Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: To Paris with Love

To Paris with Love
To Paris with Love by Carl Weber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I have all of the family business books. This book is supposed to take place in Paris' past. So I am going to reveal my thoughts on characters.

Paris: I don't like to deal with spoiled ass brats especially hardheaded ones. Paris I would never be friends. I'd try to beat the shit out of her all the time. Her character is hard for me to read. I have a similar distaste to her sister London.

Rio: I always love Rio. He is one of the endearing character. He's wild but he has sense. He listens. He may not like it, but he takes it to heart.

Okay, so here's my review.

Beginning of the book begins in the present when Paris heads to Europe for a friend's wedding where she spots an old enemy. She proceeds to tell her friend the story of the situation between her and the enemy.

The book is not written as a reflection as Paris telling a story. It is written as a standard, typical novel. It should've been if you start out a book saying "girl let me tell you what happened." I expect it all to be from Paris' point of view.

The story and romance was good. I enjoyed it greatly. I even dreamed of the story. There are a lot of issues going on that keeps the story on its toes. The characters are well written. There were moments in the book that were confusing; so I had to re read the chapter because one sentence thru it off. No sweat since the chapters are small.

One thing that was really good was the imagery. I was able to imagine the Spanish farm/countryside, the yacht party and the hotel suites. Like most books from Carl Weber, there was plenty of sex. I am just curious of how Weber knows the sensations if sex from a woman's point of view.

My big disappointment was the end. There wasn't a wrap up. Remember at the beginning she was in the airport in the present? Well it should've ended there. Wanted to hear her friend's opinion and whether the enemy saw them or not. Weber could've just tied the story up. Instead he just kills off dude and that's it. No repercussions. No enemy screaming bloody murder. Enemy really didn't fuck up her family as she stated in the beginning of the book. She stopped any issues getting to them in the end.

All in all the story was a great read, but it had some glaring (in my opinion) inconsistencies. It is worth the read.

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