Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pants Sagging

This trend that has gotten very old and disgusting of wearing pants sagging. The waist of the pants are below or just at the lower half of the bottom. This gives everyone around a view of your briefs or boxers. This trend is mostly a male one, but I've seen women doing the same.

There are a few theories on how this trend started. However, they all started in prisons.
One theory is that belts were removed from clothing because of its use as a weapon; self inflicting or not. So prisoners pants were always sagging.

Another theory, was prisoners who chose larger size prison gear so the sag signaled that the prisoner was open to male on male sex.

Somehow or somewhere, some show or someone of influence was glorifying the look. Then it became a thing to do. They even have a name for it; "Swag."

This is a disgusting trend. I am not a crack addict but I am constantly seeing it. Our young and even grown men are doing this. I as a person will not hire anyone who wear their clothes like that. I won't even date a man wearing his pants like that. I won't acknowledge anyone either. Call it being mean or being a snob; I don't care. I want this trend gone.

Couple of weeks ago, I read a post on The Consumerist talking about US Airways pilots taking a stand. Basically, pick up your pants or get off the plane. Why couldn't all pilots do this?

Hampton, GA passed a bill/law fining people for the look. Wish all states would adopt this bill/law. It's a great step in erasing this trend.

Why are people allowing this to continue? Why don't parents put a stop to it with their children. Why hire then? I don't want anyone like that representing me or my company. Why don't express our disapprovals regularly? No family member of mine was ever allowed to follow the trend. I understand people want to be cool and fit in, but this isn't a way.

I think gov't right now can get this trend gone. If men were being fined heavily on a daily basis, it will be gone. Cities will be making a killing in revenue and our federal deficit will be cut in half.

Imagine what a wonderful world ours would be if we no longer had to see crack.

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