Sunday, November 8, 2015

Introducing ...........

Hi. CC allowed me to introduce myself. She's awesome, but you guys know that already. I've never really introduced myself before so please bare with me. Let me get to my intro. Drum roll please..... (Tapping on the desktop). My name is Amelie. Most call me Mel or Meli. I'm from a quaint little town called Pinevale in Upstate New York. It's a little town that houses a lot of sleep away camps in the summer. It's home and I love it. 

Hmm a little about myself. What can I say? I find it hard to talk about myself. I'm more of an answer a question type. I don't usually divulge anything unless asked; it's a force of habit. Maybe this was a bad idea. Let me get CC here... BRB......

(Meli stands in front of the tv in the living-room where CC is watching.)

CC: (sighs) Hey Meli, what do you need? 

Meli: (with arms crossed her chest) I need you to interview me.

CC: (exasperated) Why? I just gave you free reign of my blog. Knock yourself out. 

Meli: (head hanging) I don't know what to say. If you interview me, I'd be able to express myself better. 

CC: Fine. (Shaking head) But you'll owe me. 

Meli: Whatever you want. 

CC: (looking at the screen) You guys are my witness, she promised me. (Turning back to Meli) I want a date with Lane. 

Meli: (groans) You know I can't guarantee that. He's so fickle. 

CC: You promised and I have witnesses. 

Meli: (groans) Alright alright I will do my best. Can we get on with this?

CC: (clears throat) So what brings you here today?

Meli: You told me to come introduce myself. Why else would I be here? Duh...

CC: Don't get smart with me. I can go back in the living room and finish up my episode of Once Upon a Time.

Meli: Sorry. You know I get to be a bit of a smart ass when I'm nervous.

CC: (mumbling) Trust me it's not only then.

Meli: (frowning) I heard you. (pointing to her ears) I will remember that. Let's continue and I'll be on my best behavior. 

CC:  (clears throat) What was it like growing up?

Meli: (somber) It was rough growing up. My mom did her best.  When I was a kid, the council made my mom send me to some lab because I exhibited some power that was beyond my age. There they kept me strapped to a bed; constantly took my blood. There was this boy who eventually took pity on me and opened the restraints I was in.  That was the most difficult time for me. Once I escaped and told my mom what was happening, she moved us away. That's when we found Pinevale and settled down. I hate that part of my childhood. Only brings back pain and distrust. From there, I grew up as normally as possible for a witch. My mom kept all council related dealings away from me. I wanted nothing to do with them. They were evil to me. I learned on my own (with help of mom and Cecil) how to manage my powers. They are my backbone. They are my family.

CC: What ever happened to your father? 

Meli: (annoyed) What father? Mine was a deadbeat. He left my mom when I was still in the womb. If I had the gumption, I'd find him and torture him.

CC: That's kind of harsh.

Meli: (shrugs) Never said I was a saint. 

CC: So do you have a boyfriend?

Meli: (laughing) I have what I have. That's all folks need to know. 

CC: (laughing) How's your mom doing?

Meli: (with a happy glow on her face) She's very well. She's retired and traveling the world. Right now she's on a cruise. I'm so jealous. I haven't had a vaca in so long.

CC: You are no longer working so what's keeping you busy?

Meli: (tensing up) What I have is a constant training regime that I can't seem to shake. My slave drivers have learned my tricks. BRB, I'm hungry.

20 minutes later.

CC: Better?

Meli: (with a toothy smile) Much. Thanks. Now where were we? What keeps me busy? Besides the slave drivers keeping me constantly training, I have taken up gaming. 

CC: What games do you play?

Meli: A little bit of this and that, but I love MMORPGs.

CC: What are MMORPGs?

Meli: Come on CC. I know you know what they are. You play one too. 

CC: (sighs) Not for me, remember? The interview... There are people reading this. 

Meli: My bad. I forgot. MMORPGS stand for Massively multiplayer online role playing game. You get to play a game with people all over the world. I love it. 

CC: Which game do you play? And what's your character like?

Meli: (giggling like a kid) Final fantasy 14. My character is the cutest Mi'quote ever. It's a cat girl.  She has silverishy blue hair and eyes. I so love my character. I think I'll dress up as her for Halloween. Tee hee. 

CC: Aren't you too old for halloween? And I would think you'd have some aversion to the day.

Meli: You are never too old for halloween. I mean come on. It's a day for fun. I used to loath the day when I was younger, I admit.  I couldn't understand how they dress up witches to look like horrible evil looking green monsters. We do not look anything like that. If I ever found out who started this, I'd snuff him. Well not really. I'd have him singing a new tune. If I only could go back in time. Hmmmm.... (Trails off in thought)

CC: (waving her hands in front of Mel's face) Earth to Mel. Where did you just drift off too?

Meli: (snaps out of it) Oh... nowhere. I had a passing thought. I'm bored. I think I should interview you for the rest of this post. 

CC: Why is that?

Meli: So the world can know your greatness. 

CC: (blushing) Heh heh. You just trying to butter me up to get out of your promise.

Meli: Not at all. 

CC: Ok, go ahead. 

Meli: So why aren't you scared of me? 

CC: Why should I be? You are like my inner self. My best friend for years.

Meli: (squealing) Aw you are so sweet. 

CC: You getting mushy on me? 

Meli: Never that. You just got a rare moment. So, so since you live in Brooklyn, how did you find out about Pinevale?

CC: I was one of those kids that enjoyed the hell out of summer camp in Pinevale. 

Meli: Ahh one of those. Most of the time, I see more sniveling kids always crying that they miss their moms or dads. Ugh, they are so annoying.

CC: Not me. I relished being away from home. 

Meli: So what prompted you to start writing? You didn't actually go to school for it. You're an accountant, right?

CC: Yeah, I am. But I've always had such a rich imagination. I have very elaborative dreams that I remember. I do write down the good ones to come back to later. I've even posted some of them on my blog. The ones I post I don't want to flush out into full novels at all. But being an accountant doesn't really enable your imagination. It's an exact science with a bit of probability. 

Meli: So what made you write about me?

CC: Really? You ask me that? You've been haunting me for years. I couldn't get away from you. You came in my dreams, my daydreams whenever I had a peaceful moment. You're a damn stalker.

Meli: You say that like it's a bad thing. I may make you famous. 

CC : You have such a big personality you should be, but I know I have to be realistic. There are millions of authors. Just to break thru millions to get notice is hard. 

Meli: I have faith in you. I know you will do well. (feeling like someone's tugging a hair) I'm getting a signal from my slave drivers that they need me home, so I'm going to wrap up.

Cc: Really? I can go back to watching Once Upon a time.

Meli: (sighing) Watching that fairy tail bullshit. Your a grown woman. Geez.

CC: (sticking my tongue out) You don't know what you are missing. Don't knock it until you try it. (Mel rolls her eyes). 

Well thank you guys for listening... Err.... Reading this post. It was nice meeting you. I hope to talk with you in the near future. I'm sorry I have to run so soon, but I'm being summoned. Next time will be better. Trust me. I also hope you'll like CC's book about me. It's very action packed. Take care and stay safe.