Friday, July 22, 2011

Vampire Chronicles

From my early college years, I was obsessed with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I have read every single one of her vampire books. They ranged from great to not so great.

I loved the character Lestat. I loved that most of the stories were centered in New Orleans. New Orleans has a rich history and great mystique to it. I felt like I know New Orleans just by reading her books.

Lestat as a character was brilliant. He had the most attractive personality even though he was a jerk. He was quite a lovable jerk. I also liked a lot of he other characters in the books. I'm especially happy that Rice did write novels on the history of some of them.

The 1st 4 books were hard to put down. The 5th book was hard to swallow. I understood that was done around the time Rice found herself back into the Catholic faith. This book was saturated with it. Lestat meets the devil and then meets Jesus? Come on now. I have no issue with religion. Just hate when people push it down your throat. This book felt that way. It took me a month or so to read it. I suffered through it so I can move to the next in the series.

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I was seriously doubting the next books. I was scared of the bible thumping. The next 4 books, Armand, Pandora, Vittorio and Merrick, were free from it. The final 3 reaked of it. I understand that after these books were done, Rice turned writing books on Jesus.

I was highly disappointed on how the series ended. I know Rice started feeling the pull between writing the series and her religion.
The stories went down hill. Lestat lost his spunk; all that made him interesting. The end came with such sadness and regret. I should not have read them all.
This is where I'm ending this. My disappointment has come back and I'm really having trouble writing more on these books.

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