Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Southern Vampire Series

Every now and then I come upon a series of books that I'm totally addicted and dedicated to. One such series is the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. It is known as the Sookie Stackhouse series. Currently there are 11 books in total. They say that this series put Harris on the map. She has been writing for years. She has other series under her belt. I have not read them yet.

The Sookie books have also become a very popular series on HBO. I watch it too, but I'm sticking to the book series in this post. One thing I must say about the 2 is they are nothing alike.

All the books in an interesting way, have Dead in the title. Here's the list of books in order, left column first.


I own digital and print copies of the books. There are books in the series in which I read more than once because they are so good.

Let me tell you how I found the series. I was in Borders one day because I was going thru withdrawal. I needed a book to read. I picked up Dead after Dark by Harris and Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. I started Twilight first and got addicted to the series. Harris' book was sitting lonely by itself on my bookshelf. After 2 years, I finally picked it up. I finished waiting for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn to come out. I read other books friends gave me during my time waiting. After Breaking Dawn, I saw Harris' book sitting on my shelf. I picked it up the evening. I was hooked.

When I said I was hooked, I mean I was a crack fiend. I finished the book in the wee hours of the morning. Mind you I had to go to work. I finished book in 1 sitting. I wanted more!!! At lunch time the next day, or should I say same day since I didn't go to sleep until like 3 am, I went to Borders and bought the next 2 books.

That night I finished the 2nd book and started the 3rd book. I'm seriously lacking sleep and I have work again. This all started on a Tuesday. At lunch, I bought the next 5 books. I tell you I was a fiend. By Friday, I had finished all 8 books. I finished 8 books in 4 days. That is ridiculous. Never have I been so sleep deprived and happy at the same time.

Once I was done, I went thru some serious withdrawal. I could barely wait until the 9th book was released. So I ended up re-reading couple books again. I surely read the 4th book at least 3 times. I was so totally head over heels for a fictional character. I so love Eric Northam.

In between the other books releases I have taken to watch the show. Her latest book, #11, has recently came out. Finished book in 3 days. I am not sure if it was the last of the series. It didn't feel like a closure. I sure don't want to see it end.

I love the series. I'm sure Harris feels as if she has exhausted all avenues with series. I hope people will take to my books like I took to Harris'.

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