Thursday, July 21, 2011

What To Do With a Subtle Stalker?

It all started 11 years ago.

First a little history of my neighborhood. I live in a predominantly West Indian neighborhood in NYC. Since the MTA is very slow when it comes to buses, taxi's and normal people decided to fill a service by taking riders along the avenue for a minimal price. You usually in the car with multiple other people. The are called gypsy cabs and the MTA hates them.

Okay, let's begin the sordid tale. 11 years ago this one gypsy driver, let's call him Brown Eyes, picked me up a lot. So did others. If you take a lot of gypsy cabs you tend to know each other by face and car. Well, Brown Eyes would pick me up. He has a strong Haitian accent and he's cute. However, I would never be interested in cab driver, especially one that's too close to my home. He would try to talk to me. The 1st couple of times I was polite and responded to him. That was my downfall.

It's not like I was trying to get to know him. I said hello or tell him where to stop 99% of the time. One day my friend called my name on the street and he was around, so he knows my name. Then one time he took things way to far and uninviting. He asked me out on a date. I told him no and gave him a stank look. So this us when he started to change up because I avoided his car like the plague.

So he started changing up his car so I won't recognize him immediately. He got me couple if times because of that. Then one time he tried to get my attention by pretending to hit me with his car. That didn't end well for him. I cursed him out, also saying that if he even had touched one hair of me, I'd make sure INS deports his ass back to Haiti. I think that finally shook him off. I didn't see him around for years.

I got comfortable with him being gone, so one morning I didn't pay attention and jumped into a cab. I was looking in my pocketbook for cab fare when I hear his voice say, "so what's up between me and you?" Shit, Damn, F--k!! I got into his cab. I gave him the best death look I can give and told him there's nothing and to go harrass his wife. He insisted in saying he doesn't have one. And I told him to tell it to someone who gives a damn. I immediately got out of his car at the subway. So I once again started to pay attention to cars again.

So it's back to checking cars and ignoring him as he screams out my name. Just like he does, he disappeared for years again.

He recently came back when my guard is down again, with a new color car. I of course got into it again. He then said he'll give me free rides so we can get to know each other. I forcefully put his fare into his hand and told him I was married. He says he don't buy it and what wrong with being good friends? Ugh!!! He now parks his car at the end of the block every morning. Why me?

It's not like I can call the police. He has not threatened me with harm. Just trying to talk to me and I'm not having it. What should I do? What's the best recourse?

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