Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sometimes family is a blessing and sometimes a curse. You can't choose what family you are born into, but you can choose who is part of your inner circle.

That being said, my family is a bit dysfunctional at best. Growing up I thought it was weird. My parents did all they could to raise us better than how they were. We were able to travel and experience new things. Some families do not and possibly afford to do so. My family is not rich, but they knew how to save a plan. I never got what I wanted but I got what was needed. If I wanted extra I would have to use whatever money I had and get what I wanted.

My family eventually disintegrated as we got older. My sister became a bit untrustworthy when it comes to your personal business. My parents eventually divorced with a lot of grudges still held to this day. My brother and I are still very close. I don't speak to my sister very often. I am still close to both parents. Sometimes they both try push their way past boundaries that I set in place. It's currently not a perfect family.

My boyfriend's family is a great. His parents been married for over 35 years and they are still happy with each other. I have learned so much about them during this trip. It makes me appreciate them and my boyfriend all the more. I'm going to hate to leave tomorrow. They are a lot of fun. It's a whole different lifestyle that I can only imagine.

JH (I don't put his name out there for his privacy. I personally would love to shout his name all over the web and in life.) is just like his dad. He doesn't want to admit it though. His mother is great. She's strong, nuturing and gracious. She's also funny. His dad is funny too. He's a bit quiet, but can talk a lot when he's passionate about something or teaching you something.

JH family has been thru a lot and they pulled thru it as a family. They refuse to let their family split apart. I envy that. I wish that was true about my family. However, circumstances are vastly different. I can't imagine going thru what JH and his family went thru. Looking at all my dysfunctional family drama, I can say it was mild compared to JH's. I do appreciate JH even more now. He was fortunate to be born into such a strong family. I hope he can instill what he was taught to our child when we have one.

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