest was 2010. Then it has been absorbed by NYCC.

In conjunction with San Diego, NY welcomed the New York Comic Con. It started off really well. It focused mainly on comics & gaming. It lacked one thing: anime. In 2010, NYCC formed a joint venture with the Anime Fest. You could attend both. This year, they are combined. No more Anime Fest.

This year we, my fiancé and myself, only bought the Saturday pass. We really didn't do more than that last year due to stuff was not interesting. This year we get there for 11 am. It took us 15 mins just to get to panel we wanted to go to. By time we reached we couldn't enter. So we decided to sit and figure our next move. We decided to go to the Archie Comics panel. We were on line for at least 20 to 30 minutes waiting. Actually, my fiancé stayed in line. I stayed in line for the women's restroom. By time I got back, a guy came back to where we were and told us that they were at max capacity for the panel. Who knew Archie would bring so much people? I must say I'm an Archie Fan.

We decided at that point to leave and just go to the exhibitor area. Maybe I'd find something interesting to buy. We walked around and nothing really caught my attention to buy. The place was packed. A lot of cosplay walking around. They are very interesting to watch. Saw a person as Deadpool. Lots of Bleach characters. The best for me was this couple dressed like the Monarch's henchmen from Venture Brothers. That was absolutely adorable.

After walking around, we decided to go to the IGN theater to wait for Walking Dead, Ghostrider and Avengers panels. When we got there, we were told that you don't have to leave panel room (theater) after each panel. So we decided to just go in and grab our seats. So we ended up sitting in there for the rest of the convention. We sat thru a George Campbell (Monty Python) panel and a Nikita Panel. They were absolutley boring. I was falling asleep a bit. I ran out in between to get my jacket. It was cold up in there.

The first long wait panel was Sony's. I call it Ghost Rider. They did show trailer for Total Recall and Underworld 4. But the rest of panel was the sequel yet not a sequel, lol, of Ghost Rider. They showed behind the scenes and long trailer of the movie. It looks a lot better than the first one. The co-directors were there. They are he same team that did the Crank movies. At the end of most panels are Q&A. The questions for that were being asked were so stupid that I felt sorry for the panelists. Some of the questions were by "press". Journalism sucks these days anyway. I'm definitely going to see the 3 movies from the panel.

The Walking Dead Panel was not really my thing, but my fiancé's. I don't like zombie stuff unless it's Resident Evil. Just has a different feel and you know what caused them to be zombies. This panel was a bit to stressful for me. The footage was great because you actually feel the emotion. That's why it's stressful, lol. I don't like feeling scared. Some of the cast members were there; that included a kid. It was cute how he was answering questions and being a grown up. Once again at Q&A the questions were stupid, but they were a lot better than at the Ghost Rider panel.

The best and last panel of the evening was The Avengers panel. We saw a preview. Then the director was brought out. Then some discussion. Then the best part came when they brought out the following: Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Chris Evans (Captain America), British guy Tom (Loki), Male Shield agent (from Iron Man 1 and the rest) and new female Shield agent. I, of course, squealed in delight when they introduced Chris Evans. I have a thing about Chris Evans and Ryan Renolds. They spoke on doing the movie and showed some additional scenes. Especially the one with Mark Ruffalo's version of Bruce Banner. This BB seems a lot better than Bana's version. Don't know if it's better than Norton's tho. I am so excited for this movie. The director did confirm that there will be an Iron Man 3. I am so loving the Marvel movies. Q&A was hilarious. 99% of all questions were to the guy that played Loki. The cast were laughing. Who knew this Tom guy had such a following. All in all, thus was the best panel of the night. It made the day's early frustration disappear.

I ended up enjoying my time, but I don't think
I'll hit it up next year. I'll get my fill in watching the movies/anime, reading blog sites, and good old fashion reading the comics/graphic novels. I have lost patience with crowds. If it wasn't for that, I may consider going but I doubt the crowds will dissipate. It's just going to be larger. I was thinking about going to the San Diego Con, but it's a bigger venue with a lot larger crowd. Don't think I could deal. So as Hollywood becomes more and more of a major role in the comic book/anime world, these cons will be huge. I've had my fun at these. Now it's time for the younger crowds and those with better patience.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Planning - Part 1

People say that the planning of a wedding is hard; finding the place, sending invites, etc. I am just beginning to plan my wedding and planning is not what's stressing me. The planning is going well so far. I'm dreading the gown purchasing. The planning for me isn't a beast because we are doing a "destination" wedding. The place we decide upon will already have packages the are already preset. I just add my touches to the packages; colors and some tweaks here and there. Simple.

Like I said, I am just at the beginning stages. We found our rings so far. My appointment for gown is in November. Dreading it. Hate wearing dresses. I'm going to have to get over it. It's one day.

One thing you hear is drama with guest list. Too many people want invitations. Parents want to invite the world. People you don't know. Why should you pay for folks you don't know? That's just not right. This day is about the bride and groom, not the parents. They should have the final say. Not the parents.

Another thing you hear is issues with RSVPs. You send invitation with plus 1 and firmly state "no children". What you receive is plus 2 or more that include children. How do you tell them no? That's hard. Maybe they can't find a sitter. There's not going to be enough food to feed the little ones. Now you have to find accommodations for the little ones. More money out of your pocket.

What is usually hush hush, that you don't hear too much about is the stress your parents put you under. Especially if they are divorced and hates each other. That is what's driving my planning crazy. Not my father, but my mother.

She doesn't want to come to my wedding in Las Vegas. Apparently I'm going there "because my father wanted it there". That is not the case.

Next issue, she's not involved in the planning of my wedding like she was with my sister's wedding. How can she be? She lives in Florida. When she help plan my sister's wedding, we all lived the same house. If she was here full time she would be.

She coming up in November, so I made my appointment at Kleinfeld's so she can be a part of it. The only appointment available was a Sunday at 11:15 am. So she doesn't want to miss 1 service to help her daughter pick out her wedding dress. Seriously? Luckily, there was a cancellation and was able to reschedule it to 1 pm. It's my day and I'm making accommodations for my mother so she can feel included.

This is a battle I believe is going to get worse. She was asking to be included. I'm including her, but she's making it difficult. I love her. She's the only one that I have. I want her included but if she makes my life more complicated than necessary I'm going to have to step away from her. I would think she would be excited and willing to help but all she's doing is being jealous and vindictive. I wish she and my father would get along. My father is not causing me any issues. Sometimes I wish my situation was different. It would make this new transition in life smoother.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minesweeper Q

I had an urge to play Minesweeper. I know it's a Windows game, but hey you never know what you may find on the App Store. I did a search and found a few ports of the game. However, there was another game called Minesweeper Q by Spica. Looking at the pictures I decided to get the game. 
MQ 1 
Minesweeper is a logic game. You have to figure out a flag mines as you clear the board. You get clues by uncovering numbers. The numbers tell you how many mines are touching it. You have up to 8 ways it can touch: 4 sides or 4 corners. However I have not seen an 8 in the game for the years I've played the game. Numbers can share mines with other numbers too. So it is up to you to figure out where the mine is. If you hit a mine, the game is over. You only win when you flag all the mines and the board is otherwise clear. 
The game has 3 levels like the original: easy, intermediate and advanced. You also get a level for custom games. 
What I like about this game is that you can choose how your gameboard looks. 
MQ 3 MQ6 MQ7 MQ9 MQ8 MQ10 
I like the snow whales board. It's just more pleasant to me. Trust me, it doesn't make the game any easier. You also have 2 modes you can play in: normal and quick flagging. I stick with the normal mode. Don't like the feel of the quick flagging. 
MQ 2 MQ11 
Overall this game is wonderful. Love playing it. I don't play it everyday, but when I do, I'm playing the advanced level. I have not beaten a game yet on advanced. They know how to strike the sore loser/determined nerve of mine. I'm going to beat a game; I swear!!!! 
Minesweeper Q can be found in the iTunes App Store for Free. You can upgrade to the full version (Platinum) in App or purchase from the App Store for $0.99.


Call of Atlantis

My boyfriend, JH, told me that Call of Atlantis (full version) was on sale on the App Store. This is usually how I find a good chunk of my apps. He knows me pretty well. He told me since I like Puzzle Quest on Xbox that I may like the game. It's a game of bejeweled with added features. Plus it was on sale on the app store for free. I can't knock free. 
COA 1 
CoA is like a historical quest of ancient times to restore the powers of Atlantis. To do this you have to search for relics in multiple ancient civilizations: Egypt, Carthage et al. 
Upon opening the game you get to the following scene: 
COA 2 
You can change your settings by going to the options. I personally turn sound off. No one needs to hear me play games on public transportation. 
COA 3 
In order to get relics, they must drop from the board. You have to get them to the bottom row of the grid. They automatically drop once there. The object is to match items in the minimum of 3. 
COA 5 COA 6 
There are 6 boosts in game play. 
1. Gem: Located in middle of the bottom of your screen, below playing grid. If you match more than 4 items at a time, you power the gem. Once fully powered, if you tap it, it will randomly eliminate items off of the grid. 
2. Heart: located in the playing grid. You get this & the next 4 boosts by letting them drop from the board. The heart gives you extra lives. You start the game with 3 lives. Theses lives are life savers on levels that are extremely hard. 
3. Bomb: the bomb detonates where you place it on the grid. It'll remove item obstacles. It will not remove stone obstacles. 
4. Lightning Bolt: This will eliminate all of the same items in the grid. Handy at times. I rarely use this. Only when one item is in my way and I can't make a match. 
5. Hour Glass: This is greatly needed in the more difficult levels. It gives extra time to the clock when the clock is running down. 
Last but not least.... 
6. Sync: The symbol looks like the sun symbol but it does not perform the same. This function is for swapping items. Very handy when you are near an obstacle. However, you cannot swap a relic piece. I never used these boosts until towards the end of the game. 
At end of each game you complete a relic. At the end of each land you have to restore the relics to where it belongs. Once you start a new land you have to power the Jewel of Atlantis. This goes on for 6 to 7 different lands. 
COA 4 
Once you complete all the lands you start over again with levels a bit harder and items that hurt you than help you. 
My Opinion: 
When I first started the game I became a bit obsessive. However, down the road, the company put out an update. This update broke the game. You couldn't even launch the game; it crashed upon opening. I submitted a claim and they said they were working on a fix. The fix came 3 to 4 weeks later. I get back into the game because my boyfriend reminded. I then get to 3/4th of the game with 6 lives available. I start the next game. The minute it loads, the time is done and I lost a life. I tried 3 more times and lost 3 more lives the same way. Now I'm left with 2 lives. I again send company another claim and got the same answer. I put the game down for another 3 to 4 weeks. 
I decide to try it again. Lost another life. Now I'm down to 1. I still haven't seen an update to fix this issue. I said I'll try one more time and if I lose that 1 life I was not going to play this again. I was going to delete it off of my phone. I don't have patience after I put my time in and lose it because of a programmers issue. I got to actually play the game on my last life and was able to pass the level. I managed to secure 2 more lives in couple of levels later on. 
I completed one full circle of the land and played 2 to 3 games in the 2nd lap. I don't know if I want to continue. Maybe if they gave different relics I'd probably more keen on giving it a go. I just gotten the sequel on my iPad (another review another day). I haven't really seen a great reason to keep on. 
The game Is fun when you don't have programmer hiccups. Customer service can be more specific to helping and not shooting off form emails that we know you really don't know what the issue is. The standard autoreply should just state, "we received your claim, one of our programmers will look into your problem and will address it in a future email.". Other than that, the game has nice graphics and story. It was fun to play. 
Call of Atlantis can be found on iTunes App Store for $0.99. Currently it's on sale again for Free.