Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inter-Racial Couples, Is It Really a Problem?

I never believed that in this day and age Inter-Racial relationships are that big of an issue. I believe in certain areas it may like in Urban neighborhoods in large cities or the deep south. Overall most places don't really give a damn.

I've been in a few of these types of relationships. I've never really been harassed because of it. However, in Urban areas I noticed certain inter-racial coupling is ok. Why is it okay for a Black and Latin person to be together over Black and White?

One theory is that Latin can relate to Blacks in history. Really? Why do we always look to the past to make our future okay? I know there are many wrongs done in our past. No one's past is without strife. Some are worse than others. Guess what?!? It's in the past. Let's stop looking in the past. Let's concentrate on now and the future.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I were rug shopping. We get out if my car heading to a home decor store. Upon walking, a white van drove past us and immediately stopped and ask my boyfriend if I was his woman. My boyfriend who doesn't understand a lot of West Indian accents didn't say anything because he didn't understand him. I did. Then he asks me if I'm with the White man. I just ignored him. He then threw his hands up screaming "Come on." I found it a lot more hilarious when my boyfriend said he thought he was a bootleg Mr Softy. He said there was no way in hell he was going to buy any ice cream from the back of a van. My boyfriend is hilarious!!!

That was our first verbal disapproval. I've noticed evil stares on the subway closer to home. I do live in a predominantly West Indian neighborhood in NYC. My boyfriend is pretty oblivious to the stares. He is content. So am I, but I have this thing about observing my environment. Maybe it's because I'm a woman and must be in order to be safe.

As this world moves, there will be more and more inter-racial families. His family accepts me and my family accepts my boyfriend. That's all that matters. Everyone else is of no consequence to me and my man. Waiting for everyone to accept this new ideology will take some time. I rather be happy than miserable.

If you are attracted to someone outside your race, date them. You live for yourself not for anyone else. Just be with the person who's going to treat you with respect and will love you for you. Love has always been blind. It is prejudiced people who color it.

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