Thursday, July 28, 2011


Since my brother and myself became owners to our childhood home, I have made some renovations to it, including fixing structural stuff.

Currently I'm getting new furniture for the living room. This my mother has taken great offense to. She left my living room with the following:
- this huge entertainment center that was broken and an eye sore in the color of brown.
- 2 piece light pink leather couch
- 2 iron tables (black and white) used as side tables
- a large green, pink and beige rug
- 1 brown wooden table
Can you tell it was makeshift and had no real scheme of a decor?

First thing I did was get rid of the middle piece of the entertainment center. The 2 sides we still use. I replaced the middle with a TV stand that suited me well. She had a tissy. She complained how much it cost her. If she loved the piece, she should've taken it with her to Florida.

What I have done now was get rid of the couches, the rug and the tables. I have bought a new 2 piece couch set that comes with 2 side tables,1 coffee table, 2 lamps and some accessories. My mother comes in November. We'll see her reaction. But again, if she wanted it, she should have taken it.

I am trying to replace the rug now. I found one that was the greatest. It ties the whole room together. Problem is that they didn't have it in the size I originally wanted. Now that me and JH talked some more about it and we decided that the size the shop had would be good. So let's hope the store still has it this weekend.

I am making the house fit my style and image that will come with me when this house is sold. I shouldn't have to live with pieces I don't like and isn't me. I obviously do not have the same sense of style as my mom. However, this house looks like she didn't care what matched or not. Her house in Florida looks great. All rooms have a cohesive decor.

I guess she feels sentimental over the stuff she bought, but she gave it up when she moved. She can't expect myself or my brother to want it. It's a part of life. You get something you lose something. You just have to make peace with it

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