Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I really should be doing something today. I have a lot of projects to do and I also have work from my job to do. I woke up with a mission. I was going to laundry and my job's work all while I watch a movie or few. Then later on I was going to play FFXI (Final Fantasy XI).

I started the laundry and got to work. Somehow I managed to complete 3 loads of laundry. But I didn't even make a dent on the work. I did manage to deal with my own finances a little. I even did a little grocery shopping. I even played couple challenges in Diner Dash.

So now why am I just laying here on my couch? I can't muster enough strength to do anything else right now. You lucky I promised a post a day for the month. I am just in a very lazy mood. So I'm gonna call it a night.

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