Friday, October 14, 2016

The Accountant

I rarely do movie reviews. I tend to give away the movie instead of hinting and leaving suspense, but I have to say something about this movie. Oh my God, this movie is fucking great!!!!

You know that my main occupation is an accountant, so I had to go watch this. This movie could have gone sideways because most people think accountants are boring stuffy people. Which is a false stereotype that can be very annoying. They even played that up in the movie too.

I expected to have a more of a suspense where government tried to follow lead to apprehend said corrupt accountant or something like that. I didn't expect a semi-action film. It was AWESOME!!!!! I want to be that accountant. What school do I need to go to, to learn what he has.

A serious thought though, I believe that this movie highlighted, in a positive way, neurological and psychological issues that effect may people; autism and similar issues. They did it in a great way; the harsh and the healing.

I must say this movie blew me away. I have to stop here or I will spill the tea on the rest of this movie. It was the best movie so far this fall.

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