Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogher - NaBloPo: I'm Done

This project was really tough. I thought it would make me develop a writing habit. This would help me get my stories done. Instead I found myself struggling. I couldn't think up topics after a while. Maybe I should have found a consistent theme. Instead, I went everywhere. I have touched technology, books, movies, my job and more. I went on some tangents I don't think I'd do again.

I liked doing the book & technology posts. I don't like doing in depth reviews. I'm more of reviewing by my experience. We all read posts and articles on how things are created and done. I am more interested in giving feel of doing the thing; more likely my thoughts on it.

As my life took place, I tried to do the posts on my train ride home. If I couldn't complete it, I finished it before I fell asleep. I think that's when my writing suffered a bit. It's really hard to post when you have so many things happening in life. The train trip is usually my only down time.

Doing this monthly challenge did not give me opportunity to commit to my other blogs. Now I can get back to the swing of things. Please do not expect a post any time soon.

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