Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life W/ JH - Moving My Dad

So it's 4th of July weekend. We (JH, my brother and myself) came to Las Vegas to help my father move into his new place. JH's parents also came to help too. This is the first time our parents met; my father at least.

I was a bit nervous about it. It was better than I thought. They get along well. My dad taught JH's dad how to gamble. I bonded a lot more with his mom. They drove to Vegas from Socorro. It was nice of them to offer to help my father.

So far have worked very hard. One thing we learned is that my dad has a ton of clothes. JH's mom and my brother counted 70 sweaters today. Sweaters for a person who lives in a desert. We still have to get his shoes tomorrow. He puts most women to shame just on his clothes and shoe collection.

With all the work we have time to play. We got to take JH's parents onto the strip. We went to Wynn, Encore, Venetian and Caesar's Palace. They had a good time. And since the kitchenware is missing and incomplete, we've been eating out. Fun, fun.

We have one more full day of work and play before we leave. I feel like there is so much to do still. I wanted to finish all before we left. I don't think that will happen though. He has way too much stuff.

I think we only have his shoes and kitchenware left to move. Hopefully we can get that done tomorrow. We also have to hang chandelier, hang pictures and put dishes up in order to make life a not easier for my dad. I also have to put his tv stuff together as well set up his computer.

There is no rest for the weary. TTFN

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