Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogher - NaBloPo: I'm Done

This project was really tough. I thought it would make me develop a writing habit. This would help me get my stories done. Instead I found myself struggling. I couldn't think up topics after a while. Maybe I should have found a consistent theme. Instead, I went everywhere. I have touched technology, books, movies, my job and more. I went on some tangents I don't think I'd do again.

I liked doing the book & technology posts. I don't like doing in depth reviews. I'm more of reviewing by my experience. We all read posts and articles on how things are created and done. I am more interested in giving feel of doing the thing; more likely my thoughts on it.

As my life took place, I tried to do the posts on my train ride home. If I couldn't complete it, I finished it before I fell asleep. I think that's when my writing suffered a bit. It's really hard to post when you have so many things happening in life. The train trip is usually my only down time.

Doing this monthly challenge did not give me opportunity to commit to my other blogs. Now I can get back to the swing of things. Please do not expect a post any time soon.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life with JH: Immigration Alley

Today I took JH to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. He's been wanting to get there for a year. He moved to NY near the end of last summer. We just never really got up the gumption to go during the fall or spring. He certainly wasn't going to get me out there in the winter.

So we headed out from home around 11 am. Took about 40 mins to get to Battery Park. Mind you today is a scorcher. We get there, it's a 1.5 hour wait to buy tickets in the sun. Then we had to stay in line to board the ferry for another 1.5 to 2 hours.

First stop Statue of Liberty. The one and only other time I've been there was on a school trip in my early elementary years. It was pretty cool. We took pictures and ate there. Then we waited in line for the next stop.

Next stop, Ellis Island. We head get off boat. My toe at this point is bothering me. First thing I do when we enter the immigration museum was ask for a bandaid for my toe. I actually had to leave my name just for a bandaid. Can't take any chances I guess. There is a service where you can look up your ancestors. Mine never came thru here so it was not worth it. We spent less time on this island. We were just plain tired. We had to wait in line again to get back to the main island of Manhattan.

Once we returned, we made a mad dash for the subway. We both wanted to get home. We had a nice day. Would I make this trip again? I don't think so.
I had fun with JH, but the lines are terrible.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Since my brother and myself became owners to our childhood home, I have made some renovations to it, including fixing structural stuff.

Currently I'm getting new furniture for the living room. This my mother has taken great offense to. She left my living room with the following:
- this huge entertainment center that was broken and an eye sore in the color of brown.
- 2 piece light pink leather couch
- 2 iron tables (black and white) used as side tables
- a large green, pink and beige rug
- 1 brown wooden table
Can you tell it was makeshift and had no real scheme of a decor?

First thing I did was get rid of the middle piece of the entertainment center. The 2 sides we still use. I replaced the middle with a TV stand that suited me well. She had a tissy. She complained how much it cost her. If she loved the piece, she should've taken it with her to Florida.

What I have done now was get rid of the couches, the rug and the tables. I have bought a new 2 piece couch set that comes with 2 side tables,1 coffee table, 2 lamps and some accessories. My mother comes in November. We'll see her reaction. But again, if she wanted it, she should have taken it.

I am trying to replace the rug now. I found one that was the greatest. It ties the whole room together. Problem is that they didn't have it in the size I originally wanted. Now that me and JH talked some more about it and we decided that the size the shop had would be good. So let's hope the store still has it this weekend.

I am making the house fit my style and image that will come with me when this house is sold. I shouldn't have to live with pieces I don't like and isn't me. I obviously do not have the same sense of style as my mom. However, this house looks like she didn't care what matched or not. Her house in Florida looks great. All rooms have a cohesive decor.

I guess she feels sentimental over the stuff she bought, but she gave it up when she moved. She can't expect myself or my brother to want it. It's a part of life. You get something you lose something. You just have to make peace with it

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pants Sagging

This trend that has gotten very old and disgusting of wearing pants sagging. The waist of the pants are below or just at the lower half of the bottom. This gives everyone around a view of your briefs or boxers. This trend is mostly a male one, but I've seen women doing the same.

There are a few theories on how this trend started. However, they all started in prisons.
One theory is that belts were removed from clothing because of its use as a weapon; self inflicting or not. So prisoners pants were always sagging.

Another theory, was prisoners who chose larger size prison gear so the sag signaled that the prisoner was open to male on male sex.

Somehow or somewhere, some show or someone of influence was glorifying the look. Then it became a thing to do. They even have a name for it; "Swag."

This is a disgusting trend. I am not a crack addict but I am constantly seeing it. Our young and even grown men are doing this. I as a person will not hire anyone who wear their clothes like that. I won't even date a man wearing his pants like that. I won't acknowledge anyone either. Call it being mean or being a snob; I don't care. I want this trend gone.

Couple of weeks ago, I read a post on The Consumerist talking about US Airways pilots taking a stand. Basically, pick up your pants or get off the plane. Why couldn't all pilots do this?

Hampton, GA passed a bill/law fining people for the look. Wish all states would adopt this bill/law. It's a great step in erasing this trend.

Why are people allowing this to continue? Why don't parents put a stop to it with their children. Why hire then? I don't want anyone like that representing me or my company. Why don't express our disapprovals regularly? No family member of mine was ever allowed to follow the trend. I understand people want to be cool and fit in, but this isn't a way.

I think gov't right now can get this trend gone. If men were being fined heavily on a daily basis, it will be gone. Cities will be making a killing in revenue and our federal deficit will be cut in half.

Imagine what a wonderful world ours would be if we no longer had to see crack.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rant & Rave: What Women Should Know

I am a firm believer that all people should learn everything that effects them on a personal level. What I am experiencing in the field is that a lot of young women these days have no clue about their finances.

A lot of these young women are not taught by their parents how to manage their personal wealth. They have accountants who does all that. If their accountant is ripping them off, they would have no clue. I understand people don't like doing taxes and all that financial stuff. You should at least learn it so you can make sure you are not taken for a ride. Take a class, learn from a friend in the field, or read discussions on websites. The object is to learn.

Also if these young women get married, they have no idea what' happening with their money because the husband handles all the finances. Know your stuff. If you get divorced you will end up losing out on a lot because you were in the dark. It is so sad when I hear that a woman was left destitute because her husband, boyfriend or accountant took full advantage of their ignorance.

We should teach our children about finance as they grow. This way they are educated. This way they won't be taken advantage of in life. They will also know the value of a dollar. They will learn not to purchase more than they can afford. Oh the horror stories I've heard on women bouncing checks and nearly homeless because of ignorance. This really hurts my heart.

We need to stop the ignorance. If parents won't teach it, maybe the schools should. It is very important to learn. This ends my rant.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Smartphones... Are They Worth It?

Note: All dates and time lines are approximations.

I remember when cell phones were nonexistent. All we had were landlines. If you needed to get in touch with someone, you actually had to leave a message and wait for a phone call back. If they didn't have a message machine, you'd have to call constantly.

We developed cell phones. Not many people got them when they first came out to market. Only the people with dire need had them; doctors is one example. Then it finally picked up by the mass. The phones were huge at first. They eventually went smaller.

In the early 80s, 2 companies decided to create a new type of cell phone. A company named Palm came out with a digital personal management system called Palm Pilots. They eventually produced the phone integration into the hardware. And Microsoft created a mobile operating system called Windows Mobile. These phones are 2 distinct phones but with the same goal; personal management.

As phones were getting smaller, becoming flip tops and had some color graphics, MS and Palm phones stayed a bit big. This device you could store your address book, calendar and many different applications to make your life a bit easier. These 2 companies started the smartphone growth. Then came the Blackberry by a company called Research In Motion. RIM made their debut as a smartphone for the enterprise. They only provided for companies and their employees. The phone was able to sync with companies exchange server. They really brought email to the forefront of smartphones. Eventually RIM just catered to the masses. MS and Palm stepped up their game too.
In the marketplace you had people claiming allegiance to different smartphones. Some people were die hard Palm people and, even to this day, there die hard BB people. BB had the controlling share of smartphones. Whereas, MS were the lowest of all 3.

Jump ahead to the mid 2000s, a little company with support from T-Mobile launched a phone called the G1. It ran an OS called Android 1. The phone did moderately well. Not enough to make much of an impact. A year or so later, Apple decided to join the ranks. They came out with the iPhone with exclusivity to AT&T. The phone made all the other smartphone companies take notice. It sold extremely well. It surpassed MS phones, came around even with Palm but could not touch RIM.

Every company went back to the drawing boards to come out with something new, more innovative and much more functional. More versions of all the phones come out. When Apple hit the market with the iPhone 3, they blew everyone out of the market except for RIM. Shortly before that launch, Google acquired he little company that produced Android. They released a phone to developers and people who can afford an unsubsidized phone called the Nexus. You would have to purchase it directly from Google. The phone was well received.

Right after the iPhone 3 launch, Verizon launched the Droid. All the commercials called it an iPhone killer. This Droid had a better developed Android OS. Let the smartphone war begin!!!! This is where all the companies are fighting for marketshare. What happened to the regular cell phones? They are still around. There's still a need for them.

Now a lot of manufacturers are putting out affordable Android devices. Apple came out with 2 new versions; iPhone 3GS then the 4. RIM puts out different but the same devices. MS was late in the game for putting out a new or updated platform until a bit too late in the war. Palm was acquires by HP and now they are trying to bring in a new phone and updated OS. So far the marketshare is as follows (by OS):
#1 Android
#2 iOS
#3 BB
#4 Windows
#5 webOS

Personally, I moved from A Windows Mobile Phone to an iPhone 3GS. I am very happy with my choice. It is practically attached to me. I do so much with it, like writing and then posting this post online. I have not tried an Android phone yet, but I will soon. I am interested in how different the 2 systems compare.

As technology advances, I expect to see much more phones that will make life so much easier. That in itself is another post. Let the battle continue.....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inter-Racial Couples, Is It Really a Problem?

I never believed that in this day and age Inter-Racial relationships are that big of an issue. I believe in certain areas it may like in Urban neighborhoods in large cities or the deep south. Overall most places don't really give a damn.

I've been in a few of these types of relationships. I've never really been harassed because of it. However, in Urban areas I noticed certain inter-racial coupling is ok. Why is it okay for a Black and Latin person to be together over Black and White?

One theory is that Latin can relate to Blacks in history. Really? Why do we always look to the past to make our future okay? I know there are many wrongs done in our past. No one's past is without strife. Some are worse than others. Guess what?!? It's in the past. Let's stop looking in the past. Let's concentrate on now and the future.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I were rug shopping. We get out if my car heading to a home decor store. Upon walking, a white van drove past us and immediately stopped and ask my boyfriend if I was his woman. My boyfriend who doesn't understand a lot of West Indian accents didn't say anything because he didn't understand him. I did. Then he asks me if I'm with the White man. I just ignored him. He then threw his hands up screaming "Come on." I found it a lot more hilarious when my boyfriend said he thought he was a bootleg Mr Softy. He said there was no way in hell he was going to buy any ice cream from the back of a van. My boyfriend is hilarious!!!

That was our first verbal disapproval. I've noticed evil stares on the subway closer to home. I do live in a predominantly West Indian neighborhood in NYC. My boyfriend is pretty oblivious to the stares. He is content. So am I, but I have this thing about observing my environment. Maybe it's because I'm a woman and must be in order to be safe.

As this world moves, there will be more and more inter-racial families. His family accepts me and my family accepts my boyfriend. That's all that matters. Everyone else is of no consequence to me and my man. Waiting for everyone to accept this new ideology will take some time. I rather be happy than miserable.

If you are attracted to someone outside your race, date them. You live for yourself not for anyone else. Just be with the person who's going to treat you with respect and will love you for you. Love has always been blind. It is prejudiced people who color it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Bonanza

So far this weekend we've made it to 2 movies; Captain America and Transformers: Darkside of The Moon. Both are great movies. I am a great fan of action and Marvel movies.

Friday night we saw Captain. It was a good. Better the previous attempts. Captain is not my favorite Marvel character. He's a bit too good. He doesn't have spunk. However, I did want to see the movie because it ties into the Avengers' movie coming in May 2012. It was done very well. Plus I like Chris Evans. He reminds me of my boyfriend. I wonder how they were going to make the tie in to the Avengers. I won't make a spoiler here. But they did it very well. Thank you writers. I also have to thank my brother for getting me into Marvel in the 1st place.

Once again because if my brother, I grew up watching the Transformers cartoon series. I watch the original series until Beastwars. I stopped when the Japanese made their version. Bah. I was in excited when I heard they were making a movie. Now Darkside is the 3rd and final movie. I'm bummed about that. I so want Bumblebee and Ironhide. The movies are great. This last movie Was 2 hours and 40 minutes long. You didn't feel it when you are watching it. You must see this movie. It is great. I so can't wait to get it on DVD. This was how I spent my evening. Watching prime kick some ass.

This 1st half of the summer has put out some great movies. Sadly the 2nd half does not hold any promises. Maybe the Fall or Winter will provide some.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vampire Chronicles

From my early college years, I was obsessed with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I have read every single one of her vampire books. They ranged from great to not so great.

I loved the character Lestat. I loved that most of the stories were centered in New Orleans. New Orleans has a rich history and great mystique to it. I felt like I know New Orleans just by reading her books.

Lestat as a character was brilliant. He had the most attractive personality even though he was a jerk. He was quite a lovable jerk. I also liked a lot of he other characters in the books. I'm especially happy that Rice did write novels on the history of some of them.

The 1st 4 books were hard to put down. The 5th book was hard to swallow. I understood that was done around the time Rice found herself back into the Catholic faith. This book was saturated with it. Lestat meets the devil and then meets Jesus? Come on now. I have no issue with religion. Just hate when people push it down your throat. This book felt that way. It took me a month or so to read it. I suffered through it so I can move to the next in the series.

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I was seriously doubting the next books. I was scared of the bible thumping. The next 4 books, Armand, Pandora, Vittorio and Merrick, were free from it. The final 3 reaked of it. I understand that after these books were done, Rice turned writing books on Jesus.

I was highly disappointed on how the series ended. I know Rice started feeling the pull between writing the series and her religion.
The stories went down hill. Lestat lost his spunk; all that made him interesting. The end came with such sadness and regret. I should not have read them all.
This is where I'm ending this. My disappointment has come back and I'm really having trouble writing more on these books.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What To Do With a Subtle Stalker?

It all started 11 years ago.

First a little history of my neighborhood. I live in a predominantly West Indian neighborhood in NYC. Since the MTA is very slow when it comes to buses, taxi's and normal people decided to fill a service by taking riders along the avenue for a minimal price. You usually in the car with multiple other people. The are called gypsy cabs and the MTA hates them.

Okay, let's begin the sordid tale. 11 years ago this one gypsy driver, let's call him Brown Eyes, picked me up a lot. So did others. If you take a lot of gypsy cabs you tend to know each other by face and car. Well, Brown Eyes would pick me up. He has a strong Haitian accent and he's cute. However, I would never be interested in cab driver, especially one that's too close to my home. He would try to talk to me. The 1st couple of times I was polite and responded to him. That was my downfall.

It's not like I was trying to get to know him. I said hello or tell him where to stop 99% of the time. One day my friend called my name on the street and he was around, so he knows my name. Then one time he took things way to far and uninviting. He asked me out on a date. I told him no and gave him a stank look. So this us when he started to change up because I avoided his car like the plague.

So he started changing up his car so I won't recognize him immediately. He got me couple if times because of that. Then one time he tried to get my attention by pretending to hit me with his car. That didn't end well for him. I cursed him out, also saying that if he even had touched one hair of me, I'd make sure INS deports his ass back to Haiti. I think that finally shook him off. I didn't see him around for years.

I got comfortable with him being gone, so one morning I didn't pay attention and jumped into a cab. I was looking in my pocketbook for cab fare when I hear his voice say, "so what's up between me and you?" Shit, Damn, F--k!! I got into his cab. I gave him the best death look I can give and told him there's nothing and to go harrass his wife. He insisted in saying he doesn't have one. And I told him to tell it to someone who gives a damn. I immediately got out of his car at the subway. So I once again started to pay attention to cars again.

So it's back to checking cars and ignoring him as he screams out my name. Just like he does, he disappeared for years again.

He recently came back when my guard is down again, with a new color car. I of course got into it again. He then said he'll give me free rides so we can get to know each other. I forcefully put his fare into his hand and told him I was married. He says he don't buy it and what wrong with being good friends? Ugh!!! He now parks his car at the end of the block every morning. Why me?

It's not like I can call the police. He has not threatened me with harm. Just trying to talk to me and I'm not having it. What should I do? What's the best recourse?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Profile #3 - The Doctor

He's not really a doctor but the man who hired me. He is the co-founder of my company and the coolest person. He does have a lot of quirks that sometimes irritate you, but it is overcome by his wonderful personality.

He is a big gadget freak. He's so into technology, he even betas stuff that's not even on the market. He always gets the newest and latest gadgets. He's owned every iPhone starting with the iPhone 3. He's own owned every iPad too. For computers, he's owned all systems. He currently just purchased the latest MacAir and uses a 27" iMac. For a businessman he doesn't bother with PCs at all. However, when I started, he used a Sony Vaio.

One quirk he has is AADD: adult attention deficit disorder. Don't know if that's a true one, but we made it up for him. If you don't say what you need in the 1st sentence out of your mouth, you lost his attention. If he's not holding a meeting that he's in, he won't not retain anything. You have to email him a summary.

Another quirk is his speech. He stammers when he's irritated and reverts to a childlike diction. For example: Question: Why did he do that? Doctor would ask this way: Why he do that for?

Other than these quirks, he is fun to work under and with. Not like the idiot. If Doctor started another company, I would work for him again. That's how great he is. For a while I had him trained to buy me orange sodas every day. He never took any money from me, it was his treat.

He pushes hard but it doesn't feel like it. As he pushes, he also takes care of you. He makes sure your comfortable. He'll get you food if you are hungry. Couple of us have been stuck at work with him to midnight everyday for a week to handle a system conversion. Even though all of were stressed out, he appreciated us and our efforts. We had food and car services home. Not on the company's dime either. That is his character. He warm hearted. If we have to let people go, he feels for them. He doesn't like it. He gets a bit sad and depressed. He's a good guy.

If you ever meet this man, you will never want to work with anyone else again. He's that great.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twilight Series

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers consists of 4 books. They are actually a Young Adult books. I didn't find it in that section when I bought the 1st book at Borders. The rest I bought at Barnes & Noble. The book was sitting right next to Dead After Dark by Charlaine Harris, a very adult book. Goes to show, stores are catering adult books to kids. I bought the book on just a plain old whim. There wasn't a synopsis of the story on the back cover nor inside either covers. I had no idea what it was about when I took it to the cash register.

On my ride home from work, I decided to crack the book open. I really liked the book and was very happy about the purchase. It took me a week to read the 1st book. I gave it to my employee to try too.

I bought the next 2 books together. It took me 2 weeks to finish both. At this point I am eagerly waiting for Meyers to finish writing and publishing what is to be the final book. She has taken longer to write than a few of my favorite authors.

For a YA book, Meyers seems to capture a moody teenager well. My feelings about that is she really acts like one. After the 4th book, she was supposed to create a 5th book that was he 1st book but written in Edward's point of view. I think it was supposed to be Midnight Sun. Well with her popularity and everyone dying for more, her manuscript was leaked on the web. So she decides to not publish it. Do you know how many author manuscripts have been leaked? It just generates more buzz. Even those who got the leak will pay for a published book. I think she was being a punk. If it happened to me, I would be upset but I wouldn't deny the rest of my fans the chance to read it.

After this incident, she started a new book called The Host. It wasn't received as well as the Twilight series. She then revisited the Twilight series with a novella based on a lesser character from the series. I don't know if Meyers shot herself in the foot or not, but I'm not excited to read any further books from her.

Monday, July 18, 2011

FBI Thrillers

Another favorite series of mine is the FBI Thriller Series by Catherine Coulter. These books center around 2 main agents; Savich and Sherlock. There are other agents involved in the series and all of them know S&S in some way or another. I've been reading this series for years. They do come out often, around once a year, so I actually subscribed to the author's newsletter to get a heads up.

My older sister gave me the 1st 2 books in the series to read. I loved them. I then put her on my queue of must read authors. She has 16 titles in the series. She has also start making compilation books for the series. I am collecting those now.
I just picked up her 16th book on pre-order. It comes out tomorrow. Her books are a great read. It's not too overcomplicated. Her characters are so well put together. She did great research on how agents are supposed to do and how to react. She knows the chain of command and how the agency works with other agencies.

I every now and then re-read the series. Each time I discover something I missed previously. I never really can predict who the bad guy is. Sometimes it comes from left field.

What I sort of dislike in the newer books is the introduction of ESP. It may or may not be real, but I don't like it in these stories. If this ability wasn't just sprung on me I'd taken it a bit better. It just came up out of the blue and now it feels like it lessened the value of the main character. Maybe if it was a supplemental character, I wouldn't have mind. I'm still going to read the books because I love the characters.

Coulter knows how to weave a good thriller and put some great romance in. It does not feel a romance novel. It feels natural in the books. It's not forced. Sometimes it's predictable which characters are going to hook up. I don't mind it.

I wonder how long Coulter will continue the series. I know there's going to be a 17th book. She's soliciting names on Twitter. She has so many different series in different genres. I wonder how she keeps up with it all. I hope she doesn't go the route Stephen King did; having ghostwriters with him giving the characters and plots. I would be so disappointed.

Coulter having being successful in multiple genres gives me hope. I have 2 stories in mind that are in 2 different genres. I look forward to more Savich and Sherlock in my future.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Complete And Final End of Potter

I am an avid Potter fan. Had most of the books in hard cover. Now I have them digitally. The books were great. I made a post here discussing the end of the book series. This post now will discuss the end of the movie series.

The movie series were extremely well made. Most book to movie transitions lack the fine details from the book and/or the storyline is somewhat changed. Warner Bros did a great job staying true to the book. I understand they have to take a lot out of the book to make the movie. If they kept all in, movie would probably by 6 hours long. For what they have done in max 2.5 hrs is fantastic. I'm gushing, I know.

The last movie based on the final book was split into 2 movies. It was merely for financial reasons than people staying in the theater for 4 or more hours. I'm sure all die hard Potter fans would sit thru it if it were. I'm not die hard, but I would. The movies never has a lull. It's constantly entertaining. I digress again.

The 1st part took more of Harry looking to find more Horcruxes while Voldemort was searching for the Elder wand. At end, Voldemort found the wand.

The final movie picks up directly from the end of part 1. Harry & friends has 4 more Horcruxes to find: Harry himself, the tiara, the cup and the snake. All the while his friends at Hogwarts are rebelling against Snape and Voldemort's rule. Both teams coincide when Harry knows that a Horcrux is at Hogwarts. This is when shit hits the fan. If Harry didn't have V to deal with, he had Malfoy with his goons to deal with ; on top of issues finding the Horcrux. In midst of fighting, Harry dies voluntarily, since he is a Horcrux himself. Of course he comes back to life and ends up killing V. The movie ends 19 years later when Harry and friends bring their children to the station for passage to Hogwarts.

After the movie ended, I didn't feel empty or disappointed. I felt a bit of withdrawal after the final book. The final movie wasn't as memorable as the book. Or is it, the magic has left me? I may have outgrown it. I don't know. I do think JK Rowling should come up with little novellas based on the realm and people in all 8 books. I wouldn't want it to become a movie though. I do buy the DVDs for the movies. It's a series I'd watch again and would want my child to watch. It does have a 2 great lessons that stands out.
1. How to overcome adversity with honesty and courage when the stacks are set against you.
2. It may be hard to do the right thing but if go thru the struggle you will come out at the top in the end.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Southern Vampire Series

Every now and then I come upon a series of books that I'm totally addicted and dedicated to. One such series is the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. It is known as the Sookie Stackhouse series. Currently there are 11 books in total. They say that this series put Harris on the map. She has been writing for years. She has other series under her belt. I have not read them yet.

The Sookie books have also become a very popular series on HBO. I watch it too, but I'm sticking to the book series in this post. One thing I must say about the 2 is they are nothing alike.

All the books in an interesting way, have Dead in the title. Here's the list of books in order, left column first.


I own digital and print copies of the books. There are books in the series in which I read more than once because they are so good.

Let me tell you how I found the series. I was in Borders one day because I was going thru withdrawal. I needed a book to read. I picked up Dead after Dark by Harris and Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. I started Twilight first and got addicted to the series. Harris' book was sitting lonely by itself on my bookshelf. After 2 years, I finally picked it up. I finished waiting for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn to come out. I read other books friends gave me during my time waiting. After Breaking Dawn, I saw Harris' book sitting on my shelf. I picked it up the evening. I was hooked.

When I said I was hooked, I mean I was a crack fiend. I finished the book in the wee hours of the morning. Mind you I had to go to work. I finished book in 1 sitting. I wanted more!!! At lunch time the next day, or should I say same day since I didn't go to sleep until like 3 am, I went to Borders and bought the next 2 books.

That night I finished the 2nd book and started the 3rd book. I'm seriously lacking sleep and I have work again. This all started on a Tuesday. At lunch, I bought the next 5 books. I tell you I was a fiend. By Friday, I had finished all 8 books. I finished 8 books in 4 days. That is ridiculous. Never have I been so sleep deprived and happy at the same time.

Once I was done, I went thru some serious withdrawal. I could barely wait until the 9th book was released. So I ended up re-reading couple books again. I surely read the 4th book at least 3 times. I was so totally head over heels for a fictional character. I so love Eric Northam.

In between the other books releases I have taken to watch the show. Her latest book, #11, has recently came out. Finished book in 3 days. I am not sure if it was the last of the series. It didn't feel like a closure. I sure don't want to see it end.

I love the series. I'm sure Harris feels as if she has exhausted all avenues with series. I hope people will take to my books like I took to Harris'.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Google+ - I'm Invited

So we've all heard of Google+. It's supposed to be the "Facebook" killer. It's just another social media site. But this new site ties to your Google account. Currently, Google+ is in the beta phase, just like the email back in the day. You must be invited in order to access it.

A friend of mine was offering invites on Facebook. So I volunteered for one so I can test this baby out. To my surprise, with the invitation, I was not able join. So I gave up on being a tester. It's such an exclusive club for which I'm not invited.

Two weeks later, I noticed my boyfriend got in. What was so special about him that he could join and I was left out? Two days later he invited me. This time I was able to join. Yay me!!

This is my very 1st reaction after sign on: "This looks like a cleaner version of Facebook!" The home screen is the same except for the content. There are couple of differences in managing your friends list. Plus uses this thing called "Circles." I believe they do this so you can post different updates for each different circle. I'm a believer in, if you going to say something, then everyone who's on your friends list can see it. That amounts to lying by omission. If you are too ashamed that certain people can see some inappropriate post, then don't post it.

I have not figured out privacy settings as of yet. Don't want my profile to be viewable to the public. I don't want to be very searchable. There's more to explore.

What I don't like so far is that you can put people in circles without confirmation of invitation acceptance. So really don't get a true confirmation of who's on Plus and who isn't. I could be misunderstanding the section.

As I post this, there isn't an app for iPhone, but there is one for Android. Many sites so far do not have the +1; equivalent to Facebook's likes and shares on sites. Group App programs like Hootsuite do not have Plus account links. So posting on the site is a bit tedious. I await when Plus is fully integrated. When it does, Plus will probably be a mirror to my Facebook page.

I can see how Plus can be a FB killer. People have more email accounts with Google than there are FB pages. What Plus lacks is support from the web and developers. If and when they do get them all, FB will be in trouble. Having to log into one site alone that connects all of your stuff will always prove better than logging into multiple sites.

As for now, I don't think I will be leaving FB at all. Don't know what future may bring, but I'm content with both. I may post more on Plus when I play with it more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rants & Rave - Medieval Times

Every now and then I have something to rant about. This time is about all the left or right wing, bible thumping idiots who believe gov't should have control over women's bodies. We are heading back in time instead moving forward in time.

Women fought hard for their independence. Why should we let all that hardship go to waste? Men do not and should not have any control to what we as women do with our bodies.

As you can tell, I probably lean towards the political term of "pro-choice." I hate politics so I say I am myself and have my own convictions and beliefs. I am not siding with any group. I don't have a political party on my voters registration card. I vote when needed based upon what the candidate believes they can do to benefit the fellow people.

How dare gov't, bible thinkers and the rest think that gov't should have control over women's reproductive rights? If a woman wants an abortion, that's her right. I'm not saying abortion is best use for contraception. No it's not. It's a last step to a very sordid event. It should be available to specific issues.

If a woman is raped and she gets pregnant from it, why should she carry it full term? It's like being raped everyday for 9 months. She should have right to end the pregnancy if she wants. If teenagers are abusing this it is not because it's available. It is because the parents are not teaching their kids about sex nor are they being loving and understanding to their kids. Most kids learn about sex from watching TV and movies. Then when something happens to the child, the parents disown and kick their children out of the house. So you have this fear factor that makes them abuse an alternative.

If a woman finds outs that her fetus is severely deformed and it will take a lot of money she does not have to raise this child, why should she keep it. If she bring it to term and she has no means to give the child adequate healthcare and the child dies. She's going to be sent to prison for neglect. How is that right? America can't provide insurance for all of it's citizens, but want to put you on the streets because you can't pay the huge nearly criminal medical fees.

If the woman's fetus is going to die or has died in her womb she should not have to carry around a dead fetus.

As you see I call it a fetus, not a child. It is not a child until the last trimester of pregnancy. All abortions take place in the 1st trimester when the fetus is not fully formed. It is just a mass of cells and the "soul" is not even there yet.

As we start taking away women's rights one by one, we soon again be unheard and ignored. Treated as if we do not matter in affairs of business and only concern ourselves with staying home, cooking and cleaning.

If politics continue this way, I will leave this country. Everything this country stood for is dead anyway. All the freedoms granted or one by one being stripped away. Country is starting to be owned by large corporations. I for one will not stand around and be patriotic when I see these injustices happening.

Until next time when I have another issue that makes me rant and rave.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Man of My Future

I never thought that I would find a great guy in this late at life. I'm not old but I'm past my prime (bka the 20s). So my friend, JH, has turned into my boyfriend. He now lives with me. It is funny how things turn out. I could not picture us together. He is such a nice guy. I just never thought of him in any other way.

I was looking for a best friend. He was satisfying that need for me. We went on vacation together and somehow cupid changed things. My father and I picked him up at the airport. I saw him sitting there waiting for me. I still saw nothing more than friendship.

That first night, nothing much really changed. The next day we went to the Vegas strip and we walked around. He was first to hold on to me. He did it so sweetly. That night he stayed in my bed. What started off innocent ended up a bit naughty. He stayed in my bed the rest of the time in vegas, unbeknownst to my dad.

In New Mexico, we shared his bedroom. It was nice. I enjoyed my time there. Our closeness was apparent by then. I still didn't know where all this was leading. When I had to leave, I didn't want to leave him behind. I have never really felt like that so quickly. He felt the same too.

The biggest thing that I love is that he's affectionate. I am a big lover of that. We get along great. He's not bossy or controling. He does what he needs to do. He's quite frankly a man. He may be a bit down and out right now but he is not lazy.

I don't know how this happened; him living with me. It's totally out of my character. I had to tell my parents and friends. This was an utter shock to some and some were happy for me. My parents took it pretty well. I was shocked that my mother took the news very well compared to what I imagined. She's not 100% on board but she is respecting my decision.

Since he's moved in, I've felt a bit satisfied in a lot of areas. I actually find myself eager to get home after work. I get lots of love when I walk thru the door. I get a different type of companionship than that with my brother. He actually satisfies me sexually. I guess the emotion mixed with it makes it so much better. It's like I can't get enough him.

I found a great guy. He's intelligent. He is educated. He comes from a full home. His parents are still together. He knows how to take care of a house and be with a woman. He's very well rounded.

The plan is to eventually marry. Not looking to do that so soon. Maybe after he proposes. But we have agreed that if by any chance I get pregnant before then, we will be married before the child is born. I do not plan on raising a child by myself. He feels the same. Hopefully in the future, he will fulfill both of our dreams together. I'm looking forward to that.

The funny thing about all of this? I never thought about getting married. Never really cared one way or another about it. JH comes into my life and I'm thinking about it. So much unlike myself. If you knew me a year earlier, you would never picture this for me. I am happy though.

His parents are great. I communicate with his mother on Facebook or email. I like her. She told me when she saw us in the airport walking towards them, that he was glowing and he hasn't glowed like that in a really long time. When he told them that he was going to move in with me, they said they pretty much knew he would.

My dad said that we got along like an old couple. People around Vegas thought we were married. My dad was happy that I found a guy that makes me happy. He also loves him too. However, he'd kill JH if he did something to me. So there you have it, his love is conditional. Every now and then my dad calls and asks how are my 2 sons. That makes me smile.

I'm glad those around me are embracing JH. My brother took to him too. Well he always takes to all of my friends. However, they both became workout partners. I hope JH feels like he's included in my life. He tries to make me feel included in his.

Only problem I am having is concentrating on other things in my life that I need to. He distracts me sometimes. He's very good at that. Eventually the newness will wear off and I'll get back to my typical normal routine. I'm glad I am able to have my best friend as my boyfriend too. It makes for a lovely relationship.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids Need Discipline and Not Hand Holding

Have you been to a nice restaurant and your experience us shattered because of a bratty kid? When you take a flight somewhere, don't you dread having children on the flight? Have you been to the movies and get mad because you hear the bratty kid instead of the movie? My opinion the reason is because the parents don't really give a damn about disciplining their children. They let them run amuck. They hand hold and say in a very nonauthoritive voice "don't do that" and expect the child to listen.

Kids need discipline. They need to know who is in charge. It certainly should not be them. Parenting rules in today's time are very lax. We need to revert to the 20s or so. You still find kids are disciplined correctly in other countries. It's only Americans who refuse to discipline. I guess it's unconstitutional.

This is why our children face so many problems and so do the parents. Teen pregnancy, drugs, violence, and lack of respect for their fellow man are some symptoms. Parents, why have kids if you don't want to raise them?

Children need to be taught right from wrong. They need guidance. You need to discuss issues with them. You can't let TV or the schools teach your child about life. You as a parent should; especially about SEX. You need to be the major influence in their lives. You can't be too busy to spend time with your child.

You also should set an example for your child. You want them to respect you and look up to you. You want them to talk to you when they have problems. You want them to make safe and sound decisions. You want them to choose their friend wisely. You want them to be successful human beings.

Start paying attention and doing what's right for your child. Stop letting run around without a leash. Not a physical one, and metaphorical one. Set boundaries. When I was a kid, I must be in the house by 7 pm SHARP!!! No if ands or buts. If I was late, I was punished. I'd lose a bit of freedom for a while. Kids should not be out on the street after 7 pm. There is nothing outside for them after that. That was one of my leashes.

You must teach your kid how to behave in public. I don't remember how my mom trained me on this, but I know how I taught my niece and nephew. I discussed the trip before we left and told them the consequences if they acted up. They knew who was in charge and who they were safe with. They were never any trouble to take around. Parents let there kids throw tantrums and fits in public because they don't have the authoritative power needed. If a kid cries for something he/she shouldn't have and you cower to the crying. Who won the battle? The kid did. You may gotten a quiet kid for a while, but you lost your authority. He/she now knows that to get what he/she wants all they have to do is make a big fuss. So you now have a bratty child. Your life is going to be miserable. You are now the servant.

Teach your kids manners. What happened to them? You don't hear "may I", "please" or "thank you" from kids anymore. They are rude. They have this sense of entitlement. Parents please teach your kids to respect their fellow man. This sense of entitlement without manners and respect leads to violence when things in life don't go their way.

Kids are so bad these days that restaurants are banning customers with children. They'd rather deal with a drunk adult. Malls are banning kids from coming in without a parent. Theaters are banning children after certain times. Do you see a pattern? The rate things are going, kids will only be allowed at school and home. I'm planning on having a child in the near future and I'm scared because the kids out here are so awful. I know there are good kids out there. For the parents of those, thank you very much. We need to get our children straightened out before it's too late.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple A Day Will Keep Geek Squad Away

Around the web, you hear smatterings about how great Apple is and how much Geek Squad sucks. I am only going to reference Geek Squad and not Best Buy as a whole, since Best Buy offers other goods besides computers. Which is better? My opinion, Apple.

Apple machines vs PCs has been at war for dominance in the market for a while. But the main difference between Apple and PCs in the service area is that you only have to deal with one company. You don't have to run around the different companies for PCs. PCs have multiple manufacturers. If you want to escape havin to deal wih the manufacturers, there is Geek Squad. The rest of this post is based solely on customer service and not which computers have flaws.

Let's discuss courtesy first. Have you ever walked into a Best Buy in search of the Squad? When you found them, were you blown away with their courtesy? Or were you rather disappointed? I find the people in the Squad in 2 states to be real jerks. You are treated more like a nuisance and as you are an idiot. A simple "hello, how are you doing" would be nice. Instead you get a "what do you need?" When you walk into Apple, you get a friendly greeting, "hello welcome Apple store, how can we help you?" Then you are directed to where you need to go. Even at the genius bar, you greeted with a "hello, how can we help you." Simple common courtesy goes a long way when you are already bothered by whatever has befallen your equipment.

Now let's get to the assessing what is wrong with your machine. At the genius bar, they first ask you to explain what is going with your machine, then ask you for your particulars next. They listen before they make any judgements. When they look up your particulars and they find that you are not under warranty or apple care, they will inform you of it then discuss arrangements on how to fix your issue. Geek Squad first asks "did you buy our protection plan?" This question, depending how you answer, will cause 2 reactions:
- If you did have plan, can't do anything here, will have to send it out. You will fill out some paperwork.
- If you didn't, it's going to cost you so and so amount of money. Fill out paperwork and pay for service. You can't pay upon receipt of fixed goods.
After all that, you still receive a scowl from the Squad. The attitude is more like you are wasting their time.

Lastly is knowledge. The people you encounter at the Squad seem like they don't have any IT support knowledge or computer knowledge. They have no idea what your issue is or how to fix it. At the Genius Bar at Apple, they are better versed on issues with the product. They also try to explain the issues. You are part of the loop with what's going on and you are being taught at the same time.

The Geek Squad should be called Weak Squad because their customer service sucks. I am not a customer service rep for my profession, but most positions in the world has to do a little bit of it. You attract more bees with honey. Apple has presented themselves as a caring, courteous and knowledgeable. That is why Apple is steadily creeping up in the marketshare of PCs. Courtesy goes a long way. So does first impression. Geek Squad does not present itself well. They leave you with an impression of frustration and desolation. If you want to feel bad about seeking help head onto Geek Squad. If not, for PCs I suggest that you find a better service provider or just deal with the manufacturer. Apple keep doing what you're doing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out With The Old

My boyfriend is a minimalist. Before he moved in, I had to make room for him. I tossed a lot and donated a lot. I still manage to feel cluttered with half of the stuff I have.

What does it take to become a minimalist?

Is it having no attachments to things? Well I don't have a strong attachment to many things. I constantly go thru my things and toss and donate. Where does the stuff still come from? It's not like I am buying stuff. I hate shopping.

Is it a religion? I don't think so. But I feel it's a way of life. I don't think I've totally understand it yet. My boyfriend lives be this code "If I haven't touched it in 6 months then I don't need it." I am more a year type. However lately I'm feeling like a week. I feel cluttered. I need to purge again.

I think it's the paper. I need to become digital. Must scan them in. Maybe I'll take up scanning them. Another project I do not have time for. But it will save a lot of space. Maybe I should take some to work. Use the big scanner there. We'll see.

Whatever makes a minimalist is foreign to me. I should find a class or I should make my boyfriend drill it into me. Whatever it is, it escapes me. Argh!!! Someone help!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I really should be doing something today. I have a lot of projects to do and I also have work from my job to do. I woke up with a mission. I was going to laundry and my job's work all while I watch a movie or few. Then later on I was going to play FFXI (Final Fantasy XI).

I started the laundry and got to work. Somehow I managed to complete 3 loads of laundry. But I didn't even make a dent on the work. I did manage to deal with my own finances a little. I even did a little grocery shopping. I even played couple challenges in Diner Dash.

So now why am I just laying here on my couch? I can't muster enough strength to do anything else right now. You lucky I promised a post a day for the month. I am just in a very lazy mood. So I'm gonna call it a night.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cash Cab

I live in NYC and love to watch Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. Cash Cab is a game show in a NYC Yellow Cab. I would love if I ended up in one of the cabs. Since I can't get the real experience, I got the full game on iPhone. 
CC 1 
CC 2 
CC 4 
The game is pretty basic. It's so basic, that you can't create your own profile. You must choose from a pre-built list. 
CC 5 
Once you pick your profile, you pick your destination. 
CC 6 
The game starts now. You are asked multiple choice questions. You are only allowed 3 wrong answers. You get simulated Hellers like in the show; shout out to passer bys and call a friend. 
CC 7 
You can't save your progress if you have leave the game for real life. You will start all over again. 
I've had this game for well over a year and it has not gotten an update. Capcom couldn't bother fixing it up to be more useful. I have taken this game off of my phone. It was for me a waste of time and memory. 

You can get the game, if you want, from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


Pyramid Solitaire Lite

I love solitaire games. Out of as many types if games there are, I like pyramid the best. I searched the App Store for this type and came up on this game, Pyramid Solitaire Lite. They do have a full version, but I chose the lite version to test it out. 
PSL 1 
The game is really simple. You open it up straight into a game. 
PSL 2 
You don't have to worry about settings or extra stuff. They have enough games to keep me satisfied. I really don't need to upgrade to full version. I'm sure it's spectacular. I have not exhausted the ones in this game. I doubt there is a limited amount of games since you can't choose a game. After you beat one game, another one will start. What more do you want? The game also saves the last spot you played if you had to exit really quickly. 
You can get this game in the iTunes App Store for Free or you may get the full version for $2.99.


My Paternal History

Upon moving my dad this past weekend, we found a very old picture of my grandfather when he was a child. I have never met him. He passed away before I was born. I only have one picture of him as an adult. So of course I took a picture of the picture. So I'd like to make this blog about his life.

His name is Neil. He was born in approximately 1910 to 1915 in Spain. His was born a Sephardic Jew. When he was a young kid his family fled to Jamaica to avoid persecution of being Jewish.

My great grandfather was 1 out of 4 siblings. 2 fled to Jamaica with their families. 1 fled to Costa Rica with his family. And I think the 4th fled to Canada. We really are not too sure about the 4th.

My grandfather grew up in Jamaica and lived there his entire life. It wasn't an easy one. There weren't too many Jewish Jamaicans. When my grandfather came of age, he fell in love with my grandmother, Cynthia. My great grandfather did not approve of their relationship because Cynthia was a Black woman. He forbade my grandfather to see her and sent him to Costa Rica to stay with family.

Some years passed and my grandfather returned to Jamaica. He still loved my grandmother. So against his father's wishes he married her. However, my grandpa returned to Jamaica with a very bad habit. He was a drinker. As his life moved further away from his family his drinking worsened a little. During his marriage to my grandma, he bore 3 children, my Father, my Aunt F and a brother who died. My grandma died in approximately 1952 to 1954 at the age of approximately 40 to 43.

At her death my grandpa's drinking worsened some more. He was still charming even though he was drunk most of the time. He had 2 more children with 2 other women; my Aunts D and B. He was not able to care for his children in his state so he abandoned them with a friend. My father, the eldest of the 4, took care of his siblings and worked his but off to provide for him and his sisters. The friend of my grandfather took good care of my dad and aunts as she possibly could. They had shelter and some food. Everything else my father had to work for.

In the 60s, when my dad was in the high school age group, he was able to get a visa to the US. He left his sisters and father behind. His relationship with my grandpa was uneasy. He knew his father was a drunk and he still loved him. Eventually my dad became a citizen of the US and sent for his sisters. All of them became US citizens. My grandpa did come visit on occasion.

My dad ended up marrying my mother in her early 20s. My grandpa of course, like his own father, did not approve of the marriage. However, he had no say or authority to force my dad since he long ago gave up his parental rights.

The year before I was born, my grandfather died of liver failure due to his heavy and lifetime abuse of alcohol. He was approximately 60 to 65 years of age.

When my grandfather pulled away from his family, my father and aunts lost all information on finding other family members. If they did know of some they didn't want any part of my grandfather's drama and that included his children. So we don't have much information about our extended family. Upon my grandfather's death, the family raided his belongings. None of his children got anything. Only thing my father got were couple of pictures.

At my father's request I am not going to post any of my grandpa's pictures. He doesn't trust the Internet with personal stuff. But I must say my grandpa as a kid was cute as hell.

I am glad that I learned some of my history. I would love to find out more about the rest of my family. I have met 2 relatives from the other sibling. One had lived with us for a while; we called him Uncle Ben even though he was a cousin. And another cousin, Sonya. I housesat for her when I lived in California. Both were great people.

I'm going to end my tale here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Don't Know Why I Do This?

Why do I wait until I'm dead tired to create a blog post? I had all day to do it. I didn't make it to work today because of my extremely late flight home.

Today I slept to 1 pm. Worked from home until 5 pm. Got caught up in some work gossip. Then me and the boyfriend had to catch up on the DVR'd shows. We watched True Blood, Wilfred, Next Food Network Star and 2 episodes of Single Ladies. It was nice a peaceful.

Today's was supposed to be about work drama. Tomorrow's definitely will be. I'm going to introduce you to the recurring characters at my job. I will not use their real names in order to protect their stupidity.

So tonight I bid you a good night

Monday, July 4, 2011

To Blog or To Blog Some More

I'm currently writing this post as I fly back home to NY from Vegas. Unfortunately for me, this will be posted in the wee hours of the morning thanks to JetBlue. Flight was 2 hrs late. This seems to be their new thing. To make matters worse, the DirecTV service is down for the whole flight. Fun fun fun. Should've bought a magazine like my bro did. At this point I have only 85% battery life on this here iPhone. Don't worry, it's on "Airplane Mode". I will probably sleep most of the flight. After I finish this I may play a few games on here. Anyway, I digress. I don't plan on harping on and on about how my flight home sucks. I planned to discuss something else, like candy. Just kidding.

I am thinking about making my blog (this one) into something with more purpose like my other two (Tigerkirara FFXI and Tigerkirara Gaming). Or maybe I should start a new one. I was thinking about posting short stories I have written on Wordpress or some other author/agent driven blog sites.
The next thing I think of is maintenance. Will I be able to keep up running four blogs? I really don't know.

By trade I am an accountant. At work I run the Human Resources, IT and Finance departments. One would think I should blog on my professional life. Should it be satire about coworkers? Or should it be technical? I really don't like writing technical. I wrote my job's employee handbook and it was a chore. It's not fun at all. However, I do have stories about employees at work that would knock your socks off. I keep up with a lot of technical blogs on technology. I can't really do that because I don't have the resources to test new tech.

What I think I may do is try a few different ideas here and see where it goes. It's not like my blog gets comments anyhow. I'm just one in millions of others. Anyway, I'm getting tired. I may just end this though here. Tomorrow I may try a work story.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sometimes family is a blessing and sometimes a curse. You can't choose what family you are born into, but you can choose who is part of your inner circle.

That being said, my family is a bit dysfunctional at best. Growing up I thought it was weird. My parents did all they could to raise us better than how they were. We were able to travel and experience new things. Some families do not and possibly afford to do so. My family is not rich, but they knew how to save a plan. I never got what I wanted but I got what was needed. If I wanted extra I would have to use whatever money I had and get what I wanted.

My family eventually disintegrated as we got older. My sister became a bit untrustworthy when it comes to your personal business. My parents eventually divorced with a lot of grudges still held to this day. My brother and I are still very close. I don't speak to my sister very often. I am still close to both parents. Sometimes they both try push their way past boundaries that I set in place. It's currently not a perfect family.

My boyfriend's family is a great. His parents been married for over 35 years and they are still happy with each other. I have learned so much about them during this trip. It makes me appreciate them and my boyfriend all the more. I'm going to hate to leave tomorrow. They are a lot of fun. It's a whole different lifestyle that I can only imagine.

JH (I don't put his name out there for his privacy. I personally would love to shout his name all over the web and in life.) is just like his dad. He doesn't want to admit it though. His mother is great. She's strong, nuturing and gracious. She's also funny. His dad is funny too. He's a bit quiet, but can talk a lot when he's passionate about something or teaching you something.

JH family has been thru a lot and they pulled thru it as a family. They refuse to let their family split apart. I envy that. I wish that was true about my family. However, circumstances are vastly different. I can't imagine going thru what JH and his family went thru. Looking at all my dysfunctional family drama, I can say it was mild compared to JH's. I do appreciate JH even more now. He was fortunate to be born into such a strong family. I hope he can instill what he was taught to our child when we have one.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life W/ JH - Moving My Dad

So it's 4th of July weekend. We (JH, my brother and myself) came to Las Vegas to help my father move into his new place. JH's parents also came to help too. This is the first time our parents met; my father at least.

I was a bit nervous about it. It was better than I thought. They get along well. My dad taught JH's dad how to gamble. I bonded a lot more with his mom. They drove to Vegas from Socorro. It was nice of them to offer to help my father.

So far have worked very hard. One thing we learned is that my dad has a ton of clothes. JH's mom and my brother counted 70 sweaters today. Sweaters for a person who lives in a desert. We still have to get his shoes tomorrow. He puts most women to shame just on his clothes and shoe collection.

With all the work we have time to play. We got to take JH's parents onto the strip. We went to Wynn, Encore, Venetian and Caesar's Palace. They had a good time. And since the kitchenware is missing and incomplete, we've been eating out. Fun, fun.

We have one more full day of work and play before we leave. I feel like there is so much to do still. I wanted to finish all before we left. I don't think that will happen though. He has way too much stuff.

I think we only have his shoes and kitchenware left to move. Hopefully we can get that done tomorrow. We also have to hang chandelier, hang pictures and put dishes up in order to make life a not easier for my dad. I also have to put his tv stuff together as well set up his computer.

There is no rest for the weary. TTFN

Friday, July 1, 2011

BlogHer - NaBloPoMo: I Promise...

I have been RSS'in a lot of blogs for years. More for gaming, technology and entertainment. However, I've been reading some general blogs that cover wide ranges of topics lately.

I have recently found TheBloggess and BlogHer. BlogHer is more diverse. I never really went to the official site until this week. They put out a post about their other site called NaBloPoMo. I really don't remember what it stands for and right now I'm too tired to go to the site. My educated guess would be "National Blog Post Monthly." I may be so wrong right now. I'm working on 4 hours of sleep.

I then signed up to be a member of both sites. I also made a promise to post one post daily for the month of July. This is going to be a hard promise to keep. I am trying to find time to play my game, write my novel, spend quality time with my boyfriend, organize my music collection as well as picture collection all while working a full time job. So far, playing my game, writing my novel, music and picture collection has fell by the wayside. I usually make posts when I'm passionate about something or when some idea is pressing in my brain.

I have a total of 3 blogs, including this one. They are as follows:

Tigerkirara's Page for Gaming : this is my blog for reviewing games that I play. My boyfriend and I were thinking of making this a podcast. We'll see.

Tigerkirara's Journey Thru Final Fantasy XI : this is my blog that follows me playing my game that I mentioned prior. I haven't updated this blog in a while since I haven't been playing for a while. This blog by far has the most posts out of all my blogs.

The Taming of a Wild Tiger : is this blog. This blog started because of an ex-boyfriend who read all of my personal journals. So I figured if people want to figure me out they can read this blog instead of invading my privacy. It still reflects me and my weird humor. I do occasionally post funny forwards in this journal if it fits my personality or just they are just too damn funny.

Now I'm going to try to make a post a day. Wow, it's so unlike me. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully I can keep this promise. It'll probably help me budget time in August to sit down and get my novel out. Wish me luck.