Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Complete And Final End of Potter

I am an avid Potter fan. Had most of the books in hard cover. Now I have them digitally. The books were great. I made a post here discussing the end of the book series. This post now will discuss the end of the movie series.

The movie series were extremely well made. Most book to movie transitions lack the fine details from the book and/or the storyline is somewhat changed. Warner Bros did a great job staying true to the book. I understand they have to take a lot out of the book to make the movie. If they kept all in, movie would probably by 6 hours long. For what they have done in max 2.5 hrs is fantastic. I'm gushing, I know.

The last movie based on the final book was split into 2 movies. It was merely for financial reasons than people staying in the theater for 4 or more hours. I'm sure all die hard Potter fans would sit thru it if it were. I'm not die hard, but I would. The movies never has a lull. It's constantly entertaining. I digress again.

The 1st part took more of Harry looking to find more Horcruxes while Voldemort was searching for the Elder wand. At end, Voldemort found the wand.

The final movie picks up directly from the end of part 1. Harry & friends has 4 more Horcruxes to find: Harry himself, the tiara, the cup and the snake. All the while his friends at Hogwarts are rebelling against Snape and Voldemort's rule. Both teams coincide when Harry knows that a Horcrux is at Hogwarts. This is when shit hits the fan. If Harry didn't have V to deal with, he had Malfoy with his goons to deal with ; on top of issues finding the Horcrux. In midst of fighting, Harry dies voluntarily, since he is a Horcrux himself. Of course he comes back to life and ends up killing V. The movie ends 19 years later when Harry and friends bring their children to the station for passage to Hogwarts.

After the movie ended, I didn't feel empty or disappointed. I felt a bit of withdrawal after the final book. The final movie wasn't as memorable as the book. Or is it, the magic has left me? I may have outgrown it. I don't know. I do think JK Rowling should come up with little novellas based on the realm and people in all 8 books. I wouldn't want it to become a movie though. I do buy the DVDs for the movies. It's a series I'd watch again and would want my child to watch. It does have a 2 great lessons that stands out.
1. How to overcome adversity with honesty and courage when the stacks are set against you.
2. It may be hard to do the right thing but if go thru the struggle you will come out at the top in the end.

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