Friday, May 28, 2010


It's amazing how you meet people and form bonds. Sometimes it's just for a situation and it ends once the situation is over. Sometimes it lasts.

I play this game called Final Fantasy XI. It's a game you get to play with people all over the world. I love the game. I even keep a blog just for it. However, you meet people on there. There've people who've met on there and got married in real life. Some find it taboo to even
talk to people from the game outside the game. But people are people. Whether you talk to them thru the game, on instant messenger, on the telephone or in person.

I am a social woman, if I really got along with you in the game, I'll talk to you outside of the game. I have went to the movie with one person I met from the game. Talk to a few on instant messenger and one person on the phone. I like to get to know people. I just don't like the game playing of dating. But that's a different story for a different post.

Why this post? Well I want to express finding gems from the least likely places. I started building a friendship with a guy I met on FFXI. We started off on Instant messenger and now we communicate by messenger or telephone. Occassionally we've mailed stuff to each other
too. I speak to him every day. When I started talking to him, he was married. I knew that from the game. I was not trying to break up a marriage or anything. He is a genuinely nice guy to me. So why should I not be friends with him. Just because he's married doesn't make him
off limits to friendships. I know he was going thru a rough spot with his relationship, but the most part we didn't discuss it unless it was weighing on his mind and wanted to discuss it. I may at times bring it up because I sense something in his speech that something was bothering him.

We've been communicating for nearly 5 months, everyday. So I kind of gotten a feel for how he thinks. He has some strange hobbies but they are not dangerous. We have to expect a bit o strange in everyone. I know I'm strange and hard to figure out to some people. But a lot of
people don't have the patience to figure me out. Yeah I just strayedagain, sorry, back to what I was saying.

It's weird how much I enjoy having conversations with this guy. I feel quite myself and don't feel like I have to live up to any expectations. I don't feel like I have to be on my guard. Mind you, 5
months ago, I just played with him on a game. We talked and had fun on the game. I tend to go on lots of hiatus from the game because of my life patterns. He was in my linkshell one day I came back from a hiatus. And he just seemed like so much fun when in the linkshell. He
was down for whatever!!!!

I found out how much of a genuine person he truly he is this week. He knew that I was having he worst week. I came home on Thursday to find a package from him. I opened it to find a tiger statue.
He knows I love tigers. He said he knew I was having a rough week and he wanted
to make me feel a bit better. I was so happy that I was in near tears. He seriously thought about me and chose something I would like, purchased it with his own money and mailed it to me. I never asked him to. He just wanted to make me feel better. That was unbelievably nice
of him. He has no intention of trying to date me. He was being nice. I want to say his momma and poppa raised him right. They raised a good guy who has some very different quirks. They done very good. I do see that we could be very good friends evem in the future.

Friends come into your lives for a reason. You never know why, but never regret any friendships you make. Even if they fail. They served a purpose in that time of your life.  Treasure what time you do have with them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Preying on The Innocent

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now. I needed proof of what I was talking about before I discuss it. For the past 10 years that I have been back in NY, there's this doctor's office that
has really gotten a reaction from me everyday.

There are 2 signs hanging on the gates to the property. The first one says her name and number. The second one says "Circumcisions Prevents HIV." That sign makes me react. What kind of stupidity is that. She is
preying on the ignorant and the uneducated. She has went thru countless years of school. She should know how HIV can be passed on.

First, I am the only person in my immediate family who is not in the health field. I have discussed this topic with my family, my personal doctor and various others in the health field. They all agree with me that this doctor is just after money by preying on those who don't know better.

Circumcisions can help you spot a laceration on the head of a penis. That can assist you to decide whether you want to risk having unprotected. It doesn't prevent HIV. Just gives you clearer vision on
the penis.

You can catch HIV from unprotected sex, sharing needles, lacerations, and blood donations. I am going to list each way to get and how to prevent.

Getting HIV from a blood donation in 1st World countries is extremely rare now since they check your blood before you donate. In 3rd world countries it is possible because they do not have resources to screen
blood. If you find yourself in a 3rd world country try not to get into a situation where you need a transfusion. If you do, have yourself flown to a 1st World country. It may be expensive, but would you
rather catch something that will inevitably kill you.

Lacerations, is when one person has a cut and the next person does and somehow the 2 cuts meet. Sometimes people do not know that they have a cut because it's so miniscule. Always, always use gloves if you are helping to tend to a wound on someone.

Never share needles!!! Whether it's for drugs or tattoos. You are giving the virus a direct connection. You can catch more than just HIV!!!

Lastly is having unprotected sex. Don't do it unless you are both tested and 200% sure that your other is not stepping out in the relationship. Always use a condom. If you have a latex allergy, there are condoms that you can use. Unfortunately lambskin condoms doesn't prevent transmission of STDs or HIV. However, the BEST way to prevent HIV is to be "abstinent."

If a doctor tells you that you have to be circumcized to prevent HIV, please run the opposite way. They just want money.