Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Know When I'm Licked

I don't know why I put myself out there. I start hanging with the guy I previously discussed. I think I may have started to like him more than I should. He's still married and he has a child. I understand his circumstances. I am a bit too understanding. This is the sitch.

Friday, I invited him to spend the weekend with me if he wasn't busy. He said it was cool & he didn't have any other plans. Saturday arrives, haven't heard from him until I called him around 2 pm. He said he was going to call me. He had his daughter but he was going to come later in the evening. Later in the evening came & left with no word from him. I cooked dinner for him. I do not cook for people too often. I understand that his daughter is his priority, but he could have called and said that he couldn't make it.

Now, today is Sunday, haven't heard from him at all. No phone calls. Nothing. I ended up doing consulting work today. And I was able to catch up on some personal projects yesterday. Well at least things were accomplished this weekend.

I just don't know why I let people disappoint me. Maybe I really need to give people the same that they give me. Maybe he was trying to show me something. I may also be reading too much into this. I just get bothered when people are thoughtless of others.