Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rise of Atlantis (Premium)

I've picked up playing Rise of Atlantis (Premium)  [ROA] on my iPad. It is a sequel to Call of Atlantis [COA] that I've been playing on my iPhone. I enjoyed COA so I definitely would enjoy ROA. ROA is the same gameplay as COA. So I really don't have to explain it again.

There are small differences in appearance and how things work.

1. Relics - There are more pieces of relic to find. The final piece you are collecting is bigger. COA you finish a piece after each game. You tally all the relics at the end of each land to complete a room with the missing relics.  In ROA, you get pieces of  at each game in the land you are in. The last game in the land completes the relic and it stores the power in an alter similar to COA.

2. Aesthetics - The graphics are a bit better than COA. That moved things around and gave them better animation since there is more space on the iPad screen.

All in all it's same game with with a slightly changed story. You visit the same lands as in COA.

What I didn't like and what it seems to be a new trend on games on the iPad, it boasts to be the full version of the game. I have played the game consistently and gotten thru 60% of the game then it tells me that in order to continue I must buy an upgrade. Upgrade to what? I supposed to have the Premium version. If when purchasing the app, I read that this was not a full version, I would've looked for the real full version and purchased it. I'm quite disappointed. I can't continue the game and I refuse to upgrade on principle. It's truly a lovely game. I enjoyed it greatly. Too bad that "premium version" only means 60% of a game. Just bad business. If it was done during an update, it's still wrong. You should leave those who paid for premium version with the premium version and all new purchases have the upgrade.

You can find Rise of Atlantis in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.