Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Hate....

I'm back by popular demand, lol. I have been thinking about this blog for a while now. I just been lagging putting it up because I believe it is very controversial & may ruffle a lot of feathers. So here it is. Hate me or love me, at this point, I putting it out here.

I am tired of the these Gay Rights groups getting everyone fired. I understand they wanted to be accepted in life & society, but you can't force it. Society can tolerate you, but you can't force society to like you. There's a big difference.

You can't make anyone like you. You can't force it. A person can tolerate another person when it comes to having to work with one another. As long as the person does not discriminate, people do not have to like you.

Now for the actors & athlete's in the media that the Gay rights groups have attacked, if they truely said the "F" word, then yes, do something about it. If they said, they "hate" gays. Why attack them? You can't force theire opinion. You can't make them like gays. It's their opinion and everyone is allowed to have their opinion and they are free to state their opinion.

I do not have any issues with gay people. They do not affect my life in such a way for me to hate them. I have a few gay friends and they are genuinely nice people.

Why is it important for the world to know what happens behind a couples' closed doors? Who cares who's sleeping with whom? We all need to step back and mind our own damned business.

That's my piece. Talk to y'all soon.