Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cash Cab

I live in NYC and love to watch Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. Cash Cab is a game show in a NYC Yellow Cab. I would love if I ended up in one of the cabs. Since I can't get the real experience, I got the full game on iPhone. 
CC 1 
CC 2 
CC 4 
The game is pretty basic. It's so basic, that you can't create your own profile. You must choose from a pre-built list. 
CC 5 
Once you pick your profile, you pick your destination. 
CC 6 
The game starts now. You are asked multiple choice questions. You are only allowed 3 wrong answers. You get simulated Hellers like in the show; shout out to passer bys and call a friend. 
CC 7 
You can't save your progress if you have leave the game for real life. You will start all over again. 
I've had this game for well over a year and it has not gotten an update. Capcom couldn't bother fixing it up to be more useful. I have taken this game off of my phone. It was for me a waste of time and memory. 

You can get the game, if you want, from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


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