Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Bonanza

So far this weekend we've made it to 2 movies; Captain America and Transformers: Darkside of The Moon. Both are great movies. I am a great fan of action and Marvel movies.

Friday night we saw Captain. It was a good. Better the previous attempts. Captain is not my favorite Marvel character. He's a bit too good. He doesn't have spunk. However, I did want to see the movie because it ties into the Avengers' movie coming in May 2012. It was done very well. Plus I like Chris Evans. He reminds me of my boyfriend. I wonder how they were going to make the tie in to the Avengers. I won't make a spoiler here. But they did it very well. Thank you writers. I also have to thank my brother for getting me into Marvel in the 1st place.

Once again because if my brother, I grew up watching the Transformers cartoon series. I watch the original series until Beastwars. I stopped when the Japanese made their version. Bah. I was in excited when I heard they were making a movie. Now Darkside is the 3rd and final movie. I'm bummed about that. I so want Bumblebee and Ironhide. The movies are great. This last movie Was 2 hours and 40 minutes long. You didn't feel it when you are watching it. You must see this movie. It is great. I so can't wait to get it on DVD. This was how I spent my evening. Watching prime kick some ass.

This 1st half of the summer has put out some great movies. Sadly the 2nd half does not hold any promises. Maybe the Fall or Winter will provide some.

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