Monday, July 18, 2011

FBI Thrillers

Another favorite series of mine is the FBI Thriller Series by Catherine Coulter. These books center around 2 main agents; Savich and Sherlock. There are other agents involved in the series and all of them know S&S in some way or another. I've been reading this series for years. They do come out often, around once a year, so I actually subscribed to the author's newsletter to get a heads up.

My older sister gave me the 1st 2 books in the series to read. I loved them. I then put her on my queue of must read authors. She has 16 titles in the series. She has also start making compilation books for the series. I am collecting those now.
I just picked up her 16th book on pre-order. It comes out tomorrow. Her books are a great read. It's not too overcomplicated. Her characters are so well put together. She did great research on how agents are supposed to do and how to react. She knows the chain of command and how the agency works with other agencies.

I every now and then re-read the series. Each time I discover something I missed previously. I never really can predict who the bad guy is. Sometimes it comes from left field.

What I sort of dislike in the newer books is the introduction of ESP. It may or may not be real, but I don't like it in these stories. If this ability wasn't just sprung on me I'd taken it a bit better. It just came up out of the blue and now it feels like it lessened the value of the main character. Maybe if it was a supplemental character, I wouldn't have mind. I'm still going to read the books because I love the characters.

Coulter knows how to weave a good thriller and put some great romance in. It does not feel a romance novel. It feels natural in the books. It's not forced. Sometimes it's predictable which characters are going to hook up. I don't mind it.

I wonder how long Coulter will continue the series. I know there's going to be a 17th book. She's soliciting names on Twitter. She has so many different series in different genres. I wonder how she keeps up with it all. I hope she doesn't go the route Stephen King did; having ghostwriters with him giving the characters and plots. I would be so disappointed.

Coulter having being successful in multiple genres gives me hope. I have 2 stories in mind that are in 2 different genres. I look forward to more Savich and Sherlock in my future.

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