Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Word Is Bond

You hear the phrase "word is bond" in a lot of hip hop. But do the followers of hip hop understand what that means? I find that you can't count on anyone's word. Unfortunately it is worse when it comes to men. They like to say they gonna do something and they always fail at it. On top of not coming thru, they won't even acknowledge they have done wrong. Now, the guys reading this may think I am ganging on them. I am not. I am making an observance based on my experiences and my friends & family experiences. Women, today are pretty much flaky too. They love to say they gonna do something and last minute change their mind without any warning.

My main complaint is that people today lack common courtesy. If you say you gonna do something, do it. If you can't, call or email, let the person depending on you know that you can't do it. This way you are not wasting their time and they can find an alternative. I understand that life my get in the way of keeping your word, but find a way. A quick call will suffice.

A friend of mine always says, "Always have a back up for your back up." I believe that is a great thing to do. You really can't count on anyone these days. Only real person you can count on, is yourself. But if you do have to count on someone, make sure the person has respect for you and your time. Make sure you can depend on them. Make sure that they know and live by common courtesy.

If I charged everyone for the time they made me waste because they didn't have the common courtesy to tell me that they couldn't keep their word, I would be rich. The more I think about it, maybe I should charge. Everyone who wastes my time will get a bill from me. My time is not cheap. Lol.

All, keep your word as much as possible. Don't disappoint people.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I was listening to the song "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce. I can say when I 1st heard the song, I didn't like it. The next time I heard it, I paid attention to the lyrics. Of course, now I love the song. It's pretty much about a guy acting up & she gives him the boot, a typical Beyonce song. However, this song addresses the fact that guys are so vain they think that their girls can't get anyone better.

Why do guys have such balls to think he's a "Gem"? Why do girls allow such stupidity from guys? Men are naturally cocky. I don't know if it's purely testosterone or from their environment. Once they get a girl, they act as if she's a drug. Then when the initial high wears off, they start to act up. The girls in this situation assume they can't find anyone else, so they forgive their guy when he begs & pleads forgiveness. At that point, the girl becomes the enabler. If a woman were in that situation, she would not tolerate her guy acting up. She will act accordingly to the situation. She will not enable her guy. She's not a doormat. He has to realize that there is a consequence to his actions. If he's forgiven all the time, the worst he will act.

If the girl was in the situation the guy was, her guy will not tolerate or forgive her and he will drop the girl like a bad habit. There shouldn't be a double standard. What's good for the gander is good for the goose. Everyone is replaceable. You may still have feelings, but you can move on.

My advice:
Men….. Relationships are hard work. They do not stay passionate. You have to contribute to keeping the passion going. Don't be so vain & think you are so much better than your partner. If your partner is not contributing to keeping the passion alive, leave. Do not act up. You are hurting both you & her. There will always be another woman.

Women….. Advice is the same as the men, but you must protect yourself. Work on your esteem. Don't let guys rob you of yourself. Feel good about yourself & respect yourself. If you don't, your guy never will.

People, life is too short to tolerate bullshit. Grow up, have fun, and live your life to the fullest.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Bored Anyone?

I am so bored today. I have no idea. I have so much to do today but I can't seem to get my ass off the couch. I got myself to do laundry. I had so much planned for today.
I had planned to enter phone numbers into my new phone. The one I was wanting for the past 5 months. It's so cool, but it seems I lost my interest in it. Just like a tiger. Once I get my prey, I am off to the next.
I also planned on cleanning up and reorganizing my house. I wanted to reorganize my office, go thru my rooms and toss what I don't need. As we get older and work we all tend to accumulate items that we will never use again, never used at all, or given something that you just do not care for whatsoever. I need to unclutter my house.
I planned on going out with a friend. I may still do that if the person comes. This person is not so dependable. We'll see. I am not gonna rush to get ready.
I think I know what's the source of my mood. I believe it's the rain. It has been raining since Thursday. I am so tired of the rain. It's been a rainy year. Now I understand why Seattle has a high suicide rate. The rain can really put a damper on your mood.
Rain rain go away, go darken someone else's day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dating is Rough. Where are the Good Men?

As we get older, dating seems to get harder. I guess it's because we hone in what we what from a partner and less people fit the mold. Who is to say that we will find the "ideal" partner? We never know who we will fall for. It may be just the person we say we don't want.

I have dated the mathematician, the salesman, the administrative man, and the athlete. From my experiences with these men I honed my desires to want a man who is self confident, who holds down a career, has financial sense, and who will love me for me and not what I can offer.
I have been on the date where I had to drive myself home in my date's SUV. I also have had the date where there's not much in common so the conversation for the whole date was down to one liners. Argh. Is this what's left?

My list is short so my variety should be wider. That's what I thought. Finding men today is quite easy if you are not looking for much. Finding quality men is extremely hard.
I want to go on a date with a man where there is chemistry. Conversations are abundant and the activities of the evening are fun. Is that too much to ask for?

I find the guys who puts up a good front when we first talk. But when I get to the date, the conversation is just not right. There's a lot of "knowwhaimsayin" or "knawmean" in every other sentence. I don't want to deal with that mentality. I am grown and I want a grown man. I will not acknowledge a man in his 30s wearing his pants hanging off of his ass. Let the youth sport that silly fashion. I want a guy who represents class and education and not the hood.
So where do you find quality men?...

~ One friend says to find a man at work. Unfortunately I work around a lot of old men (50s to 70s). I have no interest dating that old. It's such a huge age gap where our interests don't match up. Also the other issue with meeting a man at work, is that if you break up, you still have to see him daily.

~ Another friend said to try going to bars. I don't drink. I'd rather go to a club. At least there I can dance. Do I really want to find a man in a club? I dated a great guy I met at a club twice. However, he was a fluke. All the other man were looking for hook-ups. I don't do hook-ups. Sex is best when there is a connection between partners.
I decided to try to online. Let me tell you, I found a majority of the men to be creeps.The rare ones ended up as friends or was good for a short while but then fizzled. No connection. I am still trying this method. So I can't rule this out as of yet.

Any suggestions? A woman needs to know, how do you find quality men?

Monday, April 10, 2006

P!nk - Stupid Girls

Brilliant song. Why is this song so controversial? I hope this song serves as a wake up song for all the young women today. I am glad that P!nk had the balls to put this issues out in the open.

My niece is 10 years old. I happen to be around her and some of her friends. They were talking about what they want to do when they get older. So, of course I decided to G my way into A to F conversation. I asked each girl what they wanted to be when the get older. All girls, except my niece, said they wanted to be a video vixen and earn a lot of money so they can shop at Bloomies, Saks, and all other high end shops. My niece wants to become a fashion designer. None of them wanted to go to college to be anything productive.

What is to become of our young women? Are they going to let men dominate and degrade them back into the past where women could not vote, work in corporate America, or become doctors? Watching the young women on TV and around the neighborhood and I am totally appalled to what I am seeing. I am so sorry to see us in such bad form. We need to do something to make sure our future is bright and intelligent.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

A Baby? Me? LOL

I have been asked recently been asked numerous times if I want children. Why is it what people are focusing on right now? Im glad they are not focusing on why Im not married. Woo lol. Maybe its the baby boom thats happening in Hollywood.

Now as you seen my blast It takes 2 to create a baby. Why should 1 raise it? I have seen so many people struggle to raise kids on their own without help from the other half. I dont think it is right for 1 to raise it by itself. I understand about the KM (Keep Me) babies. Theres one way to solve that: CONDOMS. If you are not sure about the birth control, wrap it up. If you help create it, you should take responsibility for it. Now for the ladies, who dump the babies on the men and disappear, if you dont want children, BIRTH CONTROL or CONDOMS. There are no accidents. Every time you have sex you run that risk. Condoms and Birth Control are not 100ffective. Be smart and responsible.

Now I ask myself, honestly, am I ready for a child? Financially and maternally, yes. However, I do not wish to bring a child into this world alone. I would like to be married or in a very long committed relationship. I want the father to be an active participant in raising this child. Now, do I want a child right now? I dont really have the patience for it right now. I have so much I want to do. Yes, I am being selfish, but why cant I? I have no commitments other than work. I think about me and not we, cause there isnt a we