Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collapse Free

Collapse is a puzzle game I've played on numerous cell phones. The style of play is famous all around. You tap groups of the same color to delete in order to clear the board in a certain time limit. I loved this game on my Windows Mobile phone (version 5.0). 
CF 1

This game is the free version of the game and it offers 2 game modes: Quest or Quick Play.
CF 7

Quick Play:
You get to 4 different types of game strategies: Classic, Stategy, Panic Attack, Puzzle and Continuous. Each of these strategies have their own type of play. But game play is the same.

CF 3
Just standard matching color and deleting to clear board in a certain time frame. 

Same standard color matching but there is a bit strategy to clear the board in the time frame.

Panic Attack:
CF 6

Is like the classic play with 2 different plays. The 1st, you will have new colors coming in from the bottom of the screen and the top. The 2nd, the blocks already on the board will move from the bottom of the screen to the top. While it's on top the new blocks will come from the top too. You still have to cleae the board in allotted time. 

CF 5

Puzzle is a bit different. You still have to clear the board. However, the board is completely filled with blocks. You will need to clear the board in the fewest moves possible to get higher scores. 

This just the classic game without a time limit. It can keep you busy until you lose game when blocks fill up the board. 

Quest Play:
You have 4 worlds. Each world has different stages. The stages are a variety of the types of game play from the quick play section. You don't know what game play you'll get until you play the stage.

World 1 has 8 stages
CF 8

World 2 has 8 stages
CF 9

World 3 has 10 stages
CF 10

World 4 has 10 stages and the final boss stage.
CF 11

I played the quest mode first. I like the quest mode a lot. I have finished all stages except for the boss. I am 0/40 tries on the boss. They made sure that boss stage was a kick ass. You think you are going to win but you end up losing. I will beat that stage,I swear. For now, I play the quick play for now. I have to have no interruptions when doing the boss stage. For a free game, this game is great. It's an actual full game for free. I am a bit nervous of what the paid version offers, but I may end up buying it eventually. I haven't had any glitches with game. I adore it.

Collapse Free can be found on iTunes App Store for FREE.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump by Lima Sky is a mindless game that can be addictive. I should tell you the story on how I have this game on my iPhone. It makes this game nostalgic and a funny memory. 

When I first got my iPhone my boss was showing me some features of the phone on his own. Then he asked to see mine. I handed my phone to him. I trust him so it was no big deal. A minute later he said, here type in your password. I did as told and handed my phone back to him. Couple seconds later he goes into his wallet and takes out $1.00 and handed me both the $1.00 and my phone. He downloaded Doodle Jump and said it is the best game he's played so far. 

Cute story right? Well let's get this review going. Like I said this game is mindless and very simple. The opening screen is very simple.
DJ 1

The object of the game is to get the doodle as high as possible. 

<DJ 2
DJ 3

I really can't tell you what happens towards the top. I can never make it to the top for 2 reasons. One, I can't concentrate on the game for too long. And two, I have very little patience.
This game requires both. 

Lima has made multiple updated to the game to keep it fresh. The updates are usually new themes. So far they have the following:
- Halloween
- Easter (can only play when you change your name to Hop)
- Soccer
- Winter
- Outer Space
- Amazon Jungle
- Under Water
I am looking forward to new themes. This game does get a lot of love from their designer and it still in iTunes top 50. 

The game play is simple. You move your phone in the direction you want your doodle to go. I am always rotating games on my iPhone. I have never taken this game off of my phone. I don't play it often but it's a game that helps me pass the time.

Doodle Jump can be found in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vampires: Bloodlust

Liking Mafia Wars from Zynga, I decided to try Vampire Wars on my iPhone. It has the same appeal of Mafia Wars, just a different theme. 

V 1

The game play is exactly the same. It's a click thru game. No real live action. You do missions to get gear, experience and blood. You get to increase the following stats when you level: Blood (currency), Health, Energy, and Rage, to name a few.

V 2

You can fight other players. Oh? Didn't I mention this game is sort of a MMO? Well it says it is. You see a list of other players in the section called Fight. There you can decide who to fight based on their level and number of their clan. The more clan members that a player has over you, you are sure to lose a lot of blood and gain very little experience. 

V 5

For me, this part of the game is a waste of time. You're on a cell phone, who can you gather to be one of your clan? Some people leave their ID in the review section in the App Store just to build up their clan. I did this for a little bit. You can also buy clan members with Elder Points in the Elder section once you aquire enough. It takes awhile to build up these points or you can buy them with your hard earned American currency or whatever currency you work for. 

V 9

You spend your Rage stats in order to fight. Since it's not that important to me, I never increase it. 

Also, while you are playing and when you are not, people are attacking you. This constantly lowers your health. When your health gets too low, you can go to your Crypt to heal for a price of blood. The cost changes depends on your health level. 

V 8

You can only do this once a day. You regenerate health naturally and you can also buy health using your elder points.

You can also obtain Domains under the Feast section where you can maintain your blood supply. 

V 7

The downside of this, is the each domain has a time limit before you lose blood instead of aquiring it. This pretty much mandates that you stay on the game as frequently as possible so you can reap your reward of blood. This is just not very productive to me either. You need blood to purchase stronger items as you go thru jobs. You don't get very much blood doing the jobs so the Domain is another source of blood. But I forgot to mention how you can obtain Domain. You purchase them with blood. So if you don't have enough blood, you can't hope to get any more from Domains. 

You can also gather Minions in the same Feast section. This is another source of blood for you. It is also the same as Domains in that you have to buy them with blood. Minions do not have a time limit. It's continuous blood.

V 6

Now the part of the game that kept my interest, Missions. Missions are easy to do. You need to have the specific level, weapons and Energy in order to do the job. You also have to master the missions in 3 levels; bronze, silver and gold.

V 3

After you do missions you get different abilities that help you do other missions and in fights. 

V 4

You unlock missions as you advance in levels and completion of missions. This gives me a goal to attempt to achieve. 

This game was my 2nd addictive game after Mafia Wars on the iPhone when I got it. I loved the game. The downsides of the game are as follows:
- Zynga took too long to update the app with new missions. I nearly exhausted all the missions so there wasn't much to do. They update the Facebook versions first. 
- Earning blood after a while became too easy. Economy sucks. 
- The weekly missions don't pay out well. 

Otherwise this game is great. 

You can find it in the iTunes App store for FREE.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Life Experiences

I never know if my advice is ever good, but they do come from my experiences. I'm always hard on people about getting self esteem, not wasting time and game playing. Granted those are 3 of my pet peeves when it comes to people. I have very little patience when it comes to them.

I want women to stop just taking what men are throwing out. Guys will take advantage of you if you let them. They like to have their cake and eat it. I'm saying as women you need to hold your ground and principles. Don't cave in just to make a man like you. You must love yourself and what you stand for first. If a man sees that, he'll take you seriously.

Here are 2 games men play and how to overcome it.

1. He says he loves you and yet you have never been introduced to any of his family and friends. You ask him why and he gives you all the lame excuses like "you are dating me not my friends or family" or "my children's mother doesn't want my girlfriends around her children".

Honey, if he loved you, you would meet everyone he loves. He'd want you intermixed with his circle of love. He'd want you involved in a lot of aspects in his life. He can't afford to hide you. That said, if you get the excuses you are either 2 things to him: a jump off or Miss Right Now. Neither of those are beneficial for you. You are not important to him, so he's just going to give you enough to keep you to stay with him so he can get what he wants, free sex.

What should you do if you are in this situation? The answer is easy, drop him like a bad habit. He's really not worth keeping because you are definitely not worth anything to him. That sounded tough, but it's very honest. I know and have experienced this situation in my own life.

It took him leaving the state for me to realize what was happening. I had feelings which clouded my judgement. But once he left, I felt used and hurt. He didn't even discuss his moving with me. He just told me one day and 2 days later he was gone. I'm embarrassed to say that 2 years of my life was wasted on a guy who apparently didn't give a damn. I was just not important to him.

2. He is always concerned about what other men or women are talking to you about and where you are at all times.

This could mean 3 things; he's very insecure, he's cheating or he's a control freak. Let's go one by one.

He's insecure. That means he feels threatened by all people who talk to you. It makes him feel like less of a man because in his head he's not as good as those who you talk to. Seriously, this type of guy is just a loser and you should not even bother. He's the type who can't make a decision to save his life.If you are a domineering woman, then maybe you can keep him in check. Otherwise it gets old fast.

He's cheating. He needs all the facts so he doesn't get caught. He needs to know if you are on to him, if your friends are on to him. He can also use the guys you talk to as leverage. He'll accuse you of cheating so he can justify his own infidelity. The more he knows the better he can hide his dirt. He's a snake and he's risking your life in the process. You never know what he's bringing to you.

He's a control freak. And these fools turn into abusers. He needs to control who you associate with. If he doesn't approve, he's going tell you to cease contact with them. Why? He wants to be the only influence in your life. That way he can treat you any which way he wants.

I have personally dealt with the insecure man. I've dealt with multiple of them. I don't know why I didn't learn from the first time. You always want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

If a woman is secure in themselves and have strong principles then you stand lessbof a chance to be played. Guy can be very sneaky when they want to. I know there are a lot of great men out there. But most women don't want them. They want the "bad" boy. With the "bad boy comes the game playing. It's part of the territory. Keep your eyes open and make your principles known. With that you will find the guy who will treat you well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skee-Ball Lite

Being a big fan of Skee-ball. I decided to download the game for my iPhone. I paid $0.99 for Freeverse's Skee-Ball. 
SK 1 
It is a basic game. You swipe your finger to have the ball go in the direction you want it to go. 
SK 2 
This game makes me sad. The game is lacking so much that it is sad. When I bought this game it was the only game for skee-ball. 
The game gives tutorials as you play. It doesn 't disappear until the 5th ball out of 9. And that is forceach game. Oh there are settings that "supposedly turns the off." Those setting increases the amount of tutorials instead. 
SK 3 
I am really disappointed in this game. I regret spending the money for it. I'd probably think different if I didn't pay for it. I'd quicker understand bad programming from a free app. Not so much from a paid app. To end this review, this game is not worth your time. 
Can be found in the iTunes App store for $0.99.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am a fan of the game Castle Crashers on the Xbox console. I was wishing for a game on the iPhone that was somewhat the same. Here comes Battleheart by Mika Mobile. 

BH 1
BH 2

It is pretty much almost the same. I don't know what type of game you would call Castle Crashers, but Battleheart is CC mixed with RPG. Since on iPhone it's a single player game.

At the start of the game you get the story of the game, you get to choose what slot you wish to save your game. 

BH 3

You automatically are given a healer when you start. Then you also choose what type of character you want to be when you start with a directive stating you must protect your healer. After that you are taken to the main menu. 

BH 4

I'll start from bottom up.

BH 10

This area you get to see you characters that you hire. You can hire as many as you like. You are only allowed to play with 4 characters at a time. So you have to make sure that you create a good party.

BH 9

The tavern is where you can hire new characters. You can select characters based on job and level. The higher its level, the more you have to pay for the character. 

BH 8

The academy is where each of your characters learn its special moves. You can only select moves based on each character and level. You start off with one special move. You gain the next one every 5 levels, I believe. You have to choose one over the other at the academy. However, you can change your preferences at any time as long as you take the character back to the academy.

BH 7

At the merchant, you can do 3 things: buy gear/items, upgrade gear/items and sell gear/items. The screen is pretty self explanatory. However, you must make sure the character you are adjusting is highlighted. Also, if you gear in your slots it will tell you whether that gear will increase or decrease any of the 4 characters' attributes that are present. 

BH 6

Armory is just the area that you change your gear for your characters. You can only change gear on your active 4 characters. If you want to change all of your characters gear, you will have to select them by going back to the Keep. 

The Final Stage!!! BATTLE!: 
BH 5

This is where you go kill stuff and get bounty. You also get to level your characters. As you beat a battleground, another one opens. So far there are only 12 battlegrounds in the game. Hopefully, they will add newer levels in a future update. 

Game play is a bit awkward. It is easy enough to do. To fight you just select and drag character to the mob. The same goes for healing. You drag the healer towards the character you want to heal. What is really awkward is that if your characters are too close together; it is hard to move or select the character you want. 
BH 11
BH 12
BH 13
BH 14

Overall, the game runs nicely. It hasn't crashed on me. I enjoy the game. It's a game I can put down for a while and pick right back up. I have way too much to do on my iPhone. I am hoping that this game updates with new levels and new characters. It is well designed. I look forward to keeping an eye on Mika Mobile. The game is well worth the price asked. 

Battleheart Can be found in iTunes App Store for $2.99.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 7 & 8

I have barely done P90 these past 2 weeks. It's boring!!!! I do like the Sculpt class. I hate the cardio class. I f'in hate Jumping Jacks!!!!!!!

At the beginning of week 8 I twisted my knee a little in sculpt class doing lunges. My leg slipped on the carpet. I didn't know how much pain a little twist can cause. I didn't scream out because I was trying to be a big girl, lol. I really didn't want JH to worry too much. It hurts walking up stairs or bending my knee to get into the tub, etc.

So I planned to get back into the program this week, but my knee isn't quite ready for all the Jumping Jacks and Run Lunges. I can't wait until spring where I can do lots of walking. :)