Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dream - Days Events

It's finally here. The day of the events set by government. It is a day where employers are to take their employees on field trips to build stronger teams. However, this day and age, the employers don't go, and people get to have fun without them; meeting up with friends. I've been looking for this day all year. This year our employers decided to go to an amusement park that is connected to a beach. We also get to stay at a hotel. Yippee, I'm excited.

Luz, Christie and I meet up with my friend Kristin in front of the amusement park. We are waiting for someone else. As we are waiting, we see Dan and Josh skulking around our perimeters. Josh and Christie are an item. They pretend they aren't but we all know better. Dan is looking anxious. Luz is single. She has no interest in finding a man. She says she doesn't have the time or patience. Kristin and myself are married. Kristin has 3 kids of her own. I don't have any.

After about 15 minutes of small talk our friend Keisha shows up. Keisha is much closer to Kristin than me; that's why it's a surprise that she wants to come along with my group. Kristin, Keisha and myself grew up together. So Kristin wishes everyone a bond farewell and heads over to her group of friends. We turn and head out out into the amusent park.

As we head towards the beach, we jump on all the rides that interest us. We finally made to a restaurant at the beach. We sit to regroup before we head out. We noticed Josh and Dan lurking near us.

"Are you guys following us around?" Luz yells to get their attention.

"Nah, I just like staying close to my good friends" Josh responds, with a grin.

It's also a well known fact that Dan has it really bad for Keisha. So whenever she's around he makes all efforts to be around. The boys join us at our table. Dan tries to move in between Keisha and myself, but Keisha doesn't make it easy. He ends up sitting between Luz and Christie. Keisha gives me a look that spoke wonders. It could be interpreted as "are you kidding me? What is he trying to do? He's crazy!" 

After the lunch we decided to head to play at the beach. Keisha stubbed her toes on something in the water. Probably a rock. She stumbles out and Dan runs and lifts her up and takes her the towel. The trip to the towel was filled with Keisha screaming at him to put her down. Once he did, he ran to the life guard station to get a first aid kit. He came back to find Keisha talking with another man. He runs up and intrudes.

"Dude! What's your problem?" the other yells at Dan.

Dan ignores him as he tries to bandage Keisha's foot. Keisha protests.

"I don't need a bandage! Go away!" Keisha screams.

Dan gets up and sulks away. Dan really is a good guy. He's just shy. I run up to him.

"Sup Dan? Why the long face?" I ask.

"Keisha told me to go away. Why doesn't she like me?"

"She does. Not the way you want her to." I respond.

"What can I do to make her see me in a new way? I would take very good care of her if we were together. I just want to be there for her." Dans says despondently.

"Just be yourself and don't crowd her." I answer, giving him a pat on his back. Then I run off because I spotted my husband on the beach.

As evening falls we head to our hotel room. It's a pretty good sized room; 2 beds and the couch folds out into another bed. As we all are getting ready for bed, there's a knock on the door. Luz opens the door since she's the closest. It's Josh and Dan.

"Hey girls! We just stopped by to wish you girls a goodnight." Josh says as he bends down and kisses Christie on the forehead.

"Goodnight!" we girls say in unison. The boys head out.

"Christie & Josh sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!" Luz sings, teasing Christie.

"At least I gotta a man" Christie pops back.

"Oooh" Keisha say giggling.

"Who said I wanted one? I don't need a man fawning all over me like Dan does to Keisha" Luz retorts.

"I know that's right." Christie agrees. "Dan does have it hard for Keisha."

"I'm in the room thank you. But what's up with that?" Keisha responds.  Everyone shrugs. "And what's up with just now? He straight up ignored me."

"You can't have it both ways. If you don't like, let him be. If you do, then get with him. He's a nice guy. Can't expect the man to fawn over you forever. Maybe he decided to move on." I respond.

"I can do better." Keisha responds.

"Your loss. Night chicas." I say as I lay down to sleep. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happenings in the world

While I was quiet on my blog for an experience to discuss later, a lot of shit has happened in the world. Well shit I find annoying and of interest at least.

The Olympics:

I would love to say I'm watching it, but I'm not. I don't care for sports. If I'm around someone who's watching it, I will pay attention to it. I won't seek it out on my own. I do listen to all smattering on the news and Internet. What has really been nagging me is this whole issue on Gabby's hair. Why are you concentrating inher hair. The young girl set records and won Gold for America. Instead of uplifting her, everyone is trying to tear her down over HAIR!! Not everyone concentrates on heir appearance. Looking at the pictures, there was nothing wrong it. It was put back into a bun. Gabby was concentrating on being a fantastic athlete instead of spending exorbatant time in the hair salon. I'm sure all he haters out there who made the comments don't have a thing going for them except for being some man's side piece.

Go America! Go Jamaica!

Geraldo Blames Chicago Murders on Thug Wear

This article has caused some uproar. I agree with him and disagree. No one should be murdered wrongfully. Who is it for another person to end someone's life? You are not God or some other Diety. There should be better control on guns.

Growing up, my mother drilled in me, "your first appearance will be what someone will make an assumption of you on, so make sure you present yourself properly." This is what is missing in today's society. I understand each generation has their own styles, but as the generations come, we've stuck in one awful style; THUG wear. So now when people look at young men today, they automatically think they are a gangbanger. Whether you are or not, you will be automatically associated as such. You could be a honor student and all round good guy, but if you walk outside looking like a thug, you will be thought of as one. Parents need to nip this in he bud. Don't let your child leave your house looking like that. My mother and father made me change everytime I try to sneak outside wearing my generation's style. One time I snuck the clothes out and changed at a friend's house. The result of my defiance, was unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

We need to try to stop our youth from looking like thugs and street vermin. Have our youh look like promising individuals. That is what I believe Geraldo was trying to say. As an employer, I will discriminate on a person coming in for an interview wearing their pants hanging off of their ass. I don't want anyone looking like that representing my company.

You can watch on the subway, people only hold stuff tightly when a thug looking person goes near them. It's not racism that everyone want to throw out there. It is because he looks like a thug. I can go on and on, but I'm getting worked up so I'm going to end this topic here.