Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pyramid Solitaire Lite

I love solitaire games. Out of as many types if games there are, I like pyramid the best. I searched the App Store for this type and came up on this game, Pyramid Solitaire Lite. They do have a full version, but I chose the lite version to test it out. 
PSL 1 
The game is really simple. You open it up straight into a game. 
PSL 2 
You don't have to worry about settings or extra stuff. They have enough games to keep me satisfied. I really don't need to upgrade to full version. I'm sure it's spectacular. I have not exhausted the ones in this game. I doubt there is a limited amount of games since you can't choose a game. After you beat one game, another one will start. What more do you want? The game also saves the last spot you played if you had to exit really quickly. 
You can get this game in the iTunes App Store for Free or you may get the full version for $2.99.


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