Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rants & Rave - Medieval Times

Every now and then I have something to rant about. This time is about all the left or right wing, bible thumping idiots who believe gov't should have control over women's bodies. We are heading back in time instead moving forward in time.

Women fought hard for their independence. Why should we let all that hardship go to waste? Men do not and should not have any control to what we as women do with our bodies.

As you can tell, I probably lean towards the political term of "pro-choice." I hate politics so I say I am myself and have my own convictions and beliefs. I am not siding with any group. I don't have a political party on my voters registration card. I vote when needed based upon what the candidate believes they can do to benefit the fellow people.

How dare gov't, bible thinkers and the rest think that gov't should have control over women's reproductive rights? If a woman wants an abortion, that's her right. I'm not saying abortion is best use for contraception. No it's not. It's a last step to a very sordid event. It should be available to specific issues.

If a woman is raped and she gets pregnant from it, why should she carry it full term? It's like being raped everyday for 9 months. She should have right to end the pregnancy if she wants. If teenagers are abusing this it is not because it's available. It is because the parents are not teaching their kids about sex nor are they being loving and understanding to their kids. Most kids learn about sex from watching TV and movies. Then when something happens to the child, the parents disown and kick their children out of the house. So you have this fear factor that makes them abuse an alternative.

If a woman finds outs that her fetus is severely deformed and it will take a lot of money she does not have to raise this child, why should she keep it. If she bring it to term and she has no means to give the child adequate healthcare and the child dies. She's going to be sent to prison for neglect. How is that right? America can't provide insurance for all of it's citizens, but want to put you on the streets because you can't pay the huge nearly criminal medical fees.

If the woman's fetus is going to die or has died in her womb she should not have to carry around a dead fetus.

As you see I call it a fetus, not a child. It is not a child until the last trimester of pregnancy. All abortions take place in the 1st trimester when the fetus is not fully formed. It is just a mass of cells and the "soul" is not even there yet.

As we start taking away women's rights one by one, we soon again be unheard and ignored. Treated as if we do not matter in affairs of business and only concern ourselves with staying home, cooking and cleaning.

If politics continue this way, I will leave this country. Everything this country stood for is dead anyway. All the freedoms granted or one by one being stripped away. Country is starting to be owned by large corporations. I for one will not stand around and be patriotic when I see these injustices happening.

Until next time when I have another issue that makes me rant and rave.

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