Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strawberry Letter 5/19/16

This woman is absolutely dillusional. This is what crazy is made out of.

Dear Jade,

You knew the man was married. No matter what bullshit he may say, he still married. His love is for his wife. If it wasn't, he would've divorced her. Men are very direct like that. His wife didn't put voodoo on him. He loves her and went where his heart lies. He will reconcile with her and do what is necessary to mend his marriage. You were just a mistake; a plaything he needed when he was bored and lonely. The long short of it, you got played.

Move on. Forget about him. Find someone who is single so you can direct all that crazy (you have in you) to.

Your Truly,

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Karma's a Bitch, But DAMN!!!!

At my last job, I hired an accountant to be my right hand person; let's call the accountant, Libby. I'd hired someone before her who was a total bust. So I finally get her. Then when we brought her in, she said she was pregnant. We were okay with it. She left on maternity leave and came back. All was well except personality issues with another coworker in my dept. That is acceptable as long as they get their work is done on time. I can't control people's chemistry but I can control whether they have a job or not. It's all about being professional. There were plenty of people who I didn't like at my job but I kept it professional and kept it moving.

After I left the job, I found out that Libby was bad mouthing me and saying I didn't know what I was doing. So I just removed her from working and social channels. I heard so many stories of what was going down. I chose to stay out of it. I had moved on. Until one day that I get a phone call from another former coworker who tells me a story that was unbelievable. Let's call former coworker, SoSo.

SoSo proceeds to tell me that Libby has been using corporate card and spent $12k (12,000.00) in personal purchases. But that's not all, she apparently paid herself twice thru the payroll system. But in all, she had another of my former employee in a bind where she had to leave because she was the one who brought it to CFOs attention.

This couldn't be right. It is unbelievable. So I decided to contact the former employee. She confessed the same story. She was in shambles. She says how Libby ruined her life. She was comfortable there and had a great career there. Now she's at a sucky job because of Libby. Libby was fired of course.

Eventually, I moved on from this drama until yesterday. I contacted an old coworker for some information on a vendor she used. Then she forwarded me an article about Libby. In the article, it says that Libby is charged with Grand Larceny and her trial date is set for June 1st.

This is where I am dumbfounded. I really didn't think my former company would press charges. A previous employee had stole stuff but didn't get charged. So them pressing charges on Libby is a shock. Next thing tho, she just ruined her whole entire life for $15k. She had a fiancé who makes a ton of money and a son. They just bought a house together. She is fucked in every way. If she doesn't get jail time and just probation, she will not work in accounting ever again. If she gets jail time, her son will suffer missing his mom and she still never work as an accountant for the rest of her life. If she gets off, she still will never work as an accountant for the rest of her life. Anyone can Google her name and find 2 articles on this issue. One article is in an accounting journal. She is so screwed because any job she applies for that does any search on her will see the articles and court records. It's going to be so hard for her to find a job. It's already hard for so many people and she added a strike against her name.

Now I can see if she was struggling for cash and she used the cards to buy food or stuff to live on. No she spent it on designer goods; Michele watches, $1,400 coats and bags. This is all superficial bullshit. If she wasn't happy with her salary, discuss with supervisors or find a new job. Never steal.

She is 29 years old. She has so many years in front of her that is now ruined. She stunted her career before it really got going. That is what I am more upset about too. It's just a waste of a life.

Well I always say karma's a bitch, but damn, I never thought she can be so cold hearted. People, please remember, what evil you put out, it will come back to you. So put positivity out there.