Monday, June 18, 2012

Days After Wedding Bliss

I'm finally a Mrs! JH and I finally got married on Sat June 16th. It was a magical moment. I still can't believe I'm married. I'm looking at my left hand in awe. Seriously!

I said I was going to blog when I get back from my honeymoon, but I just can't wait.

The wedding turned out great! It turned out better than expected! The venue did an excellent job. I want to thank Lakeside Weddings in Las Vegas for all their help. My dedicated person, Danielle Steinbeck was great. The flowers provided by Robin Williams (no relation to the actor and she's a girl) of Lakeside Flowers was awesome. I want to kiss her for the absolute best flower display (especially since I don't know a thing about flowers) I ever had. I had tried to match my lavenders throughout the wedding since every place doesn't have the same color pallets. The wedding cake provided by Cake Designs was mouth watering. It was better than the cake tastings. I got my hair done at Lakeside Salon as did my bridesmaids. They did a great job. My makeup was nice, but I rather not do makeup. My nails were awful, but I was able to hide them during picture taking. In all, everything was perfect. Some people who said they were coming did not show. It was their loss. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

I'm currently on my honeymoon in Hawaii. We got a deal from LivingSocial for the current place we are staying, Hawaii Island Retreat. It is a natural, self sustaining, peaceful place. I'm currently, as I'm typing this, sitting on the deck by our room enjoying the quiet and and the weather. This place is not a resorts place. It's like a hidden gem. I would come here again. It's so peaceful. Today is resting day from all the excitement of Saturday and all day traveling yesterday.

I can't believe I'm married. I love JH to pieces and just can't fathom myself without him. He is my perfect other half. We fit perfectly. I hope we will have a love that spans more than one lifetime. I just can't think of anyone else who I'd want to spend my life with.

Here are some pics from my wedding...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Updates to Me Being M.I.A.

I haven't really blogged in a while. I have been crazy busy. But he best way to catch you up is with my updates.

Memorial Day weekend JH and I went to Michigan to visit his Uncle. We met almost everyone in his uncle's family. We took a lot of pics with the family. They seem to accept me. I'm happy. My favorite quote from his little cousin..."your child is going to be so lucky.... he/she will have a permanent tan."

My mother is in town. She's here for doctor appointments and to assist with wedding plans. She's going to be here the longest ever. She came May 14th and she not leaving until July!!! JH and I will be on our honeymoon and come back to a guest in the house. The big plus.... She cooks!!!

As of now, there are 8 days before I'm Mrs JH. I am excited and nervous. I want to be married to JH. We fit so well. However, the time flew by. I hope all goes well. We are now working on marriage technicalities like who will handle what in the marriage. We also have to pack for 3 weeks. Ugh!! I hate packing. I have my dress, yay.

Please don't expect anymore posts for a while. I'll be enjoying my honeymoon and well deserved vacation. Until July.