Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

From my family to yours, have a wonderful Holiday and may the New Year bring you new challenges and insight.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Maserati Dreams

"C, come join us for dinner tonight." Bryan asked me as I accepted the phone call.

"I don't think I can make it." I answer.

"Come on." Bryan whines over the phone, "It's Mr. Matthijssen's birthday and he wants to meet you."

"I'll see. I may stop for a few. Where is it?"

"It's at the Manfield's"

"Isn't that a night club?"

"After 10 pm, but it's a hot restaurant during the day. It's been rated as the place to go to be seen."

"Okay, if you say so. I'll see you around 7 or so."

"Okay. See you then"

Three hours later I park outside of the restaurant. I check my hair in the mirror in my visor.  It's an organized, curly mess. Just the way I like it. I get out the car and head into the restaurant. I see the Indian guy from Matthijssen sitting at a long table in middle of the restaurant. I walk over and sit down in front of him.

"Hey C!! How are you? Nice that you came. We're excited that you were able to make it." The Indian guy announces so the rest of the party can hear him.

"Thank you. Nice to see you again." I respond. I look around. "Where's Bryan?"

"Bryan? He stepped out to pick something up. He should be back any minute now."
A waitress comes over to me to take my drink order. I asked what was for dinner and was told that it was taken care of.

"Did you see our new systems?" Indian guy asks.

"No I haven't as yet. How are your clients responding to them?" I ask in return.

"So far, so good. Some people say it's overkill, but you never know what people want all the time."

Just as I was about to respond, Bryan kisses me on the cheek and sits down next to me.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. How long have you been here?" Bryan asks.

"Not too long. I ordered a drink."

"Good, good. Your dinner will be here soon. Mr. Matthijssen is waiting to meet you."

"Okay. He doesn't have wait any longer. I'm ready to be met." I laugh. Bryan just smiles at my corny joke.

I get up and follow Bryan to a private room. There were 2 men in the room; a middle aged looking man and a guy who I assumed was either a butler or waiter. Bryan introduced me and we sat down at his table.

"So you are the ever popular Mrs. Hartley." Matthijssen says.

"Don't know about being popular." I respond.

"I've heard so much about you. Bryan and his team talks about you non-stop."


"Not all the time." Bryan interjects a bit embarrassed.

"You have accomplished a lot young lady. Are you looking to add partners to your business?" Matthijssen asks.

"Not at this moment, but I'm open to working with people." I answer.

"You misunderstand me. I meant working together. I know your company is self-sufficient so you don't need a partner to come invest." Matthijssen corrects.

"Ok" I say, feeling a bit awkward at his misunderstanding. I knew what he meant the 1st time. I was just correcting him in my response.

 "I have a business proposition for you that I'd like to discuss." Matthijssen turns to Bryan and asks him to leave us for a few. Bryan as well as the butler get up and leave.

"You know my business. You know my people." Matthijssen begins.

"Yes I do. I'm a big supporter of your company."  I respond.

"I am very sick. I have cancer and I'm afraid that I may only have 7 months to live. I don't have an heir and Ive been looking for someone who has an appreciation of my business to take over."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"Well I was hoping it would be you?"

"Me? I do not know how to run a technology business."

"Eh, same for all other types of business. You have the knowledge, the know-how and wherewithal to run this business. You've made a lot of success managing an array of businesses. I know you'll make the best judgment here."

"Have you spoken to anyone about this?"

"My attorneys mostly. And now you. So what do you say?"

"Can you give me some time to think this over?"

"Sure, but we will need to start process soon."

"Okay. Thanks."

"No, thank you."

The butler person returned to inform Mr. Matthijssen that his car was ready. We said our goodbyes. I head back to the table I was sitting at. My dinner was waiting for me.

"How did it go?" Bryan asks me while I take a bite of my dinner.

"It was good. He seems to be a very nice man."

"Yeah, he is."

He started a conversation with the Indian guy as I finished my meal. As I'm eating, I noticed a swarm of 20-something year old women started to come in to the restaurant. It not only piqued my curiosity but Bryan's too.

"I heard on the rumorville that Legend, Kendrick Lamar and ASAP Ricky are supposed to perform here tonight." Bryan tells me.

"Who are they?" I ask.

"They are the hottest rappers out there today." He responds astonished that I didn't know.

"I don't listen to that shit. So I wouldn't know." I went back to eating my dinner.

As I finish up, I hear screams from the 20 years olds. I turn towards the door to see why. In walk the 3 rappers. They see me looking at them. I rolled my eyes and turned back to my plate.

"Yo C, I think they are coming towards you." Indian guys say, excitedly.

"I hope not."

Just as I finished my short sentence, one of them tapped me on the shoulder. I begrudgingly turned around.

"Yes!" I ask a bit annoyed.

"I saw you looking at us when we came in. We always greet at least one of our fans every night." Legend says.

"That's nice of you, but I'm not a fan. Thanks." I respond.

"What?!? Don't you know who we are?" ASAP Ricky asks in defensively.
"My colleague here just informed me who you were just moments ago. And personally I don't give a damn."

All 3 guys looked at me dumbfounded. Bryan and his crew were looking at them smirking.

"I can't believe this shit. This chic doesnt seem to know us. Maybe we should school her." Lamar says to his homies.

"Please don't. I'm not interested." I turn to Bryan, "I'll catch you later. Jason probably worried about me." I get up and kiss him on the cheek before leaving the table.

"Oh no she didn't just dismiss us!" Rocky says getting bent out of shape.

I made my way out of the restaurant with the 3 rappers trailing after me.

"Why are you guys waddling after me?" I asked very irritated.

"Waddling? Oh no she didn't." Legend exclaims.

"Yes waddling. If your pants are not up where they are supposed to be, you are waddling. By the way, why are you out here following me instead of catering to your fans?" I respond.

"We are making sure you get to your hoopty okay." Ricky answers.

"Ok, I've made it to my 'hoopty' just fine. Thanks." I sarcastically as I open the door to my charcoal grey limited edition 2014 model Maserati.

"Who bought you that car? Some dying old man or ball player?" Legend asks.

"Google me. So you'll be in the know." I say as I closed my door.

From inside, I gave them a sweet smile and drove off with all 3 of them looking at me with their mouths open. 

****Disclaimer: All dreams that I write here are written directly as it happened in my dream. Grammar & spelling will not be accurate & correct. I am fine with it as it is. If you have an issue, please erase my dream from your memory. Thanks. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pokemon X Update

I've been playing the shit out of this game. It is so much fun.

I've beat all 8 gyms. I've collected 171 Pokemon. I even gotten the legendary Pokemon.

I got Eevee to evolve to Espeon and Umbreon. I have another Eevee and hope to evolve it to one his other forms.

I fell in love with Wonder Trade. I'm actually anxious to find a Gengar and Abo...(creature in the Frost Cavern). I have the mega stones for them.

I am currently going thru the game again leveling Pokemon that I like and collecting ones I missed.

This by far is the farthest I've gotten in a Pokemon game. I am so waiting for the PokeBank. They need to hurry and bring it to the US. I want to transfer my past Pokemon into X.

What I am lacking while playing is a Pokedex. The one I had on my iPad boinked. They never upgraded for iOS 7. The original one is way too expensive. So if anyone knows a good, cheap Pokedex, please leave a comment.

[Nintendo 3DS]