Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Profile #3 - The Doctor

He's not really a doctor but the man who hired me. He is the co-founder of my company and the coolest person. He does have a lot of quirks that sometimes irritate you, but it is overcome by his wonderful personality.

He is a big gadget freak. He's so into technology, he even betas stuff that's not even on the market. He always gets the newest and latest gadgets. He's owned every iPhone starting with the iPhone 3. He's own owned every iPad too. For computers, he's owned all systems. He currently just purchased the latest MacAir and uses a 27" iMac. For a businessman he doesn't bother with PCs at all. However, when I started, he used a Sony Vaio.

One quirk he has is AADD: adult attention deficit disorder. Don't know if that's a true one, but we made it up for him. If you don't say what you need in the 1st sentence out of your mouth, you lost his attention. If he's not holding a meeting that he's in, he won't not retain anything. You have to email him a summary.

Another quirk is his speech. He stammers when he's irritated and reverts to a childlike diction. For example: Question: Why did he do that? Doctor would ask this way: Why he do that for?

Other than these quirks, he is fun to work under and with. Not like the idiot. If Doctor started another company, I would work for him again. That's how great he is. For a while I had him trained to buy me orange sodas every day. He never took any money from me, it was his treat.

He pushes hard but it doesn't feel like it. As he pushes, he also takes care of you. He makes sure your comfortable. He'll get you food if you are hungry. Couple of us have been stuck at work with him to midnight everyday for a week to handle a system conversion. Even though all of were stressed out, he appreciated us and our efforts. We had food and car services home. Not on the company's dime either. That is his character. He warm hearted. If we have to let people go, he feels for them. He doesn't like it. He gets a bit sad and depressed. He's a good guy.

If you ever meet this man, you will never want to work with anyone else again. He's that great.

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