Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Children For Thought

The other day, after a discussion about my friend's children and their mother, my friend asks me what would I want if I had a child. I've been asked this question numerous times before. But the question first
should be, do I want any?

I have been pregnant before, but I don't have a child. I have thought if I wanted child every now and then. Depending on my situation at that point of time, my answers varied. To everyone else, I've always
gave the excuse, "I want to see what my cousins dish out before I have any." I said that because twins run in my family and I didn't want to have twins.

So back to my friend's question. What do I want for a child? I've always wanted a boy. I do not have a name lined out. However, my family creates a lot of girls, so I'm pretty sure I would have a girl. So I've 2 names already for a girl. The first name I picked out, my cousin stole. And my second name I picked out, my same cousin stole for her second child. I am keeping my second name anyhow because it means something special to me.

My friend thinks I should have a little girl. I wouldn't know what to do with a little girl. I am not girly. I hate doing my hair and other frivolous stuff like getting nails done, etc. The girliest vices I claim to have are pocketbooks and panties. I absolutely hate dressing up. I will complain for the whole time getting dressed, lol. I'm most comfortable in jeans and a top. How will I be able to teach a little girl all about the girly stuff I don't know? He said I shouldn't worry about that because I'd learn while I try to teach a daughter.

Now, having a little boy wouldn't be too much trouble. Hair, no problem; send to the barber. Clothes, no problem; pants and a top. However, little boys talk a lot more than little girls in my experience. That I am used to. My nephew was a talker. He's not so much now that he's a full fledged teenager!!!

Seriously, I would be happy with whatever gender I am blessed with. They will get my full unconditional love and that comes with discipline, lol. I don't believe the child is your best friend crap. Your child is your child. They must have boundaries and discipline in order for them to become productive adults.

I know I'll get the children question as time goes by. I'll just refer them to this post, lol.