Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pokemon X Updates

Captured: 18
Gifted: 2
Total:  88

Current:  3
Total: 6

Torchic -> Combusken
Eevee -> Umbreon

I haven't played for a few days so my capturing is low. I did succeed in beating 3 gyms though! 2 more left to go!!!! Can't wait to get legendary!!
I traded with friends who have the game. Learned about stats. Tomorrow at work, we are having a Pokemon Party!!! Trading ahoy!!!!
I'm always learning.

[Nintendo 3DS]

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pokemon X Updates

Recent Captures: 20
Gifted: 2
Total Captured: 68

Current Beaten: 2
Total Beaten: 3

Braixen -> Delphox
Charmelion -> Charizard
Weedle -> Kakuna -> Beedrill
Fennekin -> Braixen
Charmander -> Charmeleon
Fletchling -> Fletchinder

Current Party

[Nintendo 3DS]

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tiger vs Fly

Fly: Ooh I'm gonna buzz by this human's ear while she's on the can.

Me: what the hell? There's a fly in here. *sigh*

Fly: ha ha she stuck on the toilet. She can't get me. But still my hand's dirty let me perch so I can clean it.

Me: where did that fly go? (Looking around after finishing using the toilet) I see you but you are difficult to get to. I'm gonna splash you with water.

Fly: What the hell? Water? Oh shit she saw me. Let me move.

Me: where's a flip flop when you need.

Leaves bathroom to retrieve flip flop.

Me: now where did you go fly? It's me or you. One of us are going down.

Fly: maybe if I stay still she won't see me. But I have to readjust myself.

Me: ah ha!! Found you.

Fly: oh shit oh shit. I better go thru the door.

Fly flies right into the mirror.

Fly: (stunned a bit) oh shit that was a mirror. That fucking hurt. Ok, I see the path clearly now. (Prepping himself) so I'm gonna look tough and make a mad dash towards the human. She is in the path to the door.

Fly makes his attempt.

Me: boy are you bold. Take that!

I swat fly with flip flop. He sails and lands on top of toilet.

Fly: ow ow ow that fuckin' hurts. She's really trying to kill me. Oh my God Oh my God oh my God I need to get outta here. But I can't seem to fly correctly.

I swat the fly again.

Fly: what the fuck just happened (coming too from being knocked out) oh shit, it's coming again. Let me play dead.

Me: it's finally dead. Let me flush it.

I use the flip flop to scoop the fly into the toilet.

Fly: ok it doesn't look as if she going to swat me but that shoe is definitely coming closer. Maybe I'll grab onto it.

Me: oh you're alive. Let me fix that.

I swat then dump into the toilet.

Fly: oh shit!! I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. Ooh shit I'm in water. I gotta get out here!!!!

Me: ta ta motherfucker!!!

I close the lid to the toilet and flushed.

Fly: Fuck Me!!!!

I open toilet when the flush is done. No fly.

Me: Ah.. Heavenly. Told you it's one or the other. I knew it wasn't going to be me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pokemon X - Updates

"I am going to change the format of these posts. I will just update with my stats. I will do separate posts if something interesting happens."

New Stats 

Captured Current: 15
Total Captured: 47

Beaten Current: 0
Total Beaten: 1

       Weedle -> Kakuna -> Beedrill
       Fennekin ->Braixen
       Charmander -> Charmeleon
       Fletchling -> Fletchinder

[Nintendo 3DS]

Pokemon X -Days 6 & 7

Day 6:

I go thru the tunnel hoping to hit the next town. Instead I hit Route 8. I start going around collecting Pokemon and trying to get myself past the route. This by far the 1st day of high frustration.

1st frustration, these level 13 to 14 Pokemon are wasting my money. They are being difficult to capture. It takes 2 tried to capture. Then I happen on another horde battle with level 8 Zangoose. I kill all except 1. I weakened the last where it was barely alive. It made me waste 8 POKEBALLS!!!!! And I still didn't capture it!! What the fuck!!! I was cussing that damn Pokemon for a couple of minutes before I realized my next frustration. I eventually happened on a level 14 Zangoose and got him on the 1st try, what the hell?

2nd frustration, is where the fuck am I going? I'm collecting Pokemon and I started noticing that I am running around in circles. How in the hell do I get down off of the excavation site that is Route 8? I stop collecting and make concerted efforts trying to find my way. Random battles are now pissing me off because I have no interest in them. I just want to find my way. At this point, I have 3 fainted Pokemon and very few pokeballs. I want to get to a Pokecenter pronto. I can't figure how the fuck to get past this area!!! With my frustration I saved game where I'm at and got off. Bah!!!

Day 7:

Earlier at work I was discussing my issue with a coworker, who's playing Y. He said there's a path that you won't notice if I keep heading south. He would show me, but I didn't bring my 3DS to work.

I get home late, and I pick up my DS while my hubbypants was playing FFXIV. I resume trying to find the path. It took me a while to find it. I walked the southern most I could. By accident, I hit my circle pad and my character jumped onto a rock thing. I didn't know I could go on those. So I finally found way down. It wasn't a path but a series of jumps, lol. At the bottom is a PokeCenter. Sweet mother of Jesus!! I couldn't be happier. I go heal my Pokemon and buy supplies (PokeBalls and potions).

My hubbypants decided we should go upstairs and get ready for bed. So I closed the lid because I was just going to pick up playing when I get in bed. After awhile, I'm ready to play again, I pick up the DS wrong. Guess what happened? Just guess. The cartridge came out. So I'm going to have to do this all over again. I'm so glad I didn't do a lot. It'll be easy, but at that point I just went to bed.

My stats really didn't change. I did capture some more Pokemon on Day 6 but I wasn't able to check my computer (in PokeCenter) to see how much I caught. I don't even know my current levels.

Gyms Beaten: 1
Pokemon Captured: ???
Pokemon Gifted: 2
In Party:
Pansage ??
Pikachu ??
Beedrill ??
Panpour ??
Charmeleon ??
Braixen ??

[Nintendo 3DS]

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pokemon X - Day 5

Today was about organizing. I was told that I would get the same Pokemon as in Black 2. That way I wouldn't have to wait for PokeBank. So I sat down & made a list of Pokemon I got in X & Black 2. I don't have any overlaps. I don't have any of the same Pokemon. So I was misinformed.

On the game, I reorganized my boxes where I stored my Pokemon. I am now keeping a box just for newly caught Pokemon. That way it will be easier to see how much I catch in a day. Easier for me to track. Yes I know I'm anal about this. Pokemon does feed into my collector spirit.

I came across this very interesting article on about Pokemon. It's dead on. Read it here.

So I finally made it into Caphier Town. I got past the Snorlax. I wish I was able to capture it. I tried all of my PokeBalls. Wasted them. The Pokemon are getting a bit harder to capture too. Lots of wasted Balls. That's the only part of this game that annoys me greatly. Wasting Balls is wasting hard earned money. I also got into another horde battle with Charmeleon. I ended up capturing one of the Scraggy's. I am right outside a cave I must enter to get to next town. Woo hoo.

I am still enjoying the hell out of this game though.

My Stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 29
- Gyms Beaten: 1
- Pokemon Gifted: 2
- Party:
    Pansage 19
    Pikachu 22
    Beedrill 22
    Panpour 22
    Charmeleon 26
    Braixen 27

Until next time.....

[Nintendo 3DS]

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pokemon X - Day 4

Played until my 3DS told me to stop. I think I must have a current addiction. I wasn't planning to play this game until PokeBank was released in North America, but the call of the wild Pokemon was strong.

They made the game a little bit easier. The experience share is awesome. In Black 2, it was an time you had to have a Pokemon hold, now it's an item you as the player hold and everyone in your 6 Pokemon party gets experience. Leveling is fast!!!

I am discovering more lands. I have encountered a horde battle. I don't have any multi-mob moves on any of my Pokemon, so it was a bit hard, but Braixen handled it like a champ. I also had two evolutions:
- Charmander evolved to Charmeleon (1st evolution)
- Fletchling evolved to Fletchinder (1st evolution)
I also made my first World Trade. I traded a Bug type that starts with P (I don't remember it's name. It was level 2.) I got another Pansage. So I released it.  I figure the wonder trades will always be blind so I will be weary of them. I just may collect 2 of each Pokemon and save the the dups for World Trades or regular trades.

My Stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 24
- Gyms Beaten:1
- Pokemon Gifted: 2
- Party:
    Charmeleon 22
    Pikachu 19
    Panpour 19
    Pansage 16
    Beedrill 18
    Braixen 25

Until the next post........

[Nintendo 3DS]

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

So my husband told me there is a free Square Enix game available in the App Store on iOS. I ran to grab game because that's nearly unheard of for Square Enix. They have one the worst price logic on iOS. People look forward to some of their old games, but not for $20 (includes tax, $16.99/$17.99 without tax). Anyway, I digress. This post is not to complain about prices but to evaluate (review) All the Bravest.

When you start up the game, after title screen you get a bit of a story before you get to actually get to the option page.

This game has Game Center access with achievements if that's important to. When you hit start, you get 12 characters to start with.

The object of the game is to kill mobs (monsters, beasts and bosses) with your crew of characters. The caviat though is that your characters can only take one hit. You loses. Lot of characters like that.  You have to wait for characters to respawn. There is one in app purchase and one timed advantage to help you out.
Timed advantage - before you start a fight there is a red banner above mob that says Fever. Once you hit that, the room goes red and you have unlimited hits and you do not get attacked. This lasts a short while and it's very handy against bosses.

In-app purchase - at beginning of game you are given 10 hour glasses. These bring back your characters back immediately without waiting. After the 10, you have to purchase more hour glasses. It costs $0.99 for 3 hour glasses.

You fight thru multiple levels and multiple worlds. ****Spoiler: the last world is like a space/inter dimensional world. To go further in game, you have to buy more chapters.

I actually finished this game.

My opinion:
This is a mindless game. It appeals to Final Fantasy fans. The jobs of the characters are jobs you see thru-out the series of games. You can also buy premium characters too; for those you love Sephiroth (however you spell his name) you can buy him. To me, the game is not worth it. All you do is run your fingers up, down and across to get your characters to attack. There's really no plot. Just a mindless finger swiping game. It really isn't worth buying the extra chapters unless you really really love mindless games.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest - found in iTunes App Store for free.


Pokemon X - Day 3

It seems the only time to play Pokemon is in the evenings.

This evening I decided to hunt a little and explore. I can't pass Route 22 until I beat all gyms, so I head towards Lumiose.

I beat professor Sycamore and obtained Charmander. I got to choose between Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. I wish I could keep all three. It was a tough pick.

My Kakuna evolved to Beedrill. This is the 2nd evolution. Yay!!!

I am supposed to go to another city but first I have to meet a friend at a cafe in Lumiose. I got off game frustrated that I couldn't find the damn cafe.

My Stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 17
- Gyms Beaten: 0
- Party
Braixen 19
Pikachu 14
Fletchling 13
Panpour 12
Beedrill 12
Charmander 10

My 3DS power didn't drain on me this time.

Until my next post....

[Nintendo 3DS]

Friday, November 1, 2013

R.I.P. Ron Caldwell

This week we lost a memorable figure in my husband's family. He was Jason's father's friend since Kindergarden. He pretty much was family.

He had a huge personality that was bigger than life. He was warm and kind. I got to meet him before Jason and I got married. Due to health reasons, he was not able to attend. But if he was, I'm sure he would've been the life of the party. When we met, he accepted me as a person and not just Jason's fiancé.

As I am writing this, tears are running down my face. This is for a man who is worth it. He was a kind soul who is now free from earthly pain and will now look over us as the angel he is.

I wish I can write more on his life, but I can't. I can write that, like all of us in this world, he had ups and downs in life, but he managed to keep up a warm wonderful personality.

The world lost a wonderful human being.

Rest In Peace Ron Caldwell Oct 30, 2013. May we meet up again in the future.

Pokemon X - Day 2

Once again, glued to my couch I turn on game. I start learning all the menu functions.

I used PlayAmi. I played games with my Pokemon and I tickled and pet Braixen.

In the actual part of the game, I ran back to the city to heal up my Pokemon. I also went back to previous forest so I can find another Fletchling. I also re-arranged my team. I continued on my quest.

My stats:
- Pokemon Captured: 14
- Gyms Beaten: 0
- Party:
Braixen Lv 17
Pikachu Lv 11
Panpour Lv 10
Kakuna Lv 9
Pansage Lv 9
Fletchling Lv 8

One thing learned, this game drains my 3DS battery. I keep getting the notification. That's only thing that curbs my playing.

Until tomorrow....

[Nintendo 3DS]