Monday, July 4, 2011

To Blog or To Blog Some More

I'm currently writing this post as I fly back home to NY from Vegas. Unfortunately for me, this will be posted in the wee hours of the morning thanks to JetBlue. Flight was 2 hrs late. This seems to be their new thing. To make matters worse, the DirecTV service is down for the whole flight. Fun fun fun. Should've bought a magazine like my bro did. At this point I have only 85% battery life on this here iPhone. Don't worry, it's on "Airplane Mode". I will probably sleep most of the flight. After I finish this I may play a few games on here. Anyway, I digress. I don't plan on harping on and on about how my flight home sucks. I planned to discuss something else, like candy. Just kidding.

I am thinking about making my blog (this one) into something with more purpose like my other two (Tigerkirara FFXI and Tigerkirara Gaming). Or maybe I should start a new one. I was thinking about posting short stories I have written on Wordpress or some other author/agent driven blog sites.
The next thing I think of is maintenance. Will I be able to keep up running four blogs? I really don't know.

By trade I am an accountant. At work I run the Human Resources, IT and Finance departments. One would think I should blog on my professional life. Should it be satire about coworkers? Or should it be technical? I really don't like writing technical. I wrote my job's employee handbook and it was a chore. It's not fun at all. However, I do have stories about employees at work that would knock your socks off. I keep up with a lot of technical blogs on technology. I can't really do that because I don't have the resources to test new tech.

What I think I may do is try a few different ideas here and see where it goes. It's not like my blog gets comments anyhow. I'm just one in millions of others. Anyway, I'm getting tired. I may just end this though here. Tomorrow I may try a work story.

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