Sunday, June 3, 2007

Zero Tolerance is BULLSHIT!!!!

I just finished reading an article in "Reader Digest" about Zero Tolerance. The article was about this new act is lacking a lot of common sense. 5 year old boys are being arrested for sexual harrassment for pinching 5 year old girls in class. What kind of bullshit is that? Another elementary school kids said "If you don't finish the potatoes I will get you. He was arrested for making terroristic threats. LMAO!!! What the F*#k is that?

I know that Zero Tolerance was an act to keep the students & teachers safe, but they are being too ridiculus for small insignificant stuff. How are the kids above doing anything that is so wrong? 5 year olds have no idea what sex is much less what's sexual harrassment. The worst thing about all this, is that these incidents are going to stay on their permanent school records. So they will be treated as lepers & trouble makers for the rest of their school years.
I believe this act should be re-written by people who haven't lost their minds. And should be enforced with people with who has sense. I have a couple of friends who are teachers who also believe this act is being enforced stupidly. They have enough trouble trying to defend themselves against kids who falsely accuse them of having a sex or sexual relations against bad seed kids. Those are the kids who can't get their way.

It's hard being a teacher against kids who are not taught to respect their elders. I blame the parents for their kids rotten behavior. Parents need to remember that kids are not their friends, they are the kids and must be thought of in that sense. If a parent needs a friend, they need to look elsewhere, a neighbor, childhood friend. Anyway, I jumped off subject. Sorry.

Zero tolerance needs a revamp. They need to understand what is really a threat from childish pranks.