Friday, May 13, 2011

Dream - King and Myself, The Queen

It's been a year that my husband and I have been married. We live in a typical low income house within the confines of the Castle of King Gerald. We are a happy couple but I do have reservations about my husbands family. They always scolding me on my ettiquette. They are one to talk. They look and live like me.

I was in town with my neighbor, Yvette, when we heard gossip that the King is gravely ill. They say that the Prince will have to start taking a role in parliament immediately. One other man said the Prince is out learning about our ways. As I think about the conversation, I realized to my shame that I have no idea what our King, Queen
or Prince looked like. Another man broke my thought when he said that he believes the Prince had married and there is a Princess. This was interesting. I was discussing this with Yvette, when my husband comes in a hurry on horseback. He tells me that his father is sick and wants me to take care of him. I never liked the old man. I apologized to Yvette and told her I'll come by to talk with her when my husband's father is better.

I hop on the back of my husband's horse and put my arms around my husband's waist. During the ride I was telling him about what I heard at the shops earlier. He just grunted. He doesn't like gossip. As we ride, I notice we are getting closer to the palace. You can see how the houses change as we get closer. I was lost in thoughts of living in a nice house like the ones here that I didn't hear the palace guard allow us in the gates.

My husband taps my hand and said we are here. As I get down, I realize we are in the palace. I was going to ask my husband why we were here when a group of expensive looking people ran to my husband and bowed exclaiming Welcome home your Highness. Then looked at me and then bowed to me and said Your highness. What is going on here!?! Why are they bowing to us? Just as I was about to say something, my husband grabs my hand a runs. We pass a lot of people. As they notice us they bow. This is a trip. We finally made it to a door that was full of gold and jewels. That's when my husband looks at me, near to tears, and said his father is ill and asks if I can help him. I look at him at this vulnerable state and said I will try.

I open the heavy door to see my father-in-law laying in bed with his wife at his side and what seemed like a holy man. Once I entered, the holy man bowed. I approached the bed and took his hand as I looked in his weary eyes. His skin was hot. He looks at me with guilt then asks everyone to leave us in privacy. Once they left he turns his head to me and apologizes. He said he didn't want me to learn about being royalty until a year into our marriage. He wanted his son to learn about his kingdom by being one amongst then. He also wanted his wife to be wise and compassionate. He didn't want her to be after the money and the title. He said he believes he's dying. I accepted his apology.

I proceeded to ask him if he was around anything new. He said he took a trip to a nearby town. He tried a new dish made of a medley of vegetables. He said he started feeling sick afterwards, like an hour or two. I asked him to describe the vegetable. He said they mostlt were green and leafy but one was a bit purple. He said he asked what the purple on was and was told it was eggplant. He said it tasted off a bit so he only had maybe 2 bites of it. At that moment my intuition told me that it wasn't eggplant but its poisonous cousin. I called in my husband and gave him a list if items to buy at once.

I turned to my father-in-law and told him what is going on. I told him that he was poisoned. I don't think he was poisoned purposefully because the 2 vegetables look alike. I know the remedy for the poison because that is what my family does and will treat you. Hopefully we can catch the poison on time before it reaches his brain. He told him that he did great by not consuming any more. He turned to me and thanked me. He goes on to apologizing about being harsh with her for the past year. He said it was more about grooming me and making me throne ready when the time came. It was never the fact that he didn't like me. He thinks I'm a fine young lady.

I stayed by his beside until my husband came back with the ingredients. I excused myself to head to the kitchen to cook up my remedy. Within an hour our so, I bring the remedy to the King. I tell him it's going to taste horrible but it will work if he can get it down. He nods in with understanding. He takes a sip and exclaims how horrid it tastes. He pinches his nose and gulps it down with some gagging. When he finished, he nearly passed out. I told him to rest and I'll see him in the morning. The Queen says she'll get me if anything shall happen. I bowed to her. She hen tells one of the waut staff to escort me and my husband to our room.

My husband tries to talk to me as we head to our room in the castle. I would not listen to him. He pleaded for my attention and I didn't give him any until we were alone in our room. I turned to him and told him I was noy happy that our marriage was based upon a lie. I understood why but it still doesn't make it right. We took a vow to be honest with each other and yet you weren't. He apologized profusely. I consoled him saying it was nearly a year in anyway, I'd probably be told in 4 months anyhow. He picked me up and kissed me. I laughed and told him to put me down. I wanted to get ready for bed. He had our wait staff to order the maids to draw my bath. After a good bath, I see my husband propped up on the bed awaiting my return. He grabs my hand to assist me into the bed. Once in, he kisses my the palm of my hand then on the lips. Then whispers goodnight in my ear. He then blew out the candles.

At some point in middle of the night, there was loud knocking on our door. My husband asks who was it. It was the king's wait staff saying that they urgently need me in the king's quarters. I rush and put on a proper robe and slippers then followed the staff to the King. Once I entered his chambers I see him doubled over the side of his bed where a pail was placed on the floor. He was dry heaving at the moment. I bowed to both the Queen and him before I walked over to inspect what was going on. I look in the pail to see some of the purple poison and my healing concoction. This was a positive sign. I explained that to the both of them. I said I will check back in the morning. I head back to my room when the Queen came running after me. She thanking me for all my efforts and my efforts will be rewarded upon the King's return to good health. I bowed and told her it wasn't a problem and am happy to help. With that she turned and returned to her chamber with the King.

I return to my bed and immediately fell asleep. i was awaken by the morning rooster alerting all that is morning. I get up and get properly dressed and head to the King's chambers to check on him. I knock on his door when the guards recognized me and stepped aside. The chamber maid opened the door. Inside I see the King is sitting up smiling. The color in his cheeks has come back. I bowed before I approached him. I tell him that I want to take his temperature. He laughed and said ok. I put the back of my hand to his forehead. He still had a slight fever. Nothing critical. I told him he was progressing excellently. He grabbed my arm profusely. He said he felt at least 20 times better. i said I'm glad. The Queen turned to me and asked if I had eaten breakfast. I told her I hadn't. She then invited me to eat with her and the King. I bowed and said thank you.

Approximately 5 minutes after I sit down at the table with the King and Queen, my husband shows his face. The Queen scolded him about not looking in on his father and coming late to breakfast. He apologized saying he ran to ou house to pick up a few things for later. He also added that he knew they were in excellent care. We all sat and ate in silence. The King is eating well for a man who was near his deathbed the night before. Then he called everyone to attention. We all put down our utensils to listen. He said he was going to address his people and the court today around noon time and he wishes me and my husband to join him on the platform. I looked at my husband worriedly. He shrugged his shoulders. The Queen said she has made sure a nice dress has been placed in my room and a couple of chamber maids to assist me in dressing and putting on my makeup. I nod in acknowledgement. Just we were about done, a man the looks like he was great importance barged into the room screaming that what he said couldn't wait to the guards. The King said it was okay tolet him in. The man was his Seargant in Arms, his highest ranking official after the Prince. He claims that the chef admitted that he never seen the vegetables the were used to prepare his meal. They were placed on the table where his daily vegetables normally went. The King of that country is direly ill too and couple of guess are too. The King gave him my remedy to give them for cure. The man bowed and left.

After breakfast, I found a gorgeous dress along with a tiara in my chambers. This is getting surreal now. I can't wear it. The chambermaid said all princess must look the part. I felt ashamed. I never wanted this, I just wanted to live a happy comfortable life with my husband. I am bathed and dressed. They put some perfume on me and some make up. I didn't look anything like myself when I looked in the mirror. I looked like a Princess. I can't believe the transformation. My husband walks in with the attire of a Prince. He tells me I look absolutely gorgeous before he hugs me tightly. He whispers he loves me in my ears. I smile. He then takes my hand and said the King is waiting for us by the platform. He looked at me and told me I looked gorgeous. He walks up on stage. The court clapped and he quieted them down. He discussed his illness and how he overcame it. He discussed his son and his policy of sending his son to live amongst his people. He then mentioned that his son has taken a bride that is worthy. He then introduced us to the crowd as Prince and Princess. That was our queue to come on stage. I heard some gasps from people who probably new us. Then the whole audience bowed. I looked at my husband who stood proud. The King and Queen looked just as proud. This was the day that my life as a commoner ceased and I was now royalty.