Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kappa Alpha Psi a.k.a. Black Gangsters

Kappa Alpha Psi was created in 1911 at an all White University in Indiana. It was born out of the need to protect themselves from the Whites who were abusing & killing them. This fraternity is now all over the country in multiple colleges and universities. Joining a fraternity is supposed to instill brotherhood amongst each other.

Today, some chapters still hold strong to history. The some are a few. It seems that street gangs mentality has entered into the fraternities. Pledging consistes of getting jumped. The same way you get into gangs.

My brother was joining a chapter of KAP on the campus of CSU East Bay. They whooped until he had to go to the hospital. After that he dropped the line. He didn't want to be a part of the fraternity after that. However, he still maintained somewhat of a friendship with some members who were pledging with him. A year later, he had still maintained the friendship. But then this year gang mentality reared it's ugly head.

One of his KAP friends was talking to my brother. Then he asked my brother for some assistance (financial). My brother told him he couldn't help him because he needs some financial assistance of his own. He was barely making it at all. My brother turned and walked away. That was the beginning of the end. The guy start screaming, "don't you dare turn your back on me!" From that day on, they shadowed my brother. Threatened his life. Broke into his apartment to prove they have access to him at any point of time. He walks down the street, they yell out that they are going to kill him. I had to fly him home immediately. His life is more important.

When my brother came home, we sat down to discuss what the KAP fraternity is supposed to do for him and discussed what had happened. He tells me that KAP was supposed to build comradry and brotherhood. However there are rules. You must never turn your back on a brother. That sounds like some gangster stupidity. My brother was not even a member of the fraternity. That rule should not have anything to do with him. Yes I am very passionate about this because they have tried to take my brother's life.

This is just my way of warning the world of the dangers of fraternities and sororities in colleges. Is it really necessary to join a group that's going to abuse you in order to become a member?