Friday, March 13, 2020


So I am a reader of Beyond Black & White. Husband and I did an interview with them. They didn't post my interview tho, but that's another thing.  So this morning I read one of their articles and it totally pissed me off.  The article is here

This was my comment. 

Ok. I just want to say that please do not promote ignorance. I am a caretaker of a person with Alzheimers and have another relative with the disease. Most people who are not educated in the disease and only speak on heresay should not further the assumptions and misinformation on the disease. It may look bad that Dan brought GF into the house. Do you know what he was going thru? Is he to be celibate for the rest of his life. He was still being B's caregiver all thru this. He could've left her at the beginning of her disease. He didn't. He proceeded to take care of her thru all of this and even with the GF. So why berate him for this. If he tried to sleep with his wife he would be charged with abuse and thrown in jail and you guys would still berate the man for taking advantage of B. He can't win with you. GF probably helped him care for B. It is not an easy disease for 1 person to handle by themselves. You need someone to support you too. Who was there to support Dan? It is much harder on the caregiver than the love one. Was he to suffer alone? B at the time he moved GF was already gone. All that was left was a shell. She has no idea who Dan was. All she knows is that he's the person who feeds, bathes, gives medicine and changes her diaper every day. The B everyone loved was no longer there. This article totally pissed me off and I love this site. Please do research and don't promote ignorance. Some portions of this article was insightful, but it was all ruined to ignorance. DO BETTER!!!!!!